Everything You Know About Attraction is Wrong

Maybe it’s happened to you before: you knew you kind of liked a guy, but then he did one special move that made your heart do a triple back flip – now you are crazy about him.

How does this happen??

It’s not about fancy tricks, it’s about understanding this secret of deep, lasting attraction…

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  • It is the little things that make a woman fall in love. Every woman has a secret list of things written on her heart. Her heart’s desires. I had about 20 things and one man literally did all of them and more. For our first date he made me dinner (#12 on my list). He made all my favorites -salmon and mashed potatoes. He fed me a piece from his plate. How did he know I loved that gesture and always wanted a man to do that? #8 by the way. He took my hand in his and lead me on a tour of his house, showing me everything. How did he know I love when a man takes my hand in his? That item #10 on my list. He always said exactly what I needed (not just wanted) to hear even when I tried to play it cool (#2). The fact that his eyes danced and lit up every time he looked at me (#1 on my list) made it impossible for any other man to ever claim me. For me there’s only two men in the world: him and then every other man.

  • 2 years ago a guy i really liked came back from a visit at his Grandma’s house in southern Germany. When he was on his way back he already invited me out for dinner and when we came back to my place and i went to the bathroom and came back he put a bottle of wine on the table as a gift to me. The area where his grandma lived was a very famous area for wines here in Germany. He gave the bottle to me saying that he himself loved that kind of wine and that he wanted me to try and taste it too. That was such a sweet thing to do of him!

  • It was the moment when he said you are a very sexual being but not in a bad way. You have the ability to feel sexy just by thinking about a person. You visualize it feel it, it becomes real… It was exactly true and I was powerfully attracted to him because of how perceptive he is about my feelings

  • A lady and her little girl came to my door selling candy early one evening while we were having dinner. The man I was seeing bought her entire box of candy, about $50.00, so she and her mom wouldn’t have to go through my apartment complex after dark.I thought at that moment ” That’s the kind of man I want in my life”.

  • There where times where I was stressed out about situations and didn’t know what to do, so I would remain quiet which my brain overworked on how to take care of the situation. He knew by the look on my face there was something wrong even though I told him I was fine..But he would ask me to open up and I gave in and would tell him the issue. He would look and listen to me without interrupting, and helped me figure out what to do in one sentence.
    The fact that he listened and helped me out is heart-warming and beautiful.

  • the characters that attracts me is exactly the characters IN MYSELF
    I like to meet someone like myself

    the one that is strong enough to fight with any problems

    the one that tries his best to walk on the happy path , however life’s recently been even more difficult

    furthermore, he really wants to protect me and not stingy about giving

    I want a man who strongly say “I WANT YOU”
    (without any doubt)

    I am 100% sure I have all these qualities. except sense of humor

    I need a man who has more sense of humor than me

  • When we were involved in a minor car accident and he took control of getting everyones details for me whilst i stayed put.

    Another relationship was when we were on our third date and as we walked up the stairs into the bar, he turned around and put his hand out, and held on to me tightly.

  • I remember one day I was driving my car and my boyfriend was sitting on the passenger seat
    Suddenly a car towards my car
    I try to avoid him and I almost cause an accident but I the last minute he took the stiring and bring the car on the road properly and their I felt that he was the one
    I felt protected and deeply had a sens of love for him

  • make or break so much in those moments.
    I am seeing someone now, but he may not comment, but responds to things I say. and keeps his word to me.
    My ex, who is still a close friend, has no way back in, he would say what i wanted to hear, and not follow it through, even though he was more demonstrativly kind.
    What it means is my new guy may say less, but what he says means 1000 times more, and I know that what he says is genuine, and at bad times, his few words have such a posotive impact they can break the worst of the nightmare in my head.

  • My boyfriend of only a few months told me to book my flight to meet him in the US and take the money from his bank account; he gave me his account details. His money didn’t attract me but his trust in me did.

  • When a man was told the motorbike courier who was delivering £1000 in cash had had an accident, the first thing he asked was “Is he alright?”

    When one of my team got out of the vehicle, lit a fire and boiled water to make tea for us in a tse-tse fly swarm.

    When a man in a group I was leading stepped forward ahead of me to ward off a dog who was barking at me.

  • It was when we went to bed for the first time. He undressed me, took his shirt off, straddled me, pinned my arms to the bed, smiled and looking straight into my eyes said:
    “ So….what would you like me to do next. “ ❤️

  • I found out that not only does he love my favorite movie, but his son also loves August Rush. The connection is amazing!

  • THE micro moment my guy said was the moment he knew – the way I smiled at him when I saw him at the top of the stairs coming out of Regents Park underground. He said my eyes and face were filled with love and he felt the same in that moment.

  • I think I fell in love with this guy I am dating is-
    he is so obsessed with being covered in the blanket during his sleep, but there was one night when we were spending at his friends and in the middle of the night, he drew me closer and made sure my legs and toes were covered in the blanket too. :)

  • I knew he was attracted went after seeing him once a week for six months he cooks being dinner start to finish served in a grand way, I agree it’s the little things

  • I was at a friend’s wedding and I thought her brother was attractive but full of himself until his sisters massive highhealed shoes came loose and he knelt down on the grass in his flashy suit to do them up for her. I was far more drawn to him then i had been previously.

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