What It Really Means to Be a High-Value Woman

I wouldn’t be anywhere near the person I am today without my mum.

It’s easy to forget the sacrifices someone made just for us to be here now, able to live, think, work, and enjoy the relationships around us.

But as I see it, today isn’t only about mothers.

In fact, I have a special message for ALL WOMEN, and if you have 3 minutes to spare today, I’d love for you to take a look and let me know what you think…

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72 Replies to “What It Really Means to Be a High-Value Woman”

  • I have a problem
    I texted and called my bf several times and still no response I love him very much but he won’t return my calls or texts please help what do I do do we break up or stay together and work it out

    1. I understand that you love him my question to you is, “Does he deserve that love?” One of the many things Matthew has taught me is, he needs to put effort into the relationship also. Has he done that?

    2. If you are concerned for his safety, then contact the police.

      Otherwise, show up at his place, talk it out. It might be a good idea to check his place before going to the police, as well ha

      If the bad behavior gets repeated, then it’s two strikes you’re out in this ball game. (Move on.)

  • You are a great man…I say this not only because you are a great son..which makes you the man you are but because the feelings you evoke in each and every person who listens to the words that you send out..I thank you with my whole heart…keep doing what you are meant to do…luv ya’

  • Mum demonstrates to me every day the power in quietly influencing life for the good of those she cares about without being in your face. Grace & Tenacity. Happy Mother’s Day Mummy. I love you.

  • I love you Mathew , not the way a person loves there mate but I adore you and just wanted to let you know that I am your fan .

  • Hi Matthew i told you thank for your message
    now as you say she taught me to be a woman who i am today mothers day is every day the frist house we live in was inside her that was the frist house
    I lv men that think about there mother you never can pay her for what. she did for you all we have to do is pray for rest for them my time where i am is 3:16 in the morning thank you so much have a bless day

  • The most precious lesson my mother taught me was to question and evolve. Everything, always, and in every sense. I believe she was freaked out more than once by how well I learned her lesson :) I’m endlessly grateful.

  • What a beautiful tribute to your mum, Matt. Wonderful to hear your words of wisdom today. Thank you.

  • I see your mom in you. God bless her for the gift she’s given to so many by giving the world you. You’ve connected me more strongly to my mother by helping me to see her in me. Thank you.

  • Thank you Mathew, for sharing this beautiful message! Mothers are amazing, buy my has been incredible. I will be endless grateful to her for being the inspiration of what I am nowadays. She has been the best influence of how to be a honest, lovely, hard worker and respectful person. Definitely my mother is the best!

  • So much love in one short video! Thank you, Matt, perfectly expressed, as always :)
    I think I owe most of who I am now to my mother: she taught me to be kind, thoughtful, empathic, curious, not too rash in judgement, and above all to love who I am for all the valuable qualities I have and can potentially have.
    She inspires me to be a better, happier, more motivated and more well-rounded person each and every day and I don’t think I can ever thank her enough for that <3


  • My mother has always been supportive, kind, and patient. She has weathered countless storms along the way. I respect her for that.

  • Thank you hussey verry much and happy mother’s day,
    I didn’t see my mom for 4 months now cuz of work so i have to call her now and tell her that i love her haha. Anyway..
    She always give me good advices,due to her i am now educated,responsible and happy too.when i born she couldn’t take me with her so my grandma took care of me she was crying cuz i am the first child and after 2 years she back to me and takes me to live with her.so basicly my grandma is like my mom too.
    Woman become naturally a mother and i really want to be a mom soon

  • Hi Matthew!I loved your presentation on the importance of mothers & women. As an educator & a female I would have to agree that mothers play a crucial role in raising children,sacrificing themselves to give to their families and instilling good values such as, kindness, compassion etc. Your presentation was beautiful.

  • Thanks a lot, I love your energy and warmth and great message today. I’d love to pass on loving consideration of all living things as a trait. I learnt 13 things from my Mum: Not take myself too seriously, forgive and forget, take an interest in people of all ages and races – ‘everyone has their story to tell’ Defend the underdog. Be hardy, don’t succumb to swimming in a wetsuit. An appreciation of food, especially where it came from and how hard or easy it was to grow. An enjoyment of get togethers. A love of writing and receiving hand written letters. Self respect. Personal responsibility. A habit of cheering people up with some positivity, generosity or a good laugh. How to be easy going and not take anything personally. Always make an effort but don’t be a perfectionist.

  • To learn and rise in every circumstance irrespective of wow much it pull you down. Be fair, firm and sensible. Recognise your self worth and don’t let any person or event to degrade it.

  • My mum taught me to be an individual, to follow my dreams no matter how crazy they were, to never doubt myself and to always value the person that I am.

    I am not a mum. But I am a teacher. And the students I teach are my children. I hope to inspire, to lead, to help them become the best versions of themselves and to follow their own passions. I hope to support them every step of the way, to teach them what they need to know to get where they want to be. I want them to know that they always have an advocate in me, that they will always have me at their backs and that I will always believe in their worth and abilities.

    I will proudly be a ‘mum’ to hundreds of young people throughout my career. And if I can make a difference to just one life… if I can inspire just one person to dare achieve what they thought was impossible… then I have left a legacy on this earth. My existence, fleeting as it is, has had purpose. To leave a legacy of inspiration, hope and joy… That, to me, is everything.

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