What It Really Means to Be a High-Value Woman

I wouldn’t be anywhere near the person I am today without my mum.

It’s easy to forget the sacrifices someone made just for us to be here now, able to live, think, work, and enjoy the relationships around us.

But as I see it, today isn’t only about mothers.

In fact, I have a special message for ALL WOMEN, and if you have 3 minutes to spare today, I’d love for you to take a look and let me know what you think…

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72 Replies to “What It Really Means to Be a High-Value Woman”

  • In this case both moms have magnificent value the one who gives birth, because without her you wouldn’t be here and the one who help you through life because you wouldn’t be who you are without her.

  • Robert Fulghum said “Don’t worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you.” Well my mom was ( and still is) an affectionate person and a great example for me to follow.

    As I was growing up I remember watching her in our home kitchen preparing home made meals for us, taking care of our home, us, as well as herself. She was always trying to broaden our horizons (me and my brothers) by taking us to museums, galleries, exhibitions, concerts, theaters, etc. She is a cheerful, kind and compassionate woman, never gossiping and always grateful to the people, that were there for her, when she was facing difficulties.

    When I was a little girl, I remember her holding me in her arms and singing to me a sweet GreeK song saying “You are my little rose, my precious little rose…”.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  • My beloved mom. Gone five years next week. I miss her every day of the world. She lived a life of self-sacrifice for her husband and children. Her life was one of inestimable value. Amazing, darling, moma. xo xo God keep you in His care until we’re together again.

  • What a FANTASTIC way to start off Mother’s Day- THANK YOU! You gave us the perfect food for thought on this particular morning. I’m fortunate in that I’ve had several women in my world who have made an endless impact in my life because of what I have learned from them.
    From my grandmothers, both long departed from this earth, I have come to know that humble faith in God and unshakeable strength of character can sustain a woman, in spite of terrible hardships, unspeakable loss and grief that may come in life. This quiet yet profound strength enabled each of these women not only to persevere through great difficulties but to continue to show their love and support for their dear ones and endlessly endeavor to improve life for their families.
    Thanks to my dear aunt, now in her 90s, I’ve had a model of a woman of great courage who has through all her years remained steadfast in her convictions, despite the fact that her convictions and beliefs were unpopular with others, resulting in adversity coming from all directions in her life. I’ve learned much from her the great value of being true to myself and my core beliefs, no matter what.
    From my mom, who is among the most intelligent and capable people I know, I’ve learned to trust my choices in life. I’ve also learned to trust my own judgement if/when I decide to change my course completely, which might indicate a totally opposing set of choices… I’ve observed as she has assessed and then completely changed her mind in an important situation and then support that choice and course of action with the same determination as she did her previous choice. A woman of her interests, capability and intelligence would have earned renown in any field she chose to pursue, from education, to medicine, biology, astronomy, archeology or other science, to business (My dad likes to say, “By now she would have managed the hell out of and become the CEO of some Fortune 500 company”, and I agree with this as my mother chuckles).
    She instead chose raising her children as her career, and says she’s never looked back or considered her intelligence or talents wasted by dropping out of the work force: She’s clear that she considers the role of “Mother” to be the most important, meaningful and fulfilling “work” she could have chosen. That she is fully confident and satisfied with this choice in her life has inspired me to be more confident in the different choices I have made regarding what I have done with my life, and more confident in myself as a result.
    I’m not there yet, but I hope that continue to develop into a woman who models for others true strength of character, courage in one’s convictions, and confidence in one’s self and life’s choices, whatever they are. I certainly had beautiful examples in my grandmothers, my aunt, and my mom.
    Thank you Matthew for this wonderful exercise in appreciation. Contemplating the impact these amazing women have made in my life has been the perfect way to celebrate this morning. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  • Wish have mom figure o something like my live but I don’t. My parents divorced when baby. My father run away with me. I had 2 stepmother that abused me. I know what is be a mother because I am a single mom. My live is my son and he can first of everything else.

  • Thank you!
    I am not yet a mom and hoping that one day God will bless me enough to witness that joy and happiness that every mother out there is experiencing today.
    My mom thought me how to be a lady 1st, independent second. I am grateful for my though queen, my Mama!

    I just want to wish all the special mothers out there a beautiful mother’s day!
    Every day is Mama’s day!

  • Ok, first off, will you marry me? LOL……. Seriously, I have learned more about men from you than by being married to one!! Thank you for your choice to be instrumental in easing the communication gap between men and women. I strongly believe that relationships succeed or fail mainly because of good or bad communication; not that its anyone’s fault!

  • Mr. Hussey,
    Please share with your mum for me: I wanted to thank her for being such a wise, lovely lady who raised a gentleman who helps, inspires, and empowers other women.

    In answering your question, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by strong women of character (my grandmothers, my mum, and my girlfriends). Women who are beautiful, wise, and powerful because of the challenges they overcame in their lives. They inspire me.

    Something I would pass on to another woman/person: There is only one of you in all the world. You have another day in the world maybe not because you need it but because someone needs you/your help.

    Happy Mother’s Day! :)

  • Dear Matthew although I am not a mom. I would to thank you for reminding me of all that I learned from my mentors growing up. I have a life coach license for young adults Kama so I do understand every word you’re saying and where it comes from. Having you explain it I’ve come to realize I’m a very powerful woman with a lot of knowledge to spread around. I try to make a difference in at least one person’s life everyday. I can only help people who want to help themselves. But I have not encountered anyone who did not appreciate my wisdom. Which is probably why I’m still single because I’m probably really smarter than the guys that I meet and it is hard for them. I can’t play dumb lol love you lots.

  • When you mention about your mother looking for a new identity after all of you left home it screams that your mother have invested all what she had into that job.it is clear by the outcome. I hope women would understand that to get good results it is the only way to do anything in life. Sadly a lot of women take this job so light.What on earth is more important then being responsible fo a new life? Women can invest their souls in other interests after their job is done. It is kind of job done now time to have fun!! Having said that it does not mean she shouldn’t have a life while she is raising kids, but yes it is the most important job in life for both parents especially women. People that don’t like this reality should not have them. We have too many people in the world anyway. Lol

  • What a beautiful message to woman and a lovely tribute to mothers! I give thanks to my mother and grandmother who were strong women. They are gone, but their legacy lives on in me.
    Thank you for taking the time to pay such a lovely tribute to all woman! It touched my heart. I appreciate what you do.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I thank from the secret hollows of my heart for such an endearing message about your mum. And …. thank you for reminding us of how high we should value women. The most important job in the world is that raising children but unfortunately it is the lowest paid and most undervalued in most cultures. I’m just going to support that statement by saying amongst the most poor are women and children.

    I think this earth is a much kinder, sweeter, and light filled place with you, Matthew, on it … Hug and Kiss, someone’s momma.

  • My Mum is really special to me. I am writing this as a tribute to her. I remember the wonderful birthday parties she did for me when I was young, amazing cakes she made, trips to the seaside, holidays and visits to family and friends, the sacrifices she made for me. One of the phrases she often said, is ‘Smile, Lucy!’ You know, when you’re just not in the mood to smile! Mum has been unwell for the last few years, after a serious stroke and is in a care home. She was rushed to hospital over Easter, doctors were saying she could die. It’s very scary when doctors are saying that. She’s my Mum, I don’t want to lose her. I’ve talked with several doctors since then, to understand that Mum is nearing the end of her life. I have been praying for her, my friends have been praying for her. One of my friends at the hospital visited her on the ward, she said, your Mum is lovely, when I said your name, Lucy, she opened her eyes, she smiled. My friend said to me, ‘you mean the world to her’ . The nurses in the home say she has the most beautiful smile. Thank you Mum for everything you are to me, for teaching me to smile, even when life hurts and I’m in pain. I love you, Mum xx

  • What I want to pass down to women of the world (and men) is: when you feel inspired, carry through all the way and over the top being the leading lady (or man) in your own life! Especially, when you feel (or believe) you might be in LOVE…. And, especially, if you are concerned that doing so may too audacious (or someone may notice)…

    Go For, BEING Wonderfully, YOU!

  • Would love to hear your thoughts on “yellow fever”…:)
    Is it real? Are there men strictly attracted to Asian women?

  • My mom, who passed away almost 18 years ago, was the best!! Since she raised my sibling and myself most of our lives (my dad left when we were still young), I owe who I am to her. She passed on so much to me, but I think the thing I most often think about is strength. She was the strongest person, having raised 3 kids alone. Then later in life, battling cancer. She taught me that my world and happiness do not revolve around other people or things. If I find happiness within, people will gravitate towards me naturally….and you know what, she was right. Cheers to all the GREAT moms out there!! =)

  • How Wonderful!Thank You! I love my mother,she’s 93 years young,she was abusive to me in my teens/twenties an now I have to take care of her.I’M a mom with disabilities and two children. My son is in college. My oldest, a daughter called me late that night an was quick. A little depressed about My Mother’s Day so THANK YOU.

  • Matt, my mom died in Nov. I miss her every day …..She taught me so much
    & made my heart smile every time I heard her voice.
    Thank you kindly for taking the time to say what you did re: women , moms ..
    It’s great to be appreciated & respected by men in this world …..
    You’re a gem !

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