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What It Really Means to Be a High-Value Woman

I wouldn’t be anywhere near the person I am today without my mum.

It’s easy to forget the sacrifices someone made just for us to be here now, able to live, think, work, and enjoy the relationships around us.

But as I see it, today isn’t only about mothers.

In fact, I have a special message for ALL WOMEN, and if you have 3 minutes to spare today, I’d love for you to take a look and let me know what you think…

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72 Replies to “What It Really Means to Be a High-Value Woman”

  • I hope, when I’ll have the chance to give birth to a child, to teach him to be brave, powerful and fearless.

  • Good morning Matt & Team,
    I loved this post! What a beautiful message that most women don’t hear enough.

    My mother and father taught me how to love, and what a healthy, strong couple looked like growing up. I use their relationship as the high standard in my love life. My mother also taught me strong work ethic. As a stay at home mom, she had her own bridal business. We’d see them sit together in the kitchen while she sewed late into the night, as he would fix her a cup of tea and keep her company. I am now starting my own business, and am remembering her dedication and that it is possible!

    I really appreciate your post, and it’s a reminder of strength they both have us.

    Love your posts, podcast and book!

    Steph :)

  • Dear Matthew, o.k. FIRSTLY i have to say….i LOOOOOVE your videos; they make me laugh, cry, think. And they’re just. so. stinkin’. empowering. SECONDLY, this video….ughhhhh…..just when I think you can’t say anything more that overwhelms me you go and do this video! What the heck?! how do you do it?!? you’re like the “woman-whisperer”. As a woman who has lamented her inability to have children and grieve the dream of motherhood, this video meant so so much to me. It affirmed that I have worth beyond whether someone calls me “momma”. THANK YOU! You. are. awesome! Big Hugs.

  • I’m pretty sure every woman loves you too. You’re a rare one Matt, one of the few men who appreciate their woman. May the Good Lord bless you!

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