Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…

50 Shades of Grey is a weird story. 

Christian is a hot, emotionally-damaged billionaire with some crazy ex girlfriends and a craving for sadomasochism.

Ana is the young, bookish wallflower with whom he becomes totally obsessed. Before they date, he even makes her sign a contract to state which kinky activities he’s allowed to perform on her in the bedroom.

Umm… can anyone say major red flags??

I really don’t want to spoil this week’s video, but all I’ll say is, this is how the trailer should have gone…

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87 Replies to “Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…”

  • This video is hilarious. This story became a hit because it’s some kind of a Cinderella story. I’ve read the books, he was lovable for those women who like to think that they can take someone so damaged and change him. But yeah, Christian is boring. And I wouldn’t want a guy that’s only exciting in the bedroom.

  • Oooo I just love this! Its true, its just a kinky movie, meant to be a distraction from reality. LOVE your humor!

  • Matthew,

    The video was great. I’d love to see a video of you going more in depth about your thoughts on the story and Christian’s character. He does peak my interest. It may just be the Cinderella aspect though.

  • I love this hilarious video. Couldn’t agree more. I tried reading the first book and finally put it down because it was just so ridiculous…I mean get therapy, do transformational work, heal yourself. Why choose all that drama and darkness? Thanks for the humor and light!

  • OH My, yes, that was a hilarious & true trailer!

    I had to tell a kinky guy who wanted an “open/multipartnered” relationship, “Sorry, you may be Fifty Shades of Grey, but I’m more like Fifty Shades of Earl Grey. Not interested”.

    I did not spend my time watching this movie, but it is refreshing to see that there are others in the world who agree that this is not an example of a healthy & desirable relationship!

    Thank you, H Family!

  • Thank you!!! I could not believe the fascination with the first one to begin with, so I love that you tell it like it is..unhealthy! I hardly consider this movie to be a realistic view of anything.. let alone bondage etc in the bedroom.

  • I haven’t even seen this movie. I think it looks really stupid and frankly full of cliches. Sex in a shower? Handcuffs? Wow, never heard of that before. Sounds like a story for people who’ve never even had sex.

  • Ok I have to admit this Was funny Of course no woman would stay with this type of guy. About the handcuffs and spankings in the bedroom that is realistic I’m one of those types of girls I’m not ashamed in hiding that fact. It’s not bad spicing things up in the bedroom so it doesn’t get boring. Ttfn
    XO yazz

  • Funny thing about how much people shame and attack the forcefulness and “rapey’ness” of this movie/story but it’s a massive best seller because women actually get off on this.

    It is why one of the most common female fantasies is being forced to have sex. It is why a large majority of women love a forceful man.

    So regardless of the social justice need to try and hate on this movie. It is what women generally want.

    1. Women want to be passionately desired by a man that they themselves desire. Don’t mistake that for wanting to be forced. I know about rape fantasies and I understand that women have them because we are told that only sluts want sex. But, as a woman who is quite comfortable with her sexuality, I can tell you that consent is always a must. There is a very sexy way to give a woman her forceful fantasy while still getting consent, even while being spontaneous. BUT the big lesson is, don’t confuse wanting intense desire and playful force with molestation and rape.

  • This is too funny!! God job!!

    Now ~ on the flip side, if they would simply have portrayed him as kinky instead of as broken, this could have been a fun fantasy instead of a disaster waiting to happen.

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