You Asked For It: “50 Shades of Earl Grey” Bloopers

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.

Much like the real, overly-intense “50 Shades of Grey” trailer, I think people tend to take this holiday waaaaaay too seriously.

It’s too much pressure!

So this week’s video is all about having some fun.

I’m sharing with you the hilarious blooper reel from our “50 Shades of Earl Grey” shoot…

***If you missed last week’s wildly popular video spoof I did, “50 Shades of Earl Grey,” check it out here first.***

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49 Replies to “You Asked For It: “50 Shades of Earl Grey” Bloopers”

  • From now on I think you should say tea instead of sex and see if everyone catches on.
    I was just thinking I had a wonderful Valentine’s day. I got to be with my wonderful coworkers/friends. I have never loved a salon like I do this one too bad I don’t want to do hair the rest of my life :/

  • I love the shades of green around you Matt!
    Falling in love with the moments… That’s an incredible concept!!

  • Matt….your genuine,honest, open, beautiful soul simply sparkles in this video! I laughed my ass off the whole way. Bravo!!

    I loved the original…so well done…..but this one was just as good :)

    I fell in love with the moment, just today. Open road and just me and my motorbike. 100km ride to an airport where I sat in the sun and watched planes come and go. Come to Australia. I’ll take you flying :)

  • That was just great!

    I’ve been asked what it is I do everyday, and I’ve always said it’s to make a difference, to brighten someone’s day.

    “Falling in love with small moments”…
    What an awesome expression!
    I shall keep it for my own.

    Thanks for the Valentine gift of laughter and expression. You are awesome, Matt!
    But, you already know that, I’m sure. ;)

    Earl grey, hot, please.

  • Hey Matt,
    I think your next life goal should be
    acting (and BTW, Jameson you ARE
    Most definitely a very talented director,
    Producer and camera man. Wow.
    I was impressed by the quality of your

    Matt, you are a truly wonderful. As I
    became a bit discouraged today as my first
    Valentines Day without a bf – he’s with someone
    else – you reminded
    me that it is just another day – a bit
    Over rated – so true. Thanks for bringing
    a pretty rainbow.

  • “You’d think that they were discussing how to get the ring to Mordor”… that made me laugh hardest of all :D

  • oh i did not know you hate the holiday?;) i guess it’s never lonely at all when you know someone shares same sentiments like you do. i hope this year was a lot better than the rests…we gotta make it grander for the next coming season, i wonder what it would be like? hhmmm…hats- off for everyone in the team! coach matt, you are priceless.

  • Matt,

    That was hilarious and its also nice to see that a relationship expert does not take Valentine’s Day so seriously! I think its dumb and people have put far too much emphasis on it!

  • In Finland, Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating friendships. A much nicer idea in my opinion.
    Loved the video and the cuts even more:-)

  • It’s all got very silly, as people have over the film. The critics reviews have been crazy and hype surrounding the film unreal. The quality of your parody made us all take notice and your acting, really good. Jameson’s talent has allowed yours to shine. Much like the other revelation of the weekend, the beautifully shot rendition in ballet by Sergei Polunin of Hoziers ‘Take me to the Church’. All the talents coming together to make something extraordinary. Sergei’s pain is raw and the dance and music become one, as it should be. Like your film, it is actually the culmination of years of training and work coming together. Sergei had his childhood given to ballet, as I did, your talent dictating all life, all choices taken away, and the pressure not to make a mistake to live up to the potential. We know how hard you work behind the scenes and wish you all the success that should rightly come to you and those close to you supporting you along the way. x

  • A bowl of laughter on Sunday morning. Perfect start of the day.
    Falling in love with small moments should be a fundamental rule to a happy and content life…
    You are like a light bulb- radiating happiness and positive vibes!
    Shine on ☺

  • OMG Matt,
    I could not stop laughing great spoof! Its interesting how you can take something Luke 50 shades and lighten it up just in time for valentines day!

  • Brilliant. My applause for not only bringing laughter, but for suggesting to fall for and lovingly embrace the daily small moments in our lives. I call them “slow motion moments” ; which thread one beautiful moment to the next…

    Discover them daily and rise brighter.
    Be well ~

  • Matt, Jameson
    You both R-O-C-K!
    What a great message and hilarious blooper reel!
    Life has been far too serious for me the last 8 weeks, thank you for reminding me to have fun!

  • Inspired!! Don’t know how you still managed to make being slapped by a tea bag a little bit attractive still though ;-). Aside from that was very funny :-). Well done!

    1. Think you’ve just ruined early grey tea for me though. I don’t think I can ever order another cup with a straight face again ;-)

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