Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…

50 Shades of Grey is a weird story. 

Christian is a hot, emotionally-damaged billionaire with some crazy ex girlfriends and a craving for sadomasochism.

Ana is the young, bookish wallflower with whom he becomes totally obsessed. Before they date, he even makes her sign a contract to state which kinky activities he’s allowed to perform on her in the bedroom.

Umm… can anyone say major red flags??

I really don’t want to spoil this week’s video, but all I’ll say is, this is how the trailer should have gone…

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87 Replies to “Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…”

  • Matt, idk what to think anymore. The more of your advice I hear, the more videos I watch, the less I think men have good intentions toward me at all. I’ve just been a toy to be used. I believe there are good men out there who want plutonic relationships, but is there a man alive who won’t lie to get a woman naked?

    1. I know you asked Matthew this, but yes, Cassie, there are.

      3 of them, in fact, came into my life at the same time (I believe making myself a “rare bird” as Matthew puts it was very much a key factor). Those were men who treated me very, very well, were true to their word, were vulnerable and even if they were horny, they told me that honestly.

      Almost all men want sex, but not all are going to lie to you about it. Some take care to make you feel comfortable, to treat you the way YOU deserve to be treated and make sure to tell you their needs in an honest way that can be respected.

      One of those men is now my amazing, goofy boyfriend who makes me laugh all the time.

      PS: You might want to look up Law of Attraction and manifesting. I wholeheartedly believe that me meeting all these men was a result of what I deeply believed to be true about myself (that I was worthy of love and belonging).

  • Hi there! Thank you for making me laugh and brighten this sunday! with your hilarious writing :D Please create more videos like this, thank you :DD

  • Really Matt, your telling me you’ve forgotten the women that had you sexually addicted, excited beyond your imagination and causing you to fight to impress her just that little extra every time?

    Whilst all she was doing was allowing you to be who you are as long as you let her in!

    Wouldn’t you say the psychodynamics of the characters are still the foundation of all teach us!
    Loved the video btw keep them coming

  • Hi Matthew this idea started off its life in New Zealand and re published under someone else stealing the storyline. Prior to that a load of other erotic stories still to this present time get read. I am no expert in relationships clearly but I do know like scores of females what makes it so compelling. Men are quite mundane in the sack hence one nighters where they are not known to the other party they can step outside the sqare. I do believe Micky Rouke made a movie 40 years ago and us girls went by the droves to see it.Goodbye

  • BRILLIANT!! Such an entertainingly direct exposure of the truth beneath the romanticising us women do in falling for the wrong guys – the unavailable, the players, the narcissists etc.
    A masterpiece! Thank you so much Mart, made me laugh so much on a Sunday morning .

  • Right????Love this! I once dated a guy that told me he “liked to dress his girls”…meaning buy them clothes and tell them what to wear. I had to hold his hand while trying to finish my steak, because he kept trying to run his hand up my skirt. Even after I asked him to remove it. I had just met him! Noped the heck out of there.

  • Ahhhhhh! That was priceless! Thank you for the laughs! But really…….stop wasting time with the great looking guy that isnt good enough for you. value and love yourself first!!!!

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