Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…

50 Shades of Grey is a weird story. 

Christian is a hot, emotionally-damaged billionaire with some crazy ex girlfriends and a craving for sadomasochism.

Ana is the young, bookish wallflower with whom he becomes totally obsessed. Before they date, he even makes her sign a contract to state which kinky activities he’s allowed to perform on her in the bedroom.

Umm… can anyone say major red flags??

I really don’t want to spoil this week’s video, but all I’ll say is, this is how the trailer should have gone…

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87 Replies to “Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…”

  • Hahahahaha SO FUNNY ! Mmm muscles? Haha , well all girls love the “nice” side of Christian but without money, Mansion, helicopter, he is just a weird creepy Kidnapper

  • Love this video but having never read the book or seen the movie (thankfully) :-( – is it really possible that we women are so easily manipulated and/or addicted and why?!?

  • I liked it, but a shame you use this to try and paint a picture of a wrong guy. This is about BDSM, not a vanilla relationship, and you cannot compare those. So even though this is funny, it puts BDSM in the ‘wrong’ corner, yet again, and I think this is a shame. If you don’t understand what BDSM is all about, don’t use it to build a case to flog your own workshops. Commercially speaking a smart move, I give you that. Yet, it’s at the expense of the entire BDSM community, which is not right.

  • Matthew, you’re simply the BEST!! I love your personality and the way that sexy brain of yours works. Once again you’ve hit a home run!! MORE PLEASE….

  • As I dry my tears of laughter, I reminisce to the day I realized that a dominant man I was seeing, was indeed, BORING. After a couple of years of soul growth, I now know that any “one dimensional man/relationship” is only a lesson.

  • What is wrong with the film industry portraying this as love and sexy ,,,, millions of women world wide fooled , my question is why do a lot of women love this , including a lot of my friends ,
    Quite a toxic concept of love this movie .
    God bring back Cary Grant .!

  • This is exactly what a narcissistic relationship looks and sounds like. I’be been out of an abusive relationship for 2 years, and I still haven’t met a guy that was decent. They all look like this.

  • Yes! Thank you for keeping it real. I avoided this movie. Interesting about this movie and the teen vampire movies – they sell an obsessive, addictive relationship as what love is. So we are supposed to graduate from Disney – barely know the guy but must be love to unless he is obsessed with me it isn’t love…:) No thanks. Love your videos by the way.

  • Love this Matthew. 50 Shades of Ridiculous. Personally, I have always thought this whole scenario is for women afraid to own their sexuality and who have ZERO sense of humor. Boring indeed. :)

  • Thank you Matt! If this movie was set in a trailer park everyone one would be freaking out, praying for a good guy to save Ana from this abusive boyfriend, but since Christian is a billionaire he’s just, esentric, misunderstood and needs her…. hmm still sounds like abuse. My mind is perplexed at how women march across the country this weekend about equality, yet flock by the droves to a movie like this. Can’t have it both ways ladies. Have some respect for yourselves, quit being prostitues to society.

  • My favorite part “You should all stay home” hahahahah cracking up so hard right now!!! Bravo to you and your team Matthew. This was amazing and so hilarious!

  • Hahaha!!! That was the best realistic trailer I saw for this movie ever!! I loved it. It made me laugh xD Yes please make more like this!!!
    Thank you Matt.

  • Thank you Matthew!!!
    I am literally the only girl in my friends group who doesn’t like fifty shades, I keep telling my girls that all it is is normalizing abuse but they still obsesss over it. Such an honest and blunt read on these movies, LOVED.

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