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Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…

50 Shades of Grey is a weird story. 

Christian is a hot, emotionally-damaged billionaire with some crazy ex girlfriends and a craving for sadomasochism.

Ana is the young, bookish wallflower with whom he becomes totally obsessed. Before they date, he even makes her sign a contract to state which kinky activities he’s allowed to perform on her in the bedroom.

Umm… can anyone say major red flags??

I really don’t want to spoil this week’s video, but all I’ll say is, this is how the trailer should have gone…

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87 Replies to “Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…”

  • So I’ve had a lot on my mind this week and when I clicked on this vid I knew I was watching one of your vids for week but after watching for a about 10 seconds I forgot this was a Matthew Hussey vid and I starting thinking I was watching the official preview for 50 Shades Darker- I am not joking. I kept wondering how I clicked on the official preview for this movie but continued to watch because I like to know a little about what’s popular at the time even if it’s something I’m not a fan of- like 50 Shades. Anyway as I was watching this vid I thought “Wow! They are saying some really weird shit in this preview!” -believing it was the real thing! But then again, I’m not that familiar with 50 Shades so I don’t know what they would say lol. When it got close towards the end of it I remembered I was watching a Matthew Hussey vid lol! So I guess it means everyone doing the voice overs did an excellent job because you fooled me into believing it was the REAL preview! All that being said, I was under stress and I also blame that for my vulnerability to be so easily tricked lol. Great work Matt and team!!! :D

  • Sorry Matthew,
    I don’t mind boring. In my view it is stable and secure and I don’t like drama and stupidity and prefer boring and yes he flirted with s&I’m but so long as Ana gets him off s&M I would be interested in someone like him and I agree it’s probably boring for a film but the ordinariness of life can seem boring to thrill seekers.

    1. It’s not her job to save him or get him off s&m. He needs therapy!!!! And so does she cause she’s just a silly girl allowing a man to abuse her because he’s hot.

  • “It’s too much effort to explain all my weirdness to a new woman.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    “Are you happy? Because he has no personality.”

    “Do you think adding crazy exes will make this film interesting?”

    Hilarious, MH. Thanks for this!

  • Mat! Thank you! wonderful! Love the video! :D

    Love the “surrounding shit to disguise how boring I am,…”, “I have to find somebody else just as easy as to manipulate,…” :D :D :D

    Always enjoy the video and learning from the video. By your video and products, feel like I finally had a wise, understanding, no-critisizing, feeling-safe-to-tell-my-failure-story-to mum or dad or brother which I always wanted.

    Thank you Mat,

  • “I have to get you back, otherwise i’ll have to get someone just as easy to manipulate” Oh lol yes!
    A good friend taught me to walk away at the first sign of manipulation, no matter how much $ & muscles he’s got.

  • Hello Matthew and everyone reading. I truly love it.. I must admit my own past insanity with all that glitter ain’t gold and be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. We are diverse people within.. And one must always question ones motives. Women should own their sexuality and there ability to be dominate in the bedroom. But as my ex would say when indulging, know if you can leave your feelings on the sheets and be able to differentiate when it’s game season. I come from women who were strong forces and I have come to learn my own power and sensuality.. WOMEN TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! YOU ARE A GIFT AND HOW WORTHY IS HE TO OPEN IT!

  • Thanks for making fun of this movie! Such a flagrant promotion of insane and inhumane – making it look pretty and sexy… Like false advertising… Impressionable youngsters should not be allowed to watch it… Maybe the French would have done a better job with this movie – they do ‘dark’ more honestly…

  • So… I loved your version of the trailer. I really loved it.
    To be honest, a couple of weeks ago I found myself wishing to have Anna’s ‘luck’ to change her relationship (from sex to love) and now I realize how stupid we women are (me included) and tend to undervalue our own value. Like Anna, I was involved for the first time in my life with a man who happened to only want me for one thing and like her, I wanted to change him and (once again) like her I also allowed things that I shouldn’t have but, luckily, I could walk away from that.
    Even though I was aware of the despicable situation that the saga describes and best-sells I also fell in love with the silly so-called love story. I agree with many opinions from here that if Grey was a ‘normal’ ‘middle class’ man, he would be the antagonist in the story. But since we were all brought up with the Cinderella fairy tale it’s ok to tolerate this kind of behaviour if the man has money (and muscles).
    In advance, I apologize for my English.
    Thanks for your support! Love from Argentina :)

  • Funny piece–well done. I never read the book or saw the movie, but I certainly have heard all the rage about it–the first of which came from a woman in her 50s that I worked with who said, “You have to read it!” Well. this gal had lived a rather sheltered life and was recently divorced … I think to her, it all sounded very exciting. So I read a couple of reviews and excerpts online. They were hysterical. The writing is terrible and full of stupid, sad, little clichés; much like the story itself, as you pointed out. At the time, I remember thinking, “Haven’t any of these women ever read any Harold Robbins?” (I happened upon a handful of his books at age 13, and raced through them like a rabbit with its tail on fire. He was a far better writer, and if smutty, sordid tales are what you’re after–well then. He’s your guy. ;))

    That said, yeah … the reality of someone like Christian is a lot less exciting and glamorous at the end of the day. Ladies, this sort (*ahem* Mr. Creepy-Guy-Narcissist) will not change for you or anyone else–it’s just how he is wired. He is the type to lie and cheat and steal, and when it comes to girls, his appetite is completely insatiable. There’s no end to it because he’s trying to fill a hole inside that is bottomless. And you may think, “Oh, well, it’s different with us. He really cares about me.” No, he doesn’t. And there is no “us.”

    Years ago, when I was dating Narcissus, I one day realized that I had been replaced overnight by a new flavor. It hurt. A lot. And you know what? That relationship could have continued. Most likely, I could still be with him if I wanted it (along with his other flavors–and incidentally, the same thing happened to the next woman, only in a much shorter space of time), but I’m very glad I walked away. I remember one of his old mates (a woman he grew up with) saying to me, “Yes, well. He’s all right for a mate, but he’s not the kind of man you want for a partner–he’s not what you would call a ‘good man’. So darling … dry your tears. You’ve had your day at the fair, and now it’s time to go home.”

      1. Indeed; there is a term for these sort of movies–I believe it is *soft porn.* ;)

        And thank you, yes! Good thing I have a sense of humor; otherwise, I would have turned into some sort of puddle back then, I’m sure. ;) Ah, well, it’s not as though we didn’t have some good times–but I am glad they’re in the past!

        Be well! xx

  • Has this also increased the amount of guys/women willing to try bdsm!?Ive tried tinder and gave up on that. But honestly the amount of men who would ask if Im keen to do this?? Maybe I didn’t realise how popular it was !

  • Have no interest in the book or movie but “Here’s some random sh*t to distract you from the fact I have no personality”

    I’m dying

  • The books were a joke. And this parody did make me laugh some. The books and even this fun film portrayed him as being damaged and having issues because of his lifestyle. It painted a very negative image on the community as being broken individuals that all need “fixing and counseling”.

    Plus lets not ignore the most important part of those books- the contract. The BDSM community believes in Safe, Sane, and Consentual as the pillars. Fact is there are just as many normal people in the Kink community as there are Vanilla. What he did in the beginning with her violated every aspect of that. Simply put, he took advantage of the situation and and labeled it as kink.

    Prior to every scene negotiations should be made. Limits should have been made clear. Finding the right partners is key. These books just further setback the BDSM Community by introducing people that think simply because they have read the books he/she is now a Dom/me.

  • I had to watch this repeatedly, so I could laugh throughout the day. Personally, I liked the movie and will see the next one. While I find your interpretation accurate, I simply enjoy the sexual tension and ideas of experimentation. In saying that, I do NOT find that guy to be hot! I think people take FICTION too seriously and for me, it was more about waking up inner desires and not demeaning. After you have licked a Haagen Dazs, why settle for Otter Pops?

  • While I agree the funny voice over was spot on and hilarious I don’t like the mockery that 50 shades has made upon the BDSM community. And by poking fun at it…..there’s also a lot of insults perhaps….(well I’d hope unintentionally) aimed at the stable, mentally culpable, amazing men and women I have had the pleasure of meeting within the actual real life kink community. The community themselves do not see 50 shades as a fair representation. And it upsets us that mainstream “Vanilla’s” believe that this poorly written (and obviously not truly influenced by actual BDSM principals) is possibly the only reflection one might be exposed to in regard to a beautiful and very personal lifestyle choice. So while I greatly enjoy your articles and videos…I don’t enjoy feeling as if I were just shamed for my sexual expression. I really hope that wasn’t your intent. And I’ll try to give you the benefit of a doubt. Because a man who’s involved with BDSM is still just a man….capable of being a great husband and provider and helping maintain a longterm and healthy relationship…..despite this shoddy fictional depiction of a typical dominant man.
    A domina who knows her worth and still enjoys her kink

  • He is NOT Boring!!! He is a Perfect man who loves his lady, cares about her and tring to come to a normal life. I LOVE Christian. I dream a guy like him always as my future partner.

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