Feeling lonely…

Loneliness. I’ve felt it too.

But I’ve realized over the years that there are ways to break free of this and feel empowered and connected again.

If you’re not sure where to turn right now, make sure you watch this message…

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152 Replies to “Feeling lonely…”

  • Great video, Matt! Really heartfelt and good advice. I appreciate that you tackle rarer topics, like loneliness. I feel that topic is often overlooked or ignored because it’s an uncomfortable thing to admit or talk about. However, it’s just as important to address as finding the right relationship. Thank you, Matt!

  • Love this and the part about how your actions matter and could change someones life. I went through the depths of loneliness recently for several years and found the way for me to get out of it was to reach out to others and forget how alone I am. And that was a kick in the butt from Matthew Hussey. True story!!
    A couple months ago I accidently came across one of Matts videos. I started watching and something penetrated to my core. So what did I do?? I started walking. And everytime I went for a walk Id say (grudgingly of course), “this is for you Matthew Hussey”. I don’t even know Matthew but because I made an effort to get off my but Ive started meeting my neighhors and even got invited to a block party happening today.
    Great video Matt. I know it can be hard to be alone but every person brings value. If you don’t believe it get a pet and youll see. You are their world and thats value!!
    Thanks for this video. One of your best!!

  • This is so spot on!
    People say to me, You are such a beautiful and outgoing girl. Easy for you to meet a guy and to connect with people. But it’s not that easy.
    Thanks for the reminder in how special and unique we all are!
    Greetings from Denmark

  • OMG definitely your best video ever. You invent yourself and your accurate and sensitive insights every time
    You’re the greatest. I feel I know you for ever and you’re sitting in my saloon for a great talk. It’s so nice to hear what you have to say. Thank you Matt Hussey

  • Dear Matthew,

    I have been following your page and videos from a long time now and they actually relates some or other way.
    I wanted a small advice from you on one of my personal matter if you don’t mind helping.
    Hope you retrieve back.
    Thank you

  • Just had to leave a message this time…
    Matthew, you continue to impress me each week with your passion for helping people and your maturity. I am very suspicious of online “gurus” and I was frankly pretty sure you were like all the rest when I first stumbled on your web site last year. Also, since I am 52, I did not think you would be able to tell me anything I didn’t already know… I have been listening to you and reading your words ever since, and I cannot tell you how helpful those words have been to me during my difficult transition after my divorce. I have many of your quotes near me at home and at work to remind me how a high value women would respond because I tend to be a person who always sacrifices for everyone else.
    You continue to follow the right path (in my humble opinion) to the CORE of what we need. Yours is not a surface fix just to make money off of women who want to find a man. I appreciate that and I wanted you to know that what you do DOES make a difference, although I’m sure you receive thousands of emails daily that say the same thing! You were an answered prayer for me. May God bless you and give you continued success.

  • We’ve all been there…at one time or another.. Thanks for sharing that Matthew…Hugs! A very important piece of advice…I know a few friends feeling that way right now…

  • Lonely or alone … in a lot of cases they are the same thing.. yes you can feel lonely in a crowd of people .. invisible us hiw you feel.. iakwats helping others .. but not getting anything back.. has your role isolated and in pure turmoil..

  • I don’t normally comment on your videos but this one really got to me.
    What you said really got to me on so many levels not I have about my personal feeling but my career as well (I’m an A&E nurse).
    After a long shift at work and coming home to an empty flat this video was exactly what I needed to hear.
    Thank you x

  • Thank you for this offereing, it was timely. ‘the two most powerful words when we are in struggle – me too ‘ brene brown
    Such and important part of easing loneliness is knowing that others feel it too becuase in that we are not alone x

  • You are so kind! Loved your message that “I” am the party! Will incorporate that into my weekend coming up! :)


  • Wow! I love this podcast! It’s only really recently that I have understood how loneliness feels as I am going through it right now. I.e. I understand why people in my life made decisions that they would not normally make or accept and we couldn’t understand why… now I have a greater appreciation and empathy of why. Everyone wants to feel they belong and listening to your podcast Matthew makes me realise that I’m not alone and everyone at some stage, no matter who they are have felt lonely.
    Thanks Matthew, this is inspirational. Thank you xx

  • Aww.. my handsome far away friend. :) I actually value my alone time and for sure have moments when I love having comapany and a friend too. I’ve come to realize I don’t need to have an intimate love relationship to be happy although I’d enjoy one and on the look out for the potentialness. I’m also happy with good supportive friends to do fun things with too. So if at anytime we are ever near enough to meet… maybe we can merge our life loving selves and be friends too! Thank you for being you and for all the amazing helpful videos you do for others you rock! :)

  • I’m glad I watched this! I think loneliness has led me into depression. Thanks Matthew, thank you for saying that I matter.

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