Feeling lonely…

Loneliness. I’ve felt it too.

But I’ve realized over the years that there are ways to break free of this and feel empowered and connected again.

If you’re not sure where to turn right now, make sure you watch this message…

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152 Replies to “Feeling lonely…”

  • Thank you so much… your videos are very inspiring and you stopped me from being sad…. thank you.. you reminded me that it’s OK :)

  • This was exactly where I was last night… so much so that I prayed to clear my thoughts so I could fall asleep. After waking up to this , I had a small since of clarity.

    Thank you Matt!

  • Hi Matt,
    I watch your videos every week and this one touches me most. Thank you for addressing this subject.

  • Matt,
    I look forward to your videos every week. Even if it’s a topic I don’t need I still glean a bit of gold…..Thank you!!!!

  • Dear Matthew,

    Thanks for this video! It has to be my favourite video of yours. Yes I am guilty of watching your videos quite regularly because it makes me feel less like a belligerent. So thanks for existing!
    And today you mentioned Alain de Botton – I like his school of life channel too. I have often just wished I could pick up the phone and ask you what you thought about his philosophy in general.
    I do have a request though Matthew , I live in London now and all your retreats are in America. Can you please come back to London for a bit and do some retreats here? Maybe even with Alain? I’d pay good money for that!
    Thanks again and I love your work!

  • Thank you Matt, it is very true what you say about feeling lonely…..I am lonely in my marriage of 26 years, more like a married of convenience..

    But I have met someone who is also married, it is a joy to be together with him and it is not about intimacy, it is a connection we share

  • Thank you long-distance friend! This was the ‘hug’ I needed today. You have such a wonderful way with words. Your message came along just at the right time & I felt as though you could easily have written that just for me as it was so relevant to my current thoughts & feelings. It is comforting to know that other people think the way I do. I will definitely tuck this one away to listen to again! Thank you & keep up your brilliant work Matt. x

  • Hello, earlier this a.m. a friend reached out to me and said that she was feeling lonely…that she was wanting to find the right guy for her and her son, that’s she’s feeling lonely because she is 40 and is a single mom and saying how being a single mom is the hardest job….I don’t doubt her, but then something funny happened, I went to sleep after this conversation and when I woke up again I found this email from you with this link to a video about loneliness!! So I passed it on to her; I hope she gets something out of it.

  • Thank you for your wonderful message… i may not follow your weekly video but everytime i’ve watched, there’s always a connection with want i wanted to know at the moment…. it brought certain closer somehow to some confusions and doubts that i have about love.. and life in general…. you also have the gret skills to make us feel, think and make decisions that would definitely will make diference…thank you …

  • You look amazing today, Matt! ~~ I go to your Facebook page regularly. It’s like regular messages. ^^ Wanted to write more in the comment but anyway the first two sentences are off the top of my head so u know it’s true! Thanks to all on your team. Xo

  • You are amazing Matthew! I watch your videos all the time and has helped in in many situations. Keep up the brilliant work !

  • Wow! A lot of the things you mentioned I always try to execute in my life but I never considered the “I don’t want to go if so and so is not going” aspect. It is ridiculous how often we devalue our own importance. Granted, I just don’t want to go because I’m very introverted and large social gatherings are exhausting for me, but I can relate to this and other aspects of my life. I wouldn’t say that I feel “lonely” per se, but I do experience despair especially in relation to my work life. I often tell myself that what I am doing is not important and it doesn’t matter to anyone, but in reality what I do every day is a great import. What I do every day the silicates the ability for thousands of people to receive mental health care that they desperately need. Thank you so much for sharing this today. I desperately needed to hear it!

  • Love this video, you make sense to me. I appreciate these vids and feel so good when watching them, I,ll definitely watch more. Keep up all this good work.

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