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Feeling lonely…

Loneliness. I’ve felt it too.

But I’ve realized over the years that there are ways to break free of this and feel empowered and connected again.

If you’re not sure where to turn right now, make sure you watch this message…

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152 Replies to “Feeling lonely…”

  • Thank you Matthew… I really needed to hear what you had to say today. :) I feel like that all the time like I have nothing to bring to the table. I needed to be reminded that I do have something that I am somebody. Thank you Matthew … I can’t say that enough Thank you :)

  • Since you brought the subject up, i always wanted to tell you that i love the way you think more than anything else. Like i can watch a video for you about how to get over devorce when you are 40 (and i’m just 22 and never been married before) because i know for sure that i will learn something new you will give me an invaluable life lesson. When I’m watching you i keep on shouting (IKR!!! , EXACTLY!, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING ABOUT!) i will never feel lonely as long as you still exist in this world Matt :)

  • Hi Matthew,
    Yes, feeling lonely can be a bitch, I am having issues with that, but in the same token, trying to figure out if it’s due to a break up or if it’s cause I am going through mourning as my father just passed away as well, but your right, need to get myself out there and continue living cause I cant keep myself in a bubble.
    Thank you for your insight! Going to take your advice!

  • What a great message for a Sunday morning with coffee – incredibly moving. I read the other comments and I could ditto them all. I often feel like I have no access as my friends who are “coupled” don’t always include me as many times they want only pairs. I will work on “I am the Party!” – “I am enough.” You are my virtual long distance friend – thank you to you and the team for your work, Truly inspiring.

  • I like the way you present your thoughts, it makes me belive in what you saying. May be I am not ready, just yet, to break out of my “cousy” shell”, which I’ve build over the years but you gave an idea, some sort of manual how to do it:-) P.S. your jumper’s colour lovely matches your eyes’ colour :-)

  • I have to admit that I’ve addicted to your channel Matt. They have enlightening me and open my mindset, make me more confidence. Thanks aloy Matt. Hope to meet you in person to have inspiring chitchat !

  • Matt, I just sent this video to my dad. At 72, after 20 years of marriage, my step mom asked for a divorce 2 days after Christmas last year. They had just retired and moved to another state one year prior. I talk with him often and he has mentioned several times now that “it can get a little lonely” now living by himself. He talks about how he “doesn’t make friends easily” and as a daughter living 1500 miles away, it hurts my heart to hear him say these things and not know what to do to help him. I’m hoping this video can help him in some way, at least to release the pressure valve of loneliness. Even if it is, how you said, just for today. Thank you for talking about this subject, something we all feel from time to time. xoxo

  • i missed the the broadcast on “Long Distance Relationships” thank you for this one …. i would sit on the sofa and he would walk past me like i was not there once i departed his midst he txt me and asked how i was doing?? wow really ?? Matt keep doing what you are doing …these are good tips, advice and suggestions ..

  • Mathew,
    I truly admire you and your family and the passion that you all bring to this world. I am a strange alien for many reasons but it has been my work over the last two years to fall in love with myself despite being such a unique and outcast sort of human. You have helped along that path more than you’ll ever truly know. Your videos connect in a way that I feel cozy, comfortable and warm like you and Jameson are enjoying a hot cuppa with me. I have attended your retreat and my 1% shifts continue constantly. I am the dork who gave you and your team the ‘hitchhikers guide…’ book.

    From the whole of my heart, I feel gratitude like crazy!

    Kim Grossman

  • Great video. Thank you for putting emphasis on loneliness this week. I just sent the video to a friend who I’ve been encouraging to go to a retreat.

  • Thank you so much for once again hitting the nail square on the head! This IS a video I will certainly come back to! Probably not a significant detail to anyone but me, but I’m looking forward to a future retreat. I just received notice at work that I’ve earned a promotion and significant bump in pay, effective October first. Finally I’m in a position that values my out of the box way of thinking! And a little room for a rainy day fund…finally!!! It’s been a treacherous journey, but I feel the sun just breaking through.

  • Brilliant video Matt!

    Cerebral starvation – that needs to go into the dictionary :)

    You are really helping a lot of people and thereby by the world. If you ever feel lonely, know that you are one of the people on this planet, that is making the world a better place

    Lots of love to you <3

  • Thank you Matthew!! You came to my life in the moment I needed the most!
    Thank you for your videos, your time and your dedication!
    Looking forward to next week video!

  • Love this video. It reminded me of something I once read. I ran across these beautiful words and wanted to share them with you and your followers:

    “Strongly etched against the jagged outline of your broken heart is going to be the shape of your desire. And your heart will break into a million pieces over and over again. Let it break. Weep your tears. Love despite the pain, the longing and the un-fulfillment. Because when you open your heart to pain, you’re also opening it to life, to beauty, to all there is.

    If there is one thing I want for you it is to be more aware of what is there, even if you’re dreaming of what could be, open your heart and let life rush in. It’s lovely. The purpose of life was always to feel, to feel all the feelings you possibly could. Tell me, even through your tears, tell me, have you felt? Yes? Then that is enough.

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