Big Announcement…

So there’s something I’ve been wanting to let you in on for a while, but I just haven’t been able to (and finally I can!)…

If you would like to check out the article I mention from the Hollywood Reporter in the video, you can do so here…

*Click here to read the article*

Question of the day…

What are you working towards? What are you passionate about right now?

Matt x

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133 Replies to “Big Announcement…”

  • Hey Matthew! Thank you for EVERY THING you do! I love seeing your videos! CONGRATULATIONS on everything you have been doing and welcome to the states!!!:) If you’ve been here before, welcome back!!:-D I’m incredibly excited you asked that question!!………….

    The passion goal I’m working towards right now (whether it be praying about it, seeking things to do about it, or practicing) (ultimate life goal) is to use dance (and some music possibly) as awareness (for the community/world) and therapy for human sex trafficking victims and all for the glory of Jesus Christ!!:-D

  • Life is not worth living if you are not passionate about simple things, like cooking, sports, languages, travel, people, nature, music, etc.
    Always be passionate about life in general and the most important thing is to think positive, be grateful for what you have and never take the things or people for granted.
    Good Luck to all :)

    P.S: apologies for my english, I am a native spanish speaker!

  • Hello Matt,

    -It is great to hear that you succeed. This help us to know to keep moving /the steps need to be taken, even the small ones;

  • Congratulations, Matt!! ,
    You truly deserve it!
    We need to thank you, for all you suport, and the good advice that you always have given us :)

  • Congrats Matthew! My passion is music. I would absolutely love to sing, entertain and write songs for a living. So I have, over the passed year, started uploading some covers and original songs to youtube. Not too many people, other than friends, watching yet but your advice has made me feel more optimistic. I may even start busking hahaha

  • Oh my god, Matthew, this is incredible!!! (Sorry, I haven’t finished watching the video yet but thought I’d chip in!) Well done, well done, well done, that is amazing news!! You totally deserve it for helping all of us like this – we’re all behind you!!! xx

  • That is so cool, well done. My passion project is writing my novel, which think I have a hot topic for no-one else has done YET – just gotta do it!

  • Dear Matt,
    Wow you have read my heart. I cannot say enough how proud I am of you and the work you are doing. I am part of your video 200. What I love most about you Matt is your heart, honesty,your self- espression, and enthusiasm for life and making a difference. Kudos to your continued accomplishments.

    Of course I am in the LA area and so excited that you are here! Even if your living out of a hotel for awhile, I hope you are having a wonderful visit. I know eventually I will meet you given you are meeting with the 200 at some point, but I would like to extend the offer if you need anything or would like a tour guide. I am happy to help.

    In answer to your question…I am working on 4 things that i am very passionate about: 1. I am in the entertainment industry and work for one of the major studios in addition I am also a talent. One of many talents I have is being a voice-over actress and I am at the tipping point of landing new representation and working towards a series myself.

    In addition,I have been on-air as a radio talent for 14 years and I am working on a project called Kapitalize…a play on my last name. It is about The show is about acclaimed luminaries in the fields of music, entertainment, and politics transcending the personal and professional gap in their lives. These individuals have been unstoppable in their achievements of success through integrity, gratitude, humility, and optimism.

    And of course 3rd…working on myslef to becoming a better me.

    And 4th…Getting my Mr. Right!

    Have a wonderful day Matthew and break a leg! I know you will shine boldly! Congrats!!!

  • So exciting- Congrats!!! I live in Boston, MA, USA and I can’t wait for it to air!


  • Oh Matthew thank u ! well actually in order to go behind a dream i need to have one but wow i think that s the most complicate part as the second part is to work on it :D
    Really adore ur spirit want to have it as contagious as posible! :P!

  • Wow! This video is really inspiring, it made me comment for the first time though I’ve already been a subscriber to your newsletter and to your fast track to mr. right. :) I’m truly inspired by the value that you add and for the passion you’ve got for what you do. A lot of people don’t pursue the things that they’re most passionate about for so many reasons and I also ask myself the same thing over and again – what am I truly passionate about that I would always be excited to work and live on. I’m very happy with my career but I would really love to go back to being an entrepreneur. I guess I’m stuck within my comfort zone but with your advice to take those millimeter shifts I can propel that confidence again to be back to where I really want to be.
    I’m so happy to hear the good news about your dreams coming to reality. News like these are always amazing to share and be grateful for. It’s something to celebrate! Wish you more success in pursuing your goals. :) For me, I really have to practice what I’ve learned from you in my love life and I’m excited! :)
    Thank you so much!

  • Hi Matthew,

    Congratulations! Hard work really pays of and I wish you all the best in your career & life! Keep up the good work.

    I am making my second mindmap to visualize & create the job I want to have in the future combining it my following passion(s)and/or the things I like doing: travelling, listening to music, dancing, helping others, planning & organizing.

  • Usually I am not the ‘commenting- kinda person’ on websites, but somehow this time I feel that I WOULD LOVE to express my feelings, the way that I am very happy for you and wish you all and only the best! Congratulations Matt! You totally deserved it! I mean, I discovered you, only, like 5-6 weeks ago and subscribed to your newsletter, but the way you are so passionate about what you are doing in your life, and your videos and letters and the way you put everything into places, just inspires me, and not only to meet new guys but also I found that your advice is wonderful and applicable in other areas of life :)
    So, thank YOU for being here, for all of us, we love you because you love the things you do and… well.. I guess you love us all in some way :) Once again, I wish all the best, and maybe one day I hope I will come to your seminars.

  • Matt!! You’re SO AMAZING!! Congratulations a hundred times over! I’m in the US and can’t wait to see you in this… AND can’t wait to see where you go from here. :D

    Oh, and to answer your question my passion project is ending atrocities by waging fun on them for profit.

  • Your mother raised a good man,I know this because I also have a good son,and I see similar qualities. The one concern I constantly have on my mind when he has a new achievement is that he continues to stay humble in it all….. so,Congratulations,and CONTINUE TO STAY HUMBLE in it all. Because that is your best quality too.

  • Hi Matthew.
    I’m so excited for you and for all that is happening to you.
    What excites me the most is to paint, strong, powerful paintings. I’m not very good at it yet, but step by step, with daily milimeters shifts:) I’m getting small good things that pushes me forward. Thanks to your advices too!
    Good luck in all your work!

    P.S….and where will we be in five years time – It’s just amazing to imagine it :D


  • Hi Matthew!
    Congratulations!!!!That is great news!!!Wishing you lots of success with the show ( which I am sure it will be) and lots more excited fans!:-)))Matthew RULEZ!!!!:-))))
    btw. what I would like to do with my life?Hm, apply for and pass the surgery certificate ( I’m a vet) and do a home design course, and conquer my fears and learn how to scuba dive (I’m still not decided if to be or not to be a marine biologist :-D)

  • Loved the email, loved the video and love you, Matthew.
    Your sincerity really shines through as you speak.

    I’m sure everyone watching this video felt like you were personally talking to them – I know I did, thank you!

    I’m a “dream chaser” too. I find purpose in going after my dreams and goals and using my talents and inspiring others to live theirs. Thanks for being that for me :)

    Right now I’m working on starting my own business and working more on my music. Im also living in Hawaii for the summer before moving down south, back to South Africa (after 9 years of chasing my dreams in the US).

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