Big Announcement…

So there’s something I’ve been wanting to let you in on for a while, but I just haven’t been able to (and finally I can!)…

If you would like to check out the article I mention from the Hollywood Reporter in the video, you can do so here…

*Click here to read the article*

Question of the day…

What are you working towards? What are you passionate about right now?

Matt x

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133 Replies to “Big Announcement…”

  • matt,
    you have been so amazing! i love that you have pushed us to be our very best everyday! thank you so much for being your very best for us and filling us with inspiration! my dreams deal with living and teaching music in Europe, i am currently in the states and want to experience the different life Europe brings… maybe end up with a British boy like yourself! the world is filled with opportunities! thanks for everything!

  • Am sooo happy 4 u , and I cant wait 2 get ur book (although I cant apply most of what’s in it since I’m a Saudi woman and there is nothing such as “dating” in our society , but I REALLY REALLY REALLY love ur videos and plogs)

    As 4 ur question , am passionate about being in a creative team in an advertizing agency , I found this career vary interesting , and who knows may be after 5 years I’ll be advertizing 4 ur book in Saudi Arabia.

    Wish u the best of luck in ur show, book , and life

  • First, congratulations, Matt! I’m sure it will work out splendidly for you.

    My passion in life is to be of service to humanity. I am now working towards certification as a medical interpreter, studying for a two-part exam. I’ll take part one (written) this year, part two (oral) next, unless I finish my learning goals ahead of my self-imposed schedule.

    Thanks for all the encouragement!


  • Welcome to USA , Matthew . Good luck to you new venture.
    Thank you for sharing your new project. Keep up the good job you have.


  • awesome news matt!!
    bet you’ll go down a storm on the show. i have a feeling you’re gonna make it big in the states.
    will look forward to reading the book.
    yay! well done x

  • Hi Matt

    I’m glad I bumped in to you at UPW and look forward to seeing you at your weekend at the end of July. This is a brilliant opportunity for you and it’s great when hard work and determination pay off.

    My passion is coaching people. Helping people to grow and develop is the best ‘work’ I could think of. I packed in my old career in December to do this and while I’m sure lots of people thought I was mad, I’ve never doubted it’s the right thing.

    Best wishes for your new venture. X

  • I can’t afford the Man Myth or Secrets Of Attraction event so i am SO BUYING THAT BOOK! I’m super excited right now, and i’ll be on all the channels. websites trying to find the show once it’s aired so I can watch too! Thank you! xx

  • Hi! Congratulations!! I just love your energy…you seem so genuine! I love it! Best of luck in this new adventure…

    My passion is to find freedom to live life…and I would like to help others find that freedom too. But it seems that my real priority is to find a partner…which is proven to be painful and frustrating…. so wish me luck as I find freedom to live life as a single without feeling distracted by being alone in a world of couples! : )

  • Oh. My. God! HELL YES!!! This is going to be amazing! Your advice has helped me so much, and not just in the relationship arena. I’m deeply grateful for your work, and very happy this is happening for you (and us!)

    1. Oh, yeah! The question of the day! :P What I”m working for right now is no less than a complete trajectory shift in my career path. I’m choosing for the first time to follow something I’m interested in, instead of accepting whatever came my way, even if I didn’t like it. For me, this means going back to school, which is a big commitment in time and money. But you know what? It’s worth it. I realized that before I could be any good to a guy, or have the pride in myself to choose the type of guy I really like, I had to be able to look at my life without regret, self pity, or dissatisfaction. I’m so excited to be making this happen!

  • Hi Matthew,

    I agree with you that it is important to try and keep working towards what you are passionate about. In September I will moving to the UK (from Republic of Ireland) to start a PhD in biomedical research with a pretty handsome scholarship fund to live on. As you can imagine I am incredibly excited but it took a lot of hard work , in my degree and outside experience in labs to get here. My dream one day is to one day run my own lab. It is a long way off but I am 22 and I am making the first few steps. I think you have to keep the belief not only it is possible but that you are worthy of these big goals. Well done on what you have achieved, and I hope to keep following you and I will also achieve my dream of finding a guy who loves me for everything that I am and who I love just as much.
    Well deserved x

  • This is so exciting! I am so so happy for you, you deserve it so much! I 5 years from now you’re gonna rock the world! :-) keep going and we are all behind you to support you because what you have to offer is AMAZINGLY valuable. Congratulations Matt!

  • If I were to bump into you on the street, I would totally respect your privacy and treat you with the respect of a stranger (with kindness) but NOT point out that I know who you are. That may sound strange, but with the upcoming explosion, you may wish that on any given day. Wishing you all of the best – THANK YOU for being thankful. That is the best place to be and the reason you have integrity…

  • Wahoo! Matthew, I’ve been following you for about 4 years now, ever since hearing your interview on Pickup Podcast a ways back. You’re such an inspiration, and I’ve learned so much from you over the years. So first off, thank you!

    You’re going to kick ASS here in the US, and I can’t wait to watch your new show.

    Now, the project that I’m excited about? My business Puttylike.

    Every day I work on helping more multipotentialites and growing the organization. My latest project is public speaking, which I know you’re quite adept at. It’s a big challenge for me though, but I just booked a room for my first seminar in September and I’ve been prancing around my office, rehearsing my speech to my new puppy, and jotting down notes on my white board. It feels amazing.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Wow. Matt’s “movin’ on up!…to the East siiiide….To a Deluxe Apartment in the skyyyyyyyyy”…… Glad you’re in our crazyland america. One day I will come see you in NYC and stop to hug u…and maybe even a lil peck on the face….

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