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Big Announcement…

So there’s something I’ve been wanting to let you in on for a while, but I just haven’t been able to (and finally I can!)…

If you would like to check out the article I mention from the Hollywood Reporter in the video, you can do so here…

*Click here to read the article*

Question of the day…

What are you working towards? What are you passionate about right now?

Matt x

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133 Replies to “Big Announcement…”

  • Well done. You really deserve it Mat… Congratulations… really happy for you :) Good luck with that :D

  • Congrats Matt you really deserve it!!! I can’t wait to have your book, I really enjoy your videos.

    Best wishes from Uruguay (little country between Argentina and Brasil)

    Besos (kisses)

  • congrats Matthew!! I enjoy your posts, they are not always just about “getting the guys”, but contain inspiring little life lessons as well.
    Your video just now is very motivating for me, as I’ve started working on 2 big projects alongside my day job: 1) a writing project 2) an art & event consultancy

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Congrats on your success :)! Looking forward to your Show! Wish I could state my passions at this time – still in the research phase. I do wonder how this Florida USA gal would be received at one of your seminars.

  • Congratulations, Matt!! U definately deserve it :) Thank you for saying that whatever little thing I am doing now, though with all the doubts, I should keep going and the rewards will come on its own.. I needed that :) Thank you and I am happy to support your work :)


  • Owh PS: I’m working on being there for other’s to listen to their problems, my paintings and to maintain a positive attitude :) Good luck with what ur working on as well, Matt :)

  • Heeeeey, Matthew!!! I’m sooooo happy for you!! Congrats!! You totally deserve this :) I’m looking forward to hearing more about it! I always watch your videos and they’ve been really helpful!
    I’m so gonna watch this programme :)

  • Hi Matt!

    First, I want to say congratulations on your amazing new projects! Second, I want to say thank you for your amazing advice. I am a single lady in a wheelchair and even though my physical challenge might lower my prospective dates, your flirting techniques totally work! It’s been fun practicing ; )

    My passion is my photography. I live for it. Once I started looking through a lens, its hard to see life any other way. My marriage failure last year forced me to sell a lot of my equipment to make ends meet, but now I have a new job and I am rebuilding on a stronger foundation. I know you can appreciate that because that is what you teach! You teach us how to lay a solid foundation to build something strong and lasting.

    Thank you for all you do!


  • Congrats! .. I’m happy for you and I REALLY can’t wait to watch your show, so please tell us how can we watch it online?!! ;)

    ANSWER: I’m passionate about building a career, I’m studying IT and my dream is to apply for work in Europe =)

  • I registered in a street dance dancing class last week. I just feel happy when i dance and i really LOVE music! We are going to make a performance in next month in a big festival. I am very excited about performing in front of hundreds of people and also looking forward to it eagerly!! :) :)

  • Congratulations Matt
    Everyone gets what they deserve in life,
    You’ve been recognized in the ‘big’ world
    Well done!

  • Wow You go Boy! You really have ALOT to offer so valuble And Im Just Happy -Me I want to have a house a husband A big house A Good husband A house that has 9 bedrooms and houses foster children so I won’t have to unofficially foster in my one bedroom apt- I have my own son and Im not a wirerdo I just always wanted to open an ophanage in Africa but its funny how the Lord works I find my self helping mostly distressed white kids (just a funny fact Im not racist or color bound) I want to be the kind of person who knows how to have a laugh but very connected to her spirituallity who has a Good husband to hold on to and knows the value of him everyday in my life although I am a strong woman (and record a couple albums if I can squeez it in b4 I die)- I guess when you have high Value people notice and things slowly come together if you just trust in him Im half way there in many ways and Im just thankful for having come across your teachings that dont tell me I have to be a slut or anything totally off the wall but its possible and maybe I can Get the guy without compermising my beliefs – Ill be sure to let you know

  • Hello Matthew! What you have achieved is a well deserved reward for all the fantastic service you have been giving to us! THANK YOU! I am amazed to see such a young person like you so balanced, inspired and humble! You are a true gift!
    Blessings of living your dream all your life!

  • Happy for you Matt and congrat. WHILE YOU ARE HERE IN LA, Please Please give us a seminar on dating man and send email notice. PLEASE, PLEASE. Thank you love.

  • Hi Matt … WOW! WOW! WOW! Incredible news … totally made up for you! My passion is interior design and I will continue to dig deep (hmmm bit of a summer break) to get this last module finished to get my degree – distance learning whilst working not the easiest thing but hey if you want something badly then you put in the work! Very ably illustrated by the (well deserved) success in your life … Many congratulations (and tickles on the arm ;o)) Jx

  • First of all, congratulations Matthew ^_^ I wish you all the very best in your career and life! You’re truly inspirational :)

    To answer your question of the day: I’m working on starting my own restaurant business (I really love cooking) and also finding love ^_^ I am looking forward to purchasing your book, that’s for sure. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see the NBC series :) Thank you for everything that you’ve shared with us.

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