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Why NOW Is The Best Time In History To Date…

Is dating really that terrible in 2017?

It’s easy to believe the doomsayers, but I don’t buy it.

There’s a huge advantage to be gained for women who understand the secrets to creating real attraction today (while everyone else is swiping on Tinder).

Get ready to take back control and transform your dating life…

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28 Replies to “Why NOW Is The Best Time In History To Date…”

  • Oh Matthew, at a time when I have just spent my first 48 hours on Tinder after being single for two years, you have answered my Prayers!
    I am way better than that, and I have a standard I want in a relationship .. Which I won’t find from any tinder zombie!
    All the nice Ladies, stop wondering why we always get swiped left for the next younger, prettier, easier option, we’re better than that and it’s time to raise our game!! :D

  • Yes, it is funny and tricky concept of using lack of competition in real life for dating, because everyone is online pushing buttons of computers and devices of dating apps, and lost skills of approaching someone in real situations. Sounds funny, sounds tricky. Improve your social skills and do not forget for dating in real life, in real world.

  • Yes! At last someone who gets this and voices it! This is exactly how things are. Thank-you for your perspective Matthew; looking at the wider picture and for highlighting to women positive ways to deal with it. :))

  • Thanks Matt. Love this it’s a really valid point, but guys seem to want ‘Tiffany’ and I know that means they’re not the right ones for me (I can’t even take a decent selfie!) i apply everything I’ve learned from you in day to day life (staying ready) and have so many amazing experiences but am eternally disappointed with the members of the opposite sex that I meet #stayinghopeful

  • I love the way that you are seeing the world and that you let me see it too.
    You are right – ofcourse!! we are compeeting with Tiffany :D Oh my I didn´t realize that before now.
    I laughed so much through your speach, espeacially your precentation of hashtags “Tiffany´s” use.
    Love the way you think.

  • OMG! You hit the nail on the head again! Thanks for that wonderful video Matthew! Wish I could’ve been at the last Retreat! So many of my Retreat Sisters were able to make it…Hugs! Keep the videos coming…I look forward to them every week…;) <3

  • Great video. I love your explanation, it was really funny and made sense. Also would be great to know the remedy. It’s great to not to compete with Tiffany (lol) and would like to know how one finds such a man who still knows how to communicate.

  • Lol! Too funny but so true! Thanks for the new perspective! I don’t know how you do it but your videos keep getting better and better! :-)

  • I’m a guy and I always feel it’s condradictive to go out on a date or to actively search for a partner.
    Because I hear all the time people who is in a healthy relationship say “don’t force it, just let it happen” or “We were friends and we fell in love” or even “when you know you know, don’t plan it” and that gets me thinking, How am I supposed to meet someone, or even fall for someone and make them fall for me if I’m not even supposed to try?

    Are all those people sponsored by Nike to “Just do it” or is there any truth I’m not seeing to it? #Askingforafriend

  • This was great and so true. And the ones on the dating sites would rather chat and have virtual sex then meet, have a real conversation and possibly have a chance to evolve into real sex. I have been told by a virtual guy it was too much effort. Then why are you bothering?!

  • Been watching your vids since 2012 and I must say this is one of my favorites ! Hilarious and honest! Thanks Matthew! :)

  • the 5 compliments are great Matthew! thank you! you are the best! I think the suggestions are spot on and I love your special notes on what to be aware of.

  • Then if men are craving… why are your rooms so filled with single women paying you to convince them of this? I think men have so many choices with the pick up sites, they don’t even have to work for it, they just get sex with one text.
    And you go through a lot of women too, don’t you Matthew?

    1. I have met many men who want a lot more depth out of a relationship than just sex. And Matthew is certainly one of them. He has a real gift for empowering and educating women so that they can be more successful at attracting the kind of men who are looking for something more than just sex. I suggest you try his 5-day retreat. It is absolutely stupendous and definitely life-changing. I am a year-and-a-half into a relationship with a wonderful man who was looking for more than sex, who was craving a deeper connection. I can honestly say it was the knowledge and skills I learned at Matt’s five day retreat that created the opportunity for me to meet my boyfriend and grow into a wonderful, satisfying relationship with him. I know it’s hard at times to keep from getting cynical, but there truly are things we can do as women to grow in ways that will increase the likelihood of us finding and holding on to a wonderful partner.

  • Oh wow, this is my absolute favorite so far! What an insight! And yes, I have noticed that men are looking kind of lost these days. I smile at a man and he gets this amazed, happy, startled look on his face. This explains it all….

  • So true! Loved your comment about Instagram and looking nothing like pics. I’d say majority of the guys I’ve been out with will tell me I look better than my pictures. I asked why and one guy finally said because you take a nice photo but your personality really brings out your beauty. Not sure if this was just a good line but made my day :)

  • And what about men’s expectations, Matthew?
    You are undoubtely right and I agree with you, but what about the role of #IWokeUpLikeThis in men’s education about expectations and relationship goals?
    I think men need strong education as well and who is going to provide it – the #IWokeUpLikeThis trend? Yes, build value and do that in person and constantly better yourself – but you know what? Maybe the value system has changed! And monogamy isn’t the hype nowadays, thanks to pornography, striptease and television. Wouldn’t be a problem, if men in relationships wouldn’t secretly be unhappy because of that perceived loss of something “better”. Isn’t this one of the reasons why people cheat?

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