Why NOW Is The Best Time In History To Date…

Is dating really that terrible in 2017?

It’s easy to believe the doomsayers, but I don’t buy it.

There’s a huge advantage to be gained for women who understand the secrets to creating real attraction today (while everyone else is swiping on Tinder).

Get ready to take back control and transform your dating life…

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28 Replies to “Why NOW Is The Best Time In History To Date…”

  • I love this Matthew really goes to show that if you look at a guy cheekily and let him know you are interested then you are so far ahead of everyone else in the game ..thank you…inspired !

  • I want to like this video but as someone that uses dating sites it’s frustrating to feel like I’m going about thing wrong in a forum that I’ve never written been successful in. I think men are distracted by the ‘fake’ profiles you describe and the legitimate single women are then held to them in comparison. Of course a real connection may be the end goal but the initial physical attraction in fake profiles is a distraction. Going out in person isn’t a option for everyone i.e. me. With only attached friends who are out of state I would be sitting at the bar alone and the times I’ve done that men have literally said ‘what’s wrong with you for coming alone’ (match stir event 12/31/14). Plus I don’t want to drink calories and waste money in a bar looking for someone I’m interested in wondering if I should be in another bar instead – enter dating apps like match and bumble. Just saying there is a place for dating apps and people on them aren’t there because they can’t communicate effectively.

  • LMAO and so true! My friends frequently ask why I’m always going out on dates but don’t have any of the horror stories they do, and Matt, you’re able to put my “intuition” or “hunch” into words & humor. I’ve never used a dating site because you can’t gauge a person’s energy. On a side note- I believe that American men are no longer taught to be charming like they were in the 40’s/50’s. Most of the men that approach me are foreigners (an idea for a future post???)

    1. Cali B: “On a side note- I believe that American men are no longer taught to be charming like they were in the 40’s/50’s. Most of the men that approach me are foreigners” — I notice this too! Dating foreign born guys in the US is very different from American men. I almost get the impression American guys don’t know how to date or even talk to women.

  • Just a little question: How to get rid of all that men we don’t want until we find Mr. Right in a kind way?
    When you realise he’s not who you are looking for, and you don’t want to hurt him. At lest not that much.
    Thank you very much.

  • All well and good but I feel as though most guys I’ve crossed paths with are more interested in those ‘selfie’ girls and don’t want to have a proper conversation or meet someone with the possibility of it being more than a one night stand. I honestly feel like they aren’t attracted to the girl who might have some personality or something interesting to say. Majority of the time I go out to bars or pubs on weekends you see guys flocked around scantily clad 20 year olds who would probably have the personality of a wet dish cloth and I feel like I can’t compete with these girls.

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