Have The Best Sex Ever, With These Words… (What Men Really Want To Hear)

Men always welcome hearing how to give you more pleasure where it really matters.

The key is to choose your words carefully, which is why I’m about to show you a clear, easy-to-follow script to get your man to please you in exactly the way you want.

Trust me, these are the words he’s dying to hear…

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13 Replies to “Have The Best Sex Ever, With These Words… (What Men Really Want To Hear)”

  • Great advice as always! Thank you!

    I really like the voice-over you’re adding to your recent videos. Sometimes though, such as with this one, it is distracting and a bit irritating. I couldn’t enjoy the video and listen to what was being said at the same time.

    Just something to note.

  • Thanks a lot. It‘s a good idea to phrase it so that he feels like he could turn you on just by doing these little things ^^.
    Does this also work with other things in the relationship? For example if I want him to text with more love or more frequent (like ‚I‘d love to receive a text from you once a day‘)?

  • Great video Matt & J! Communication is key.

    I agree with a previous commenter. The actors mouthing your words is very distracting and unnecessary. Just the couple having a beautiful moment together would have been perfect.

    Love you both. ❤️

  • I agree with Sumayah, this is great and important information, but when the woman opens her mouth to ask her man to do sexy things with her and it’s Matthew’s voice coming out.. it’s so weird and distracting. I think this video would have been better with just Matt speaking to the camera.

  • The video distracts me from all that you are saying, especially when she speaks. I’ll repeat it again. Why does it bother me?

  • Hello Matthew, thank you for this video! I attended your life changing retreat in August 2016, I read and reread your book How To Get The Guy, have been through several other programs and also just attended your Live event in LA. It is all so, so helpful! To hopefully summarize part of your advice correctly, one way to attract men is to focus on myself and start building and leading an amazing life. I have a question about that. I feel I am leading an amazing life by implementing all of the things that helped me achieve that, and it’s also very busy. How do I make room in my life for a new relationship and still participate in things that helped attract this man? Especially if go from living alone to living with that man, how do I maintain or balance the important parts of my life like magnificent mornings, meditating, exercise, work, working on my goals, etc. without jeopardizing the relationship or myself? Thank you!!

  • Thank you for this video! I have been in a relationship for 6 months and I have not been able to bring up my desires. Although our physical connection is great sometimes I want him to do open up and try some other things. He’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and I don’t want to make things weird by bringing up these desires of mine but I can own it and phrase it in a way to get him to loosen up a little.

  • Hi! I have been dating this guy for 10 months now. Due to sudden family emergency on his part, he had to return home soon after we met and it had to be a long-distance relationship so far. He is coming back to me though in 3 weeks and I literally can’t wait to finally have him every day. We’re very romantic, have exchanged promise rings etc etc and we LOOOOVE each other very much. In the meantime, we were planning what to do to be together sooner and one of his ideas was for me to move to where he was. I refused because at that time he wasn’t working and had been looking after his sick mother for many months. I said he doesn’t give me sense of security. Oh God how I regretted those words. He never lets me forget about it. Any possible time he would remind me saying “oh, I forgot, I don’t give you sense of security so you can’t this that or whatever”. I don’t know what to do to make him forget about it and make him understand what I actually meant. I tried to explain to him on numerous occasions that what I only meant was that he isn’t working at the moment and I can’t imagine giving up my well-paid job to join him there while he’s not financially steady and had he gone to work, I would gladly have joined him. No use. How can I hmm.. reverse the effect of those words..?(desperation! help!) After reading your guide I can tell how using those words about security must have hurt him! What to do??? (desperation!)

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