All I Want For Christmas Is Youtube

We’re coming up to the end of the year now. I have had the most incredible year of my life.

So many exciting things have happened, and the realisation I had is that my FAVOURITE thing this year – the thing that I have derived the most enjoyment from is making these videos.

It’s the epitome of my passion. I get to talk about what I love, I get to do it the way I want to do it, and I get to put my creative energy into it.

Even with my life now being a little crazy, this is still my favourite thing that I do.

The process of putting these videos out has taught me two things:

1) You don’t have to be living an ideal version of your passion in order to enjoy what it is you love doing.

Whatever your passion is, start living it now, even if you only get to live it for 5 minutes a week.

2) “Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results.” – Keith Cunningham

There are routines that if you begin in January will change your life if you stick to them and are disciplined, not succumbing to perfectionism with them.

That’s what I’m trying to do with these videos – putting something out there every week without fail.

I have people telling me they look forward to these videos every Sunday morning, and now we have a community of people interacting about this stuff.

Thank you for being a part of this and continuing to help me build this incredible group of people. We’re a team, I love the relationship we have, and I value every single person who watches these videos.

Question Of The Day:

What one thing are you most proud of that you’ve done consistently this year? What ‘ordinary thing’ have you followed through on? (If you can’t think of one, write down what you’re going to do next year).

Have an amazing Christmas, happy holidays, and I’ll see you soon!

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83 Replies to “All I Want For Christmas Is Youtube”

  • Matt,
    I loved your comment about living your passion, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I made a decision this year to pursue my passion for writing and personal development. I’ve started my business and I definitely understand how the ‘broke, 19 year old version of you felt.’ I am actually enjoying the process of figuring out how I am going to make this work. The most consistent thing I have been doing is educating myself and building my blog.

    Amelia :)

  • Yay!! Don’t stop making these videos PPPLLLEEEEAAASEEE!! They brighten up my day! It’s like personal life coaching!
    P.S. There is NO WAY Jameson is not real! This is like discovering Santa isn’t real all over again! :(
    P.S.S. All I want for Christmas is for Matthew Hussey to reply to my comment!! :) love you Matt! You’ve been the best thing that happened to me this year! Although Ready for Love didn’t last much had it not been for that show I probably never would’ve heard of you and your amazing book and blog, etc, etc, etc! Love you mean it and Merry Christmas!! xoxo

  • I used to be very sickly all the time, I had a weak immune system and I was getting ill every six weeks and I would stay very sick for a month or longer- and I tried to stay positive but being sick made me depressed. So, this year I started juicing and drinking fruit and veggie smoothies in April and I haven’t been sick since August! My doctor is in shock and says “Who are you and what have you done with Lauren?!!” Also, some of my allergies (which used to be life threatening) have calmed way down and others have diminished!! I didn’t even know that was possible! Now, for the first time in many years (I’ve been really sick since age 14. I’m 27 now) I am going into a new year with health, which means I’ll be able to go to school and persue my dreams!!

    Also, I was living in a domestic violence home and this year I started educating myself about abuse (physical and verbal). Every time I would endure a episode of abuse I would pick up a book, watch a educational video on the topic or talk to a friend and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t deserve to live that way-no one does- and in October I left my abusive situation and I’m much happier and much more relaxed!

    And this last thing may not sound like much, but this year I’ve started putting on lotion and applying facial moisturizer and the quality of my skin has definitely improved.

    If I hadn’t taken little steps daily this year I wouldn’t be enjoying the health, safety and nice skin that I am now! Little things repeated -good or bad- add up to big things!

    Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!! :)

      1. Thank you so much! I still have lots of progress to make but at least I’ve gotten started. Thank you for the sweet comment and I wish a wonderful 2014 as well!! :)

  • The one ordinary thing I’ve done this year is to watch your videos everyday and it has produced the most extraordinary results in my life. I met Ernesto Arguello. I am meeting great guys every week. I am having so much fun everywhere I go and having the most amazing conversations with everyone. I love the woman I’ve become. Thanks Matthew :) Its the best Christmas present I ever got. Me and Bunny (my bear) wish you and Jameson a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Haha, OMG… I so thought Jameson was real, your cameraman, haha.

    I regularly studied this year and didn’t fail any of my exams. I also promised myself I would take make up off before I go to sleep every single time, which I did and it did wonders to my skin. I was terrible at showing affection to people I love,so I can try and improve in that area in 2014. I started having my warm water with a spoon of honey in the morning 2 weeks ago, I will make sure I keep on that habit in 2014 as well.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for your Sunday videos. You are right about the extraordinary results you are producing – not just by assembling this collection of wise words and practical tips for people to browse whenever they feel like it, but even more so by coming home to our living rooms every Sunday. I think this format works so well because you send the reminder emails and are consistently (and persistently) there every week to challenge and advise and, in a very low-key way, create accountability. Your online programs and all the other things you have going on are great too, but constant dropping wears away a stone :-)

    The one thing that I started this year and that I am very proud of is starting a blog about adventures in teaching and oceanography, where I write about my thoughts on teaching methods, didactics, communication, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I would love for you to visit (and would be thrilled about any comments you might have!)

    Merry Christmas and the very best wishes for 2014! Mirjam

  • Dear matt.

    Im so greatfull that i have thw chance to find you online. Your advice , your book, your online program, whatching your youtube videos, hearing your thoughts on iheart radio whacjing your tv show redirect my life.
    From the tv show i only heard your advice. Not from the other coaches. They werent for me “the voice of reason” as recently you were referd on the today show.

    That quote is The most accurate way to Define a part of you. Beacuse i think you are so much more that that. I have to agree with your uncle. You are a guru. For me Your are the only guru on self development that not only deservs my attention but the attention from all over the globe. I think you are going to be remember like einstein in you area of expertice And your book must be translated to every language. Maybe by doing a movie you could reach that

    You make me improve my life. You push me in the right direction to “put myself out there”. I Tryed new things and met new people. Made new friends. Im so happy and gratefull with my life rigth now. I havent find the guy yet. But im sure that will happend soon!

    Thank you.


    Solana from really far away :)

  • hahahah I thought that Jameson was real too!!!

    I look forward to watch your video every week, I really appreciate your advices and talks, I am impresed that you care and put so much efford to every video.

    I know it is not a big deal, but I learned how to make coffee in a coffee machine and this year I have done it every day for me and for my parents from time to time.

  • Well it’s been a funny old year, it kicked off with the best New Year’s Eve ever but quickly descended into a rollercoaster of small highs marred by deep lows. However, I am proud that hard as it’s been hard I managed to keep picking myself up and starting all over again.

    I came across your work in September and was really sceptical – what could a very young man from Chelmsford tell me? (I’m from Essex too but long past being a ‘girl’) but wow Matthew you know your stuff and its because you do I have been able to continue getting back up when some more upsetting life situations have been taking place.

    So thanks Matthew for your generosity in putting out this public content and motivating me to make changes NOW that mean next year is going to be very different.

    Wishing you peace and happiness over Christmas and every success in the New Year. xx

  • Hey Matt,

    I tell you what I’m proud of.. I’m 20years old going to be 21 in january. And this may sound pretty dumb to you but last year this time I decided to go out of college where I was learning acccountin g (here in germany you have to decide on your first day what you want to get your degree in) to chase a job that I’ve always wanted. I wanted to be a producer since I was 15years old. And since last year I’ve come from being an intern to being a production assistant to now being an assistant production manager. And this happened in just in one year. And still EVERYDAY I am afraid that I will regret not going the safe way and honestly.. it scares me to not have a degree so far and some days the business is making me feel like giving up when theres another day working 8am to 10pm. But then I remember what you said about the torture you can endure because you enjoy it. And I keep pushing forward and motivate myself. And I mean who knows maybe I’ll go back to college in a few years to learn more about film and tv or maybe I’ll become a lifecoach like you and tell people what a bad decision it was for me or maybe I will be a producer. Yes I’m often insecure but wouldnt be insecure in a business that continuously drops shows like you even said with ready for love where people worked on behind the cameras, too. But I strongly believe that no matter what happens you can get up again and earn your living you just need to work your butt of. And so I’m doing that everyday and this is why I am proud of myself this year.

    Now I hope you read this and have some inspirational things that I can use when I’m feeling like giving up again. ;)

    Thank you tons for this last year, have a happy christmas with all your loved ones.


    Ps: hey don’t you say jameson isn’t real cause we know he is. And he’s cute. Happy holidays to jameson and his loved ones, too. ♥

  • In the last comment of me it has to be “…WHO WOULDNT BE insecure in a business that …” otherwise it makes no sense. Sorry ;)

  • Happy Christmas and new Year to you Matt and everyone reading this. Like many from the other messages on here, I too love reading your posts and have gained much from your videos. Plus an answer to a question is usually in your book if not there.

    Since I found that book I too have seen my life enhanced in ways I never thought possible. I may not have a boyfriend at present but have dated a couple of lovely guys who have created those magical memories to smile about. What I have realised is that I am in that place where I am happy with myself, my fulfilling life and I am able to talk to and enjoy the company of guys in ways I couldn’t this time last year.

    As for my passion and something I do every day. Well that is dance. American Tribal Style fusion bellydance to be precise. Beautiful , feminine, graceful, social and very good for your posture, confidence and figure. Its enchanting to watch and addictive to do and I performed on stage last month. I am virtually unrecognisable from the woman I was 5 years ago. My kitchen doubles as a dance studio!!

    And for next years aim…well that would be be to review and improve the little self-employed business that has also grown this year.

    So to you Matt a very big thanks for being an inspirational part of that, as it is not only dating that your advice helps with. If there is one thing that the guys I have dated and chatted to have mentioned it is the happiness I radiate.Am looking forward to the next year and maybe making it to one of your events and meeting you.

    As for the other ladies reading this…well done, keep moving forward even baby steps are progress.

  • I wish this page had a like button facility for all the really brave (and not at all minor) changes people are listing below.

    The thing I’m most proud of is becoming more open to these new ideas and embracing the change. I really look forward to the London event and meeting like minded people there

  • Hahaha! I thought Jameson was an actual person, like your friend or something haha:DD
    Love you Matthew!!
    My mentor and biggest inspiration!!
    Have a lovely Christmas!:))

  • owhhh matthew you’re so amazing!
    I love your video’s!
    After being in an awful relationship, I decided to, instead of being depressed and everything, start writing my emotion on paper and now I almost finished my own sort of like ‘bridget jones diary’ book; that’s what I’ve been most proud of from this year!
    Have a very lovely, amazing christmas! (:

    x Carla

  • I am really happy I started ukulele lesson and I stick with it, I practise everyday since a couple months and I already see big results. It’s a little thing but to me it’s important and it shows how the statement you give us in your video is true. This year, I’ll make it a goal to meet lots of new people every week :) Have a very merry Christmas Matthew and all of the GTG team !

  • what? Jameson isn’t real?! First Santa, now this!

    Matt, you’re too good at this role play stuff.
    Bring back the Jameson antics :)

    Most proud of: quiting my job in May to finish my degree, which at this point I can’t envision what new career path I’m going to pursue with it… scary! But I’m taking it one ordinary step at a time… hopefully its something extraordinary in the making.

    Merry Christmas Matt, Get the Guy team and everyone reading and watching! xxoxx

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