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All I Want For Christmas Is Youtube

We’re coming up to the end of the year now. I have had the most incredible year of my life.

So many exciting things have happened, and the realisation I had is that my FAVOURITE thing this year – the thing that I have derived the most enjoyment from is making these videos.

It’s the epitome of my passion. I get to talk about what I love, I get to do it the way I want to do it, and I get to put my creative energy into it.

Even with my life now being a little crazy, this is still my favourite thing that I do.

The process of putting these videos out has taught me two things:

1) You don’t have to be living an ideal version of your passion in order to enjoy what it is you love doing.

Whatever your passion is, start living it now, even if you only get to live it for 5 minutes a week.

2) “Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results.” – Keith Cunningham

There are routines that if you begin in January will change your life if you stick to them and are disciplined, not succumbing to perfectionism with them.

That’s what I’m trying to do with these videos – putting something out there every week without fail.

I have people telling me they look forward to these videos every Sunday morning, and now we have a community of people interacting about this stuff.

Thank you for being a part of this and continuing to help me build this incredible group of people. We’re a team, I love the relationship we have, and I value every single person who watches these videos.

Question Of The Day:

What one thing are you most proud of that you’ve done consistently this year? What ‘ordinary thing’ have you followed through on? (If you can’t think of one, write down what you’re going to do next year).

Have an amazing Christmas, happy holidays, and I’ll see you soon!

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83 Replies to “All I Want For Christmas Is Youtube”

  • Hi Matt, the thing I was most proud of this year was
    that I had been consistently writing inspiring words or quote daily in my journal to keep reminding me that even during hard times, if you keep those words in your mind it will become a habit in your thoughts and those thoughts will take over the negative thoughts or ideas . ( including all the useful ideas from your course and videos). As the year is approaching to an end, I would really like to keep this a habit and build and strong and positive outlook and mind for great results in my life and the lives around me. Happy xmas to you and to everyone watching this video and this post.

  • Two things I’m happy I did this year — 1) following your tip to make a habit of smiling and talking to people. This got me out of my shell and I feel more happy and outgoing. 2) Giving up caffeine. It took me six months to get off coffee and then green tea, and I had to adjust to my new energy level. But my energy is gradually coming back!

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  • I have consistantly this year made a point to hang out once month with friends to stay connected because life happens and for me I can get tunnel vision and look up and miss out on what’s happening in their world.

  • Matt, I also enjoy listening to your videos every week. I want to say a “huge” thank you from all the way from Australia….. I am most proud of stepping out of my comfort zone and it was very very hard. I think it may have worked, I’ll let you know :)

  • I wanted to Become a homeopath, but I teach in IL. I decided life is meant to be lived, so I bit the bullet and started school in CA. I continue to teach in IL and fly to CA once a month for class. I knew I would love homeopathy, but I never realized how much I would enjoy the journey traveling to CA. I’ve met wonderful people who show up just when I need them. Im proud of myself for taking a risk. I decided to quit trying to lead my life and let life lead me. Amazing. #whydidntithinkofthatsooner. Looking forward to the unknown in 2014! Happy New Year!

  • The thing I am most proud of is that after I went on the retreat my one goal was to get up and exercise every morning. I have stuck to that. I get up around 5:30 every morning during the week. I give myself one day off either Sat or Sun. Before the retreat the only reason I got up at 5:30 was to catch a plane for vacation. During the retreat I realized how much the morning exercise helped me feel awake in the morning and during the day. I also learned not to be a perfectionist about it, but I make sure I get up and do it. Sometimes moaning and groaning but always in the back of my mind knowing I am doing it for me and not for anyone else. Thank you Matthew for all that you do. Enjoy your Holiday at home.

  • The two seemingly ordinary things that I did consistently this year are pay my monthly mortgage and community school tuition for my son’s school. Doesn’t seem extraordinary perhaps but it is a testimony to my business that I’m becoming more successful and so can afford both without too much stress! I’m so grateful to be “on the beach” this year instead of barely treading water so to speak. Because of having a little more financial stability, I feel closer to being ready for a relationship! And thanks to your excellent research insights, Matt, I’m learning more about men! So, thank you.

  • Hey Matthew I love this year 2013 it was the year I found my passion for body combat and lost 16 kilo and I found my sexy back I get sow many men that wants me and l love it.
    I love your YouTube and your mails sow a little but sexy Marry Christmas and a happy new year from me in Denmark.
    ps. I love your book get the guy

  • Great advice Matthew! I love what you said about doing something you’re passionate about, or that you love, at least 5 min a day, or 5 min a week. Also what you said about something ordinary, becoming extraordinary.
    I also loved you hugging the bear! I love your sense of humor :)
    I don’t have something that I’m really proud of that I’ve done so far this year, but for the coming year, I hope to be more healthy, and going out there more to meet guys.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!! And a great new year!

  • Hi Mathew, I have a tear in my eye, you are so lovely! My most consistent thing this year is that I have lost wt and kept it up and still loosing and I have such a change and opened up and Oh My!! Looking forward to becoming the me I was meant to be…and you are helping to change those old thought patterns that kept me stuck!! Your sincerity is moving, I heart you!! And thank you!!! Will see you in Dallas 2014!! Karen

  • Hi Matt,
    I started watching your videos few years ago when I was living in Greece and I remember sending them to my best friend and saying that one day we would like to come to your shows.
    I live in the UK now and I have already booked a place for your London live event in February.
    I’m really happy for your success and how far you’ve come.
    Keep on doing what you love and stay the same nice person that you are.
    Looking forward to seeing you live!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Hi Matt,
    I just think I love you :)

    That is great message… I heard you saying that “Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results” and really thank you because it reflect back the very thing I was doing along this year… it is working wonderfully…

    So, I am proud of I consistently keep attention in my diet, so as a result I am healing completely my irritable bowel – I also lost 12 kilograms and keep my weight in the last 12 months

    I am proud of I consistently follow my iodine protocol for about 5 months now, and I healing my cysts (brest, utero) – among all, I have now a general state of well-being (energy is great, I feel healthy and happy most of the days, how good is this???? Amazing!!! I am also proud of helping other people to heal as well…

    I am proud of I consistently learn something new every single day this year so I am educating myself in every area of my life and feel much more powerful

    I am proud of I no longer believe in my fears – fear is not going to stop me anymore – I know myself more so I do not longer believe “I am my thoughts, feelings nor actions”, no, I am much more than that …

    I am proud of I consistently keep challenging myself in order to BE who I really want to be, to be more sexy, to have more fun, to express more love, to relax, to express myself fully

    I am proud of I consistently exercise my face and my body to have the best version of my body ever (at 45!)

    All of this are an ongoing tasks… it had changed my mindset in the first place. I am going to create more and more of this the next year and years to come… I am so proud of me.

    Merry Christmas,
    keep doing this great job.

  • This year started to watch these videos and educate myself on the relationships on a new level.
    Thank you soo much, Matt!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, All!
    Love this TeddyBear XOXO

  • Aww, Matthew what a fun video. And what?! Jameson is not real? That’s like saying there’s no Santa! Hee. I will still continue to believe in your trusty cameraman Jameson. And Santa. :-)

    I’m still going out socially more than I ever have. It’s a conscious effort but not difficult anymore. Just a habit. Even in snow or if the venue isn’t conveniently located.

    I was at a small holiday party last night and I used your techniques even though I could count on one hand the amount of men there and they were all married. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is I talked to people and laughed and had fun and it was pretty easy to do and to connect. Maybe that’s simply what it’s all about.

    Thank you, Matthew, and happy new year! These Sunday videos mean a lot to us too!

  • Matt,

    Please know that I am also thankful that you started creating these videos regularly. They keep me involved in the process of trying to better myself, and that is something that has added immeasurable value to my life! I am also thankful to the other people in this group for their interaction and advice; it’s truly come to feel like a group of friends.

    I agree that you can do something epic by doing something small every day. This year I have made sure that I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. With this small action I have been able to lose 40 pounds, and that is a major thing, and I feel better and have more confidence in myself. I find it easier to implement your advice, but your best advice was do it for yourself and let other people enjoy the happier you…

    Thank you very much and you make a difference in people’s lives


    PS How very Fight Club of you about Jameson! What’s odd is I am sure I have heard him laugh (she said with a raised eyebrow)….

  • Can I write my comment in portuguese please? Yeah, because I’m so excited and if I have to think and translate I’ll loose all the emotion. You can put the words in Google to translate ok hehe Thank you! ;)
    Estou escrevendo do Brasil e 2013 foi um ano maravilhoso para mim, realizei muitos sonhos fazendo justamente o que você acabou de dizer no vídeo, dando uma passo a cada dia. Coisas extraordinárias aconteceram, coisas que eu esperava que acontecessem desde os meus 11 anos de idade.
    E em 2014 eu quero continuar fazendo coisas extraordinárias a cada dia para alcançar mais sonhos. Quero ir a New York para ter um curso de dança, talvez eu até consiga assistir o “Get The Guy Tour”!
    Obrigada por cada ensinamento, eu acho que eles nos fazem crescer além do campo amoroso, eles nos fazem melhorarmos na vida!
    Infelizmente eu só conheci o seu programa no final desse ano e ainda não consegui muitas novidades nos relacionamentos, mas espero que eu possa colocar todo o aprendizado em prática em 2014 e finalmente GET THE GUY!
    I’m so sorry I didn’t wrote this comment in English, but I’m so happy that I needed to write fast what I was thinking.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I wish you the best in 2014!

  • As corny as it sounds, the one thing I’m the most proud of sticking to, is the advice your books and online programs have offered me.
    Way back in the new year, I challenged myself to get out more and used your book as a guide. Instant success!
    Suddenly I was getting dates with guys that I used to think were FAR out of my league, but they were more short term than I had hoped for.
    Along came my wonderful, amazing boyfriend and he turned my world upside down. That said… there were many… many times I did not understand him, and didn’t know how to get my feelings across, I stuck to your program (just in time for your Keep the Guy program to come out) and we are now celebrating a wonderful Christmas together.
    I couldn’t be more happy if I tried. He is constantly telling me how he’s never dated a girl before who was so rational and patient, and he brags about me to his guy friends. I only appear that way because of your advice. What would normally have made me go crazy with worry, I could suddenly understand and realized I just needed to approach it differently. Thank you Matthew :)

  • This year was full of struggles and rough times for me… Im waitn for this year to end . I have a lot to accomplish and i hope the new year brings me new beginning.

  • Dear Matthew,

    Merry Christmas to you and Jamieson :P. You are brilliant, you know?! The one thing I have consistently done this year is a commitment to do more things for myself (be better to myself…so to speak)…get back into my old hobbies, the gym, dance classes and make decisions based on what is best for me and not other people.

    One of the things I did for myself this year was to attend your retreat in Palm Springs…the best decision of my life! I am living my life on a whole new level now. The momenttum is intoxicating and I can’t stop sharing the experience with literally everyone I meet! I am passionate about letting people know that there is someone that has the tools to help them realize their full potential if they are ready…and that would be you….Matthew Hussey! Thank you and Happy Holidays to you, your family and your amazing team! Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!

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