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All I Want For Christmas Is Youtube

We’re coming up to the end of the year now. I have had the most incredible year of my life.

So many exciting things have happened, and the realisation I had is that my FAVOURITE thing this year – the thing that I have derived the most enjoyment from is making these videos.

It’s the epitome of my passion. I get to talk about what I love, I get to do it the way I want to do it, and I get to put my creative energy into it.

Even with my life now being a little crazy, this is still my favourite thing that I do.

The process of putting these videos out has taught me two things:

1) You don’t have to be living an ideal version of your passion in order to enjoy what it is you love doing.

Whatever your passion is, start living it now, even if you only get to live it for 5 minutes a week.

2) “Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results.” – Keith Cunningham

There are routines that if you begin in January will change your life if you stick to them and are disciplined, not succumbing to perfectionism with them.

That’s what I’m trying to do with these videos – putting something out there every week without fail.

I have people telling me they look forward to these videos every Sunday morning, and now we have a community of people interacting about this stuff.

Thank you for being a part of this and continuing to help me build this incredible group of people. We’re a team, I love the relationship we have, and I value every single person who watches these videos.

Question Of The Day:

What one thing are you most proud of that you’ve done consistently this year? What ‘ordinary thing’ have you followed through on? (If you can’t think of one, write down what you’re going to do next year).

Have an amazing Christmas, happy holidays, and I’ll see you soon!

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83 Replies to “All I Want For Christmas Is Youtube”

  • Dear Matthew, you’re absolutely incredible! I’m just a 16 years old girl from Denmark and I truely enjoy all your videos. I have been following you for some months now and I’m already growing as a confident and happy girl. I have always been very confident but you changed my life and attitudes completely in a good way this year! Wow.. I’m so proud of you and thankful for all your tips. I would like to share a little story with you: One day I was flying to Argentina and a guy sat about 2 meters away from me and he passed me his Iphone to read what he wrote to me. He wrote “You are very pretty and your smile is very contagious”. By listening to YOU dear Matthew I immediately used great conversation techniques and I can assure you he got my number. Thank you very much and keep being completely charming! Are you coming to Denmark someday? Would like to see you.
    Merry Christmas from Denmark


  • I think I’m in the same place you were a year ago, on the verge of (what I hope to be) a promising career though for me as a stylist and confidence coach! But in fact like you I want to help women reach their full potential. My passion is to show them everybody should look and feel sexy, gorgeous, fabulous! Like that quote ‘Who are you to be talented, fabulous and gorgeous? Actually who are you not to be?’

    So watch this space? I spent this year consistently sticking to my dream despite every obstacle and I will continue that next year! :) Merry Christmas and thank you for all the wonderful interesting and funny videos!

  • Hey! Matt, I read get the guy about a Month ago and now I’ve got a boyfriend who is extremely perfect for me :) wow, like I’m still shocked how my life chaged since I read your book, I had plenty of guys from where to choose before I settled with my bf, sincerely thanks a lot

  • Dear Matt,

    I wish you and your lovely family a merry Christmas and an enchanted New Year.
    The thing that I have incorporated in my every day life is meditation.
    I do 30 minuts everyday and it’s the best mind de-cluttering remedie ever :)
    It’s now 9 months since the march retreat and I meet a man in August and we are now in a relationship and talking about me relocating from Copenhagen to London. Yes, things do happen when you make small changes in what might seem a small an mondame life at times.
    Thank you Matt for your contribution and to all happy holidays.

    Helle xx

  • Jaimason is not real? I’m So disappointed!!

    My goal was to get to know my self better and be consistently happy no matter what and I’m so glad I did. it and I had you along the way with me, educating me….I’ve really come a long way Matt. Thank you for real!

  • Hi Matt you are such an inspiration. Looking forward to the seminar in London on 8th Feb!

    I am proud of having sung solo in a couple of shows this year with a choir.

    Happy Holidays Matt

  • Congratulations on your year Matt! I read some of the other comments and I also first saw you on Ready for Love. So despite the show ending, it was the beginning for many of us. After that I got your book, saw you on tour and became part of this group.

    Honestly I think consistency with goals is one of my biggest problems. I think the thing that I was most consistent with and proud of has been my craniosacral training. I’ve been able to help others, be helped and continue to build my skills. It also re-motivated me to actually take actions to start my own practice. I realize now that the reason I was most consistent in this area was because I signed up for classes and I had a small study group I met with. I definitely have had the most success with completing things when I have friends or colleagues to whom I have some accountability and who I can also enjoy the experience with. I’ve been using that principle now to take the steps I need to start my own business. Right now I’m in the process of forming a “health and happiness” group to do a diet based on a healthy lifestyle starting in January. My whole motivation in starting a group is because I want to actually be committed to and complete this 4 week regimen. It’s motivating to me when I think others will benefit too.

    Your videos have definitely been successful in rousing curiosity about Jameson. Your referrals to him actually makes me think of Jeeves and Wooster. I did some recon and was surprised just because I had a different image in my head. The funniest was on the Brainal bloopers where you hear him laughing. Anyways, you guys make a great Batman and Robin team. Thanks for all that you two and the rest of your team have created and provided for your realm :)

    Have a Merry Christmas and a great Boxing Day!

  • I’m very proud that I went to Australia to live by myself. I’ve been there for a year now and it’s been the most amazing thing in my life till now. I got a lot of new friends, learned and experienced new things and most important I learned a lot about myself. Next year I wanna keep growing and take every challenge as a practice.

    Your videos inspires me to take more challenges and grow even more.

  • Merry Christmas, Matthew and Jamison! I love to watch your videos because you are so beautiful and expressive you inspire me to treat men well. Whether they’re the one(s) I want or not, being friendly and involved with as many people as possible (women are pretty terrific, too) makes me feel connected and loved every day. And you know what they say: what goes around comes around. When I need the love and support or I’m not feeling it, from left field comes exactly what I need to remind me of the path ahead. Many blessings to you in 2014! Robin in the Bronx

  • Hi, Matthew.

    I’ve ordered all of your programs and been in contact with your staff.

    I think you’ve got a great team around you and a great product.

    I’d really like you to answer this question or at least have one of your staff answer it. My question is this:

    How do you get a guy to approach you and ask you out on a date?

    If you smile at them and let them know it’s okay and they still do not approach you, what do you do?

    I am facing another Christmas and New Year without a date. I’ve just been to my office Christmas party and I was the only one there without a date. The only one.

    Now, before I give up totally, and I am really near this, what are your suggestions?

    Please remember that I have bought every one of your programs books.

    BTW – never had a date, never had a boy ask me out.

    So, I can’t really relate to any of the other girls here, who have had at least one date.

    1. I’ve ordered everything from Matthew’s program because I do believe it works. Haven’t had time to listen to every thing or even finish his book. But, I wanted to offer you some tips.

      I’ve always introduce myself to men. So, when you see a cute man (although it may be scary) even if he’s in another line in the supermarket; go over to him and say “Hi, I think you’re attractive. I wanted to meet you. Do you have a harem of girlfriends or are you married?” If he’s single and available, he’ll say no. Otherwise, he’ll say yes. You don’t ever get rejected this way because you don’t know.
      Also, Christmas, Valentines and New Years are just another day. I’ve been married, had several long term loving relationships and still look at these events without a man as just another day. What’s more important is finding a man to share your life and love with and to grow old with. So, if you can learn to not place value on the holiday with or without a man and celebrate the holiday by being with friends, family or even relaxing alone; that’s what celebrating life is all about.
      Dancing increases endorphins and serotonin in a persons brain. Recommendation: find a place where you love the music and they have a band and dance. No girlfriends to dance with; ask different men. No they don’t have to be men you’re even attracted to. Just dance. And you can dance alone. Love the music, the rhythm, your sensuality and dance. Also want to recommend going to a cultural event or any event and make eye contact with the man and say, ‘hi.’ Be warm, inviting and feel confident; KNOW you are the cat’s meow. You asked what do you afterwards. I recommend writing down on notecards Matthews questions. First comment on something like Matthew says, ‘You look interesting.’ He says, “why” You say for example, “You walk like a sleek European when you came down the stairs.’ laugh. Then, witty banter back and forth. Practice makes perfect. So what if you flub up with the guy. Practice on every man you can to become refined. Then, you study Matthews questions that you have on your cheat note cards. And remember to make witty banter that turns into conversation from the note cards. Cool and calm you say something both of you like by saying “I think we could handle going to that art show.” I hope I’m making sense to you. This is all from Matthew’s info. I’m not with his program; I’m still trying to learn it myself. DON’T GIVE UP. REGRET for not doing something that you can do is not something you want to look back on. Focus on finding that kitty cat within you, know you are a wise tigress and be a confident lioness. Sorry for the elongated response. Wishing you all the best, Joann

  • Hi Matt, Feliz Navidad y prospero año nuevo :)

    The one consistent thing I have done this year is keeping myself sane and stable.

    I am trying to do new things that make me happy and plan on continuing to do so in the coming up year.

    Kudos on your book, just finished reading it, it was a fun read and had some great ideas.

  • Thank you for a wonderful year Matt!

    And thank you for finally revealing the secret identity of Jamisson – your lovely self!

    Allthough I must admit I was dissappointed. I was waiting for a cheery brittish bearded face to pop infront of the screen and wave hello.

    But to the question!

    What Im mostly proud of this year is many things, but firstly – that I got over my ex. That I started to love myself (thank you for that). And that I started to put my foot down and not except crap from anyone, not even my family and friends.
    It has surely ended me up in many strange, wonderful, akward, surprising and painful situations. But it has been a great year for learning.

    And with alittle luck illmove to another city next year and Ill start studying behaviour- science. Sociology. :) Its gonna be awesome!

    Take care and Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukka… whatever it is that you celebrate…you crazy person! ;)

  • Thank you Matthew, you are gifted with being inspirational!!!! In the video’s I love when you are professional and just as much when you are joking with your filmmaker. Both quotes 1 and 2 are sensational.

    I am grateful and blessed to have written and co-directed an indie film that I sent to the festivals.

    I am grateful for my passion for animals and that I am an animal rights activist. Which will lead me to help another animal through a film with two A list actors in it.

    This Sea Orca mammal, ‘Lolita-Slave to Entertainment’ (She’s dying to amuse you) is on You Tube. Tim Gorsi is the documentary filmmaker. Please watch it and NEVER GO TO AN AQUARIAM.

    I am grateful for all the blessings every day.
    I wish that all of us that are connected through Matthew by wanting to share our lives and love with a wonderful man have a happy and healthy year ahead full of fun, laughter and play.

  • One of the things that I did consistently that I am proud of this year is making a point to call my mother and speak with her if only for a few minutes every day. At first it was awkward because we weren’t close. Now, I look forward to this call and we’ve become closer. I love it.

    Merry Christmas! I knew it, Jameson was imaginary but I didn’t know he was a teddy bear.

  • I consistently pushed myself to go out and socialize whenever I get the opportunity to. I did this for about 2 months, and now I am more comfortable in social settings, able to make jokes and be fun, and I like this version of myself more than any other versions of me.

    I did this while going through an incredibly painful break-up, and I’m very proud of myself :)

  • Merry Christmas Matthew!
    I adore your acknowledgment of the community that has been established through your consistent practice of creating these videos, and I want to thank you so much for facilitating such a trusting, positive environment for those of us who have been blessed to become part of your community.
    Like you, I accomplished some huge, whole life altering, long held goals and dreams this year, and while I have a true sense of accomplishment and gratitude for each of them, the thing that I am most proud of this year is that I consistently invested, not only in my goals and dreams but also in ME. You were a major partner in that Matt, and I can’t thank you enough for your consistency. I had been wanting to invest in my love life, but really had no framework for what that even meant on a practical level. You not only made concepts that I had never heard so accessible and exciting, but you were also such a championing reinforcing presence cheering me on with all that I was getting so right. You have been present, consistent and ever positive and you have made an indelible mark upon my life. I am now the thriving, flourishing, confident young woman I dreamt to be . Finding joy and comfort in my own skin has been the greatest reward of any of my life’s endeavors, and I wish that gift to every person who seeks it! Thank you Matthew.

  • The one thing that I have done this entire year is that I have always watched your videos, read your articles and posts. That has really helped me to fix all the flaws in the emotional and social aspects of my life. True, ordinary things can produce extraordinary results. Thank you so much Matt. Love you. Merry Christmas!

  • you´re so awesome Matthew!!!thank you very much:)I love your playful videos and your approach:)this is just an advice for me, letting go of perfection ah:D this year I´m proud of letting go of the relationship with the guy that is not good for me, I´ve been struggling many years but now I feel free,and trying to reconnect with my dreams~playing drums and cello again and study medicine more~ it seems like I didn´t do anything big, but I am quite proud, it was so hard, now I am thinking more of myself than the others like I used to do..thank you very much, you helped me realize many things:) wish you the best, Merry Christmas<3

  • Hi Matthew,
    Back again to comment. THANK YOU for your book and all your programs!!!!!! Because of your book and programs; I now have HOPE. What you say to do; WORKS. Just began going out; due to a dearly loved family member’s illness. Amazing how many women have commented how their lives have changed because of you; and not only their love life. Thank you so very much for your insight, wisdom and perspective. You are a blessing and a gift and I am grateful for you and what you have provided.

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