What Will YOU Do With Your Final 10 Seconds?

If, like me, you’re someone who is planning to really squeeze the most possible juice out of 2019, and make it the year when you take a mega leap forward in your career, finances, dating, or health, I need you to hear this message while there’s still time.

Let’s not wait a second longer to find love and happiness…

How Can You Make the Rest of this Round Count? Leave Your Comment Below…

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84 Replies to “What Will YOU Do With Your Final 10 Seconds?”

  • Wow, you got me with this vid! Thank you for waking me up. In my last 10 seconds, I’m going to do 2 things: Be less reactive to my boyfriend’s antics and eork out. I need to exercise because I’m starting to ache from the stagnation. Bye, I’m going to stretch right now!

  • I am going to complete the goals that I had set my mind to, prior to December 31. It is going to give me a feeling of accomplishment, peacefulness, organization, and happiness within myself. It will prepare me to go into 2019 with a clean slate, new energy, and a recipe for success.

  • Very good video and very true. Still feel I don’t have energy for it but video did smthing….I can hear the counting….

  • I am in Europe, for the New Year. This Year has been difficult soul searching. I am ready to open a new chapter.
    1. I am doing some major makeover….let’s face it. I have to Step in the game back to back with 20-30 something girls. So those molecular bonds need some repair. I hope it will be worth it.
    2. I am going to have FUN !
    3. It took me some time to recover from my previous afere that crash landed. It was pittifully low and painfully brief.
    I thought I scored big with that guy, but it was just a flash.
    4. Are We 40 something women DONE? Cause guys my age date only 30s. I guess We have exparation date on our back. Does it Mean i should date 60 something duds? Rather not.
    5. I am planning to start dance class . I wanted to do that for a while but kept puting on back burner.

  • Try spend some more time with my family and the people I love a and care about deeply and be greatful for what I have in life.

  • By being more present in my own life and not blocking people out and committing to holiday away for myself next year and not being afraid. By looking after myself more as in eating Heather and doing more physical training. And saying yes to social emgadmemts so I can get out there

  • I will go on my knees and give the Father Jehovah in heaven Jesus his son and the comforter all the praises and glory Amen

  • After watching this video am so excited. I want my 2019 to be a great and greater year for me. I want a good relationship, good job, wealth and happiness

  • Going to have that crucial conversation, regardless of the outcome. That’s what I need to know/do as 2018 comes to an end. Thank you.

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