What Will YOU Do With Your Final 10 Seconds?

If, like me, you’re someone who is planning to really squeeze the most possible juice out of 2019, and make it the year when you take a mega leap forward in your career, finances, dating, or health, I need you to hear this message while there’s still time.

Let’s not wait a second longer to find love and happiness…

How Can You Make the Rest of this Round Count? Leave Your Comment Below…

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84 Replies to “What Will YOU Do With Your Final 10 Seconds?”

  • Hello Mathew i make the effort but i keep on hitting the wall with the response I am not ready to have a relationship yet so I must be me! Your stuff works but something happenes and I’m exausted

  • I’ve decided to make my past time Hobby into a business venture. Work less overtime and spend more time with family and friends.

  • Get outdoors and enjoy some me time and hit those house and work organization tasks and not worry if I can complete them by the end of the year or not. Just get the car moving! Been avoiding them because they feel too big. Just have to slice thinner. Thank you ❤️

  • What will i do with my 10 seconds will i will do the things which i donr do for almost 11 yrs i spend my life for work and for my family maybe its time to give my self a break

  • I’ve had an incredible year. I came if anti depressants after 30 years, I walked away from all the things in my life that were depressing me ie my 45 year dysfunctional relationship with my step family family, I walked away from my abusive relationship with my sister, I’m getting back into my singing after 30 years away from it, I’m walking setting new boundaries in a 40 year relationship with a very controlling friend.! have never felt freeer and more positive about my life and my future. I’m energised and positive about my future. I just turned 60 and I’m in a new chapter.

  • Take care of some finances which could be taken care of when there is still time.
    Cherish my relationships and the connections I have been fortunate enough to have met.

  • I did it Matt. I started going to the gym again yesterday. My friend mentioned on Friday, I could start in the new year. I said, “No I will start tomorrow. I don’t wait for some arbitrary time to do, what I want and know, what’s best for me.”

  • I am miserable in my job and instead of just bitching about it, I am being proactive by researching what else is out there. I applied to two places and have interviews coming up.

    I also signed up for the “Get Him Back” series and am working on realizing my self worth and value, not accepting “kind of” relationships anymore, and standing up for what I want and deserve.

  • I’m going to your live seminar in NYC Booked my tickets for my flight already. I will see you there!! I’m going alone and it’s just for me! See you there! ;p

  • Feel. Passion. And desire. Generate it in someone. Be the receiving end of passion and desire. For once in my life.
    Merry Christmas.

  • I’m going to go see my best friends newborn baby, I’ve been putting it off because I’m not the best with kids but I know it would mean a lot to her.

  • I will have a conversation with an ex, to see if any mileage in getting back together tomorrow Monday, Tuesday i will connect with new guys for dating. Thanks Matt, Julie xx

  • I am going to change myself , my life and to care about my boyfriend who needs me a lot. And going to continue my education to be the best.
    Thank you for that video and thanks for your encouragment.

  • One of THE MOST inspiring messages!!
    Thank you for giving hope and energy to keep going and not putting off the importance of Now!!

  • Just focus on what mistakes I did not to respect improve where I did my best having in mind to get my guy and settle down with him

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