What Will YOU Do With Your Final 10 Seconds?

If, like me, you’re someone who is planning to really squeeze the most possible juice out of 2019, and make it the year when you take a mega leap forward in your career, finances, dating, or health, I need you to hear this message while there’s still time.

Let’s not wait a second longer to find love and happiness…

How Can You Make the Rest of this Round Count? Leave Your Comment Below…

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84 Replies to “What Will YOU Do With Your Final 10 Seconds?”

  • Dear Matthew.

    Who are you? I live in Kazakhstan . It’s territory of former Soviet Union. I like quotation of French King Karl 1, “If my hat knew my thoughts, I’d burn my hat.” So I tell you nothing.

  • Wow. I’d literally just decided this morning that it’s time to finally end my relationship of the last two years. Feeling more and more confident in my decision, more certain that it’s the right thing to do. Now it’s just a matter of collecting my thoughts so that I can be prepared for the hard conversation, to ensure that I am as generous and compassionate with him as possible. And it comes to the timing. Do I wait? Perhaps until after the holiday? Wait and potentially cause him grief because he may sense the shift in my reality? Or do I follow through and do it now. Make the last 10 seconds count.

    Thanks for the push.

  • Well guess this is something I never even thought of and I really have not put much thought into it that much. But I have always thought how I would like to be helpful to someone, so guess I would take my last 10 second’s and help someone in need of my help in anyway I can. Gee glad you brought this up.

  • honestly tell the man am dateing he needs to wise up an be a man am in vesting too much of my time in him and nun has returned

  • I’m doing my first intercity ‘Geographical’, and learning more about my CPTSD and my victimization from a previous relationship with a Covert Narcissistic.

  • I’m working with many ebooks of men relationships which includes your programs.I have much to cover still. I also have ebooks on health and nutrition and exercise plans. I am taking a leap of faith and taking songs of mine to record demos but appts were cancelled by studio so I still have December left. I am also enjoying my family relationships and studying spiritual truths with meditations. And much more!Last, I have an interest in a long distance relationship and working on it.

  • Most and foremost before this year ends this 5 things i want to do most so that I wont have any regrets and also i be able to move forward and be more progressive next year, here it goes.
    1.spread the love
    2.have more self confidence
    3.think positive
    5. Msg my loved ones an inspirational msg.

  • I would love to continue with the lesson about love life, how to make a man fall for me over and over,even when we are together already as a couple.

  • I’m started better eating habits to be healthier inside & out, I’m going to focus on doing what I need to do going in with a positive attitude,i started loving myself again, remembering i am worthy,& doing some exercises to relax my mind & make my body in better condition…& Im doing it for Me…not anyone else…

  • I’m going to research how to invest money. I’m also going to review my comedy aspirations, book more gigs for 2019, asses what needs to be done in preparation for putting a show on at the edinburgh fringe festival and review all the recordings I have taken and self coach.

  • By keeping up my preparations for my upcoming competitive exams and job interviews. Definitely Christmas is near ,so I will enjoy the last part of the year with my family and friends. Although I have worked hard ,luck did not seem much in my favour this year but that is not going to back me down.

  • I must make up spending quality time with my parents after having bothered them with too much of my emotional baggage throughout this year 2018. I will make a resolution and will strictly adhere to it next year. I want to forget everything that troubled me from few years, and be more kind and helpful. I am keen on exploring all chances that will make me financially independent in 2019. I want to work on improving lot of things for myself and kids.

  • I will forgive myself unconditionally for all the mistakes I have made as part of my healing process. Also, I would like to create more creative and meaningful options for my own self-care :)

  • I give my all in everything I do.i am alone because I choose to be, but am open to love. 2018 isn’t over yet. I’ve just moved to a new city and I am excited at all the opportunities of unexplored territory. I’m don’t want to do the bar scene and choose to work, study to go back to school, and be content to work on me right now. Is online dating the ticket now?

  • Be brave and accepting that “I am enough, I am deserving, I am loveable and loving!!! Now to manifest all in abundance and seek out the one I let slip away by fearing rejection and not asking…. “
    how do you feel if we exchange numbers and catch up another time? “

  • I will settle some misunderstandings I had with my mom over my boyfriend by having an intense mother daughter talk.

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