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What He Says Vs. What He Really Means….

Ever had a guy say one of these typical phrases and wondered what he meant?

  • “You’re kind of intimidating”
  • “How come you’re still single?”
  • “I’m just having fun in my dating life right now…”

Well, you’re in luck. I teamed up with the hilarious Anna Akana this week to bring you a sketch that will translate male language so that you know exactly what’s in a man’s mind…

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99 Replies to “What He Says Vs. What He Really Means….”

  • Spot on well done! It’s funny because I always felt in my gut that was were what they were truly stating.

  • I get a lot of these two. almost everyone of them. how is a beautiful girl like you still single? I always felt it met ” your pretty and single, whats wrong with you, are you somehow broken’? and my best friend is a girl is that going to be an issue? my brain goes WTF? here’s a good one tells me he’s the best in bed there ever was, and follows later of stories of break ups cause the girls were cheating on him. what’s up with that one Matt? can you answer this one for me Matt ? we are both on a dating site, my page is long and they ask ” what are you looking for, and do you meet a lot of guys on here?

  • Omg! Love it! I have to watch this one again. Just too funny and so true! Love the #manslator shirt..

  • Thanks Matt. Great video. Only thing I didn’t like is that you’re pretty much saying any guy who asks “why are you single?” is insecure and not worth my time. If this is true, then it is pretty disheartening. Maybe this is something I need to hear, but I guess I’m not ready to accept it yet. Anyway thanks for the weekly videos.

  • Awesome. So true and funny. The T-shirt concept was cool!
    Plus Id love to learn that whack in the end. Deft, sharp and en pointe. Loved Annakes expression and poise.

  • Loved it! Nice comic sketch that happens to be truthful. Great timing by the three of you. Thanks for the laughs!

  • Your videos are getting better in every way possible ( this is not me putting pressure). The comedic timing on this was genius and thank you for debunking those oft-used phrases. Could use more of these, pretty please!

  • Great video Matthew! Looking forward to more video colaboration with you and the lovely Anna Akana! Love you both!!

  • Omg you’re best video yet! I watched it twice which was a first! Loved it and all the man translations! XOXO (means XOXO..:-)

  • I could not hold the laughter in when he hits him in the crotch at the end. Have wanted to do this so. many. times. for all these reasons.

    Thanks for the laugh today! I needed that!

  • One of your best videos! I have gotten ALL of those from guys (a few of them from the same guy). Wished I would’ve known what they all meant before I started to fall for the guys.

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