What He Says Vs. What He Really Means….

Ever had a guy say one of these typical phrases and wondered what he meant?

  • “You’re kind of intimidating”
  • “How come you’re still single?”
  • “I’m just having fun in my dating life right now…”

Well, you’re in luck. I teamed up with the hilarious Anna Akana this week to bring you a sketch that will translate male language so that you know exactly what’s in a man’s mind…

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99 Replies to “What He Says Vs. What He Really Means….”

  • I don’t know which was better- your t-shirts or Anna’s reactions to the cold hard truths of the male psyche?! Hilarious and informative!

  • That video was #Fantastic, #Funny, #Relevant, #Right On, #Informative!!!!
    Soooooooooo loved it!!!! Congrats all around to the writers, actors, creative and set. Really, really #Awesome!!

    P.S. #Honest Comments :)

  • I love the video! It’s funny, but true. I’m pretty sure the last guy I dated used all of these statements at some point in the first few weeks. Wow! I wish I would have seen this before I dated him!

  • Manslation, please?

    When a man says “women have never really been a priority for me” “I’m not looking for anything serious, right now” and then follows that with “when we get our kids together to meet/when you meet my dad ” in the same bloody breath!

    That’s one that always confused me. Sorry. It just seems totally illogical to follow a statement that feels like I’m basically nothing but a booty call with something that seems more committed.

    1. he’s trying to keep you around for sex by making it seem like he sees a future with you…
      in other words this is done in the effort to try to keep .. well.. p*ssy around.

      when you find out that he isn’t serious he can back out/wash he’s hands off of responsibility by saying he told you then that women wasnøt something he was searching for…

      I think that’s whats going on.. something like that. But I’m not the dating coach.. ;) So maybe matt can clear it up-….

      1. Well if that’s what it was, it backfired on him lol

        He never got any from me. I liked him in a lot of ways but he was too… contradictory. Life moved on. I just hadn’t encountered anyone else who was so blatantly all over the place and wondered what it was all about.

  • Matt this is SO right on. I even sent it to my guy friends who are dating now. They all loved it too. I’ve particularly received the “you’re intimidating” line more than once, and I always felt that’s what it meant but thanks for verifying my hunch. ;) Hilarious!

  • This may be one of my all time FAVORITE videos Matthew, and I have been following you from the beginning so I have seen all of them :)

    Also, I really needed this video, and I cracked up at the part where he says he doesn’t want anything serious. Then you say “I am going to remind you of this three months from now.” I laughed, except it is so true because I was dating a guy for a year and a half and a month ago he brought up to me how he said at the very beginning he didn’t want anything serious. so then I said so what in the world have we been doing for the last YEAR AND A HALF?! Needless to say, He is out of my life, and this video is helping me even more to move on.

    Thanks as always Matthew for making me laugh, for the advice, and for helping me get rid of the wrong guys to find the right one.

  • That was so funny! LOL! I had to watch that part twice…the “cock block”…Felt sorry for the guy you hit in the package though…that had to hurt just a little! LOL! Made my morning…although I just about spit my coffee out at the computer screen…;) Have a great Sunday! I know mine started out with a bang! Thanks Matthew! Hugs! Thanks for that morning “belly laugh”! Looking forward to the next one! <3

  • Wouldn’t it be great to have Matthew in your purse when you go on a date with someone? Perfect responses each time to weed out the losers.

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the BEST video so far. And so many of them have been AWESOME, which means there are no words to describe how AWESOME this is. I’m watching it again as soon as I finish this post. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  • I LOVE Anna Akana! Can you two do all of your videos together from now on? And great video- helpful and hilarious :)

  • OK Matt… so here’s the thing… I think I might be #Hustle.
    It’s not that I remember me saying that at any point while dating per say… but… it’s sounds like something I say in general.. or would say… or something.And I think I might like to work on that, but I have no insight into what this means…
    A little help with this one?

    How do I work on it? What does it entail? … what…. I guess… the bottomline is: Questionmark [?] Now what?
    Can you help…?

  • Great video. Made me laugh so watched it again. You have to so more bids like this with Anna Akana her expressions and language was so humorous. Brill!

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