What He Says Vs. What He Really Means….

Ever had a guy say one of these typical phrases and wondered what he meant?

  • “You’re kind of intimidating”
  • “How come you’re still single?”
  • “I’m just having fun in my dating life right now…”

Well, you’re in luck. I teamed up with the hilarious Anna Akana this week to bring you a sketch that will translate male language so that you know exactly what’s in a man’s mind…

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99 Replies to “What He Says Vs. What He Really Means….”

  • Thank you so much.I always have had these exact same questions, and I didnt really know how to respond.They are really helpful. they come very handy.my goodness and thank you.Rebecca.

  • Hilarious. Just wish to know what it means when the guy is all over you,always brings out how attractive you are and how much he is interested in you…. Then he tells you he will call you tomorrow and never does!

  • So basically. More guy like you. More he will be insecure….and more you have to “help “him? to do not misinterpret what he sais…and they say women are compliated…

  • Hahaa!! Absolute gem of a video! xx Will probably watch it again & again and show it to about 6 of my friends :-) Especially the cock block at the end…kinda hoping that was real..?! Poor fella x

  • hands down. best ever video. you guys are one of a kind! gonna watch again I laughed so much!

  • This video was fantastic! I loved it. Any chance you could do a follow-up where you explain how to handle responding to statements like these?

  • Brilliant and so true. I’ve got to write theses down on flash cards. I’ve also seen some of Anna’s vids on line. Love the one about asking a guy out

  • I get those questions a lot!.. especially the “why are you still single?”. I find it annoying, even if it’s meant to be a “compliment”.

  • Such a good video Matt :) (again!).
    I’ve heard so many of those lines. A lot!! Especially the ‘why are your single’/’wow, you’re a little intimidating’ and ‘there must be a ton of guys after you…’ lines as well as the classic ‘outdated monogamy’ one. Was starting to think I was some kind of strange mutant lady freak! Makes me realise it’s probably more a case of ‘it’s not me, it’s them’ :)

  • This was AMAZING Haha. I’ve literally heard every single one of these so many times and mostly from guys on tinder and bumble. This is definitely a video I’ll need to watch again and again lol

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