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The Video You’ve Been Begging for ALL Year

Many of you have asked for this video all year.

So here it is…

A one-off “behind-the-scenes” special, where you can watch me, at my worst, making a total idiot of myself on camera.

So, if you’ll allow us to be a tad indulgent at Christmas, we at Get the Guy proudly present to you: the 2016 blooper reel.

Enjoy ;)

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75 Replies to “The Video You’ve Been Begging for ALL Year”

  • Matthew really has one of those “addictive” personalities to watch on camera – and Jameson is surprisingly as entertaining ON camera as he is a voice of reason in the background amidst Matthew’s regular mischief and anarchy.

    Merry Christmas Matthew, Jameson, & Team. Thanks for providing value and insightful content. Matthew is quickly proving to be an expert when it comes to all things human dynamics. Looking forward to following on his mind and Stephen’s on the blog next year!


  • Merry Christmas guys! I loved the video Jameson. And yes it was hilarious. I’m happy to have had you guys this year to help me become a better person. I most say Matthew, your advice works! It feels good understand how men think. And also to be better equipped for a relationship. I guess it’s knowing that just being my kind, smart and confident self can get me the guy. Thank you so much.

  • Jamison my gentle, talented friend. Great to see you in front of the camera. After all we did talk about the fact that it’s all about you anyway. Just teasing Matt. This was priceless, such a light happy way to end the year. Love you both!!!!

  • Great video haha! Jameson is so lovely, is he single?? :P Hope you all have an very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! X

  • HahahhahaahahahhhaaaaahhaaaahhHahHahahhahaahaaahhaaaahhHahHahahahaaahahhaahahhahHHahhahaahahahhahhahahahhahahhahhhaaaaaaahahahahhahahhahahahahaaaa! You made my day, thx for sharing! So looking forward for another year with you lovely guys. Wish you all the best, mona

  • Watching the bloopers helps to remind everyone that you are human…. Flaws and all. I appreciate that you shared the collection but also involving Jameson.

  • Well… It’s now after 3 in the morning where I’m at and you have me giggling and cackling when I should be quiet out of consideration for those I live with.

    But thank you! I already couldn’t sleep due to antici……..pation for Christmas. You’ve just allowed me to pass the time more enjoyably (but then again you always do…)!

    Merry Christmas you two and a very Happy New Year!

  • Jameson, Matthew – it was a great bloopers video. I felt great energy comming from it. :))
    Wish you too a great Holiday season and keep doing such a great contribution to the world! :))

  • Jameson, you should come more often to this side of the camera and – for the records! – your “thank you” sounded very warm.and genuine. Merry Christmas to all the team. Great work in 2016, whishing you all have a great 2017 too! :)

  • Entertaining video Matthew and Jameson, as always. Thank you for providing insight to the male psyche, Matthew. Thank you Jameson for capturing it. I do enjoy the interaction between you both. Merry Chrtmas and a Happy, healthy and Safe New Year:)

  • Thank you for all you do! You are a great team and have offered so much to so many including me. It has opened a new chapter in my life that I didn’t think was possible. I definitely support you and share the wealth of your wisdom.
    Take care all of you and I am looking forward to MH 2017.

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