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The Video You’ve Been Begging for ALL Year

Many of you have asked for this video all year.

So here it is…

A one-off “behind-the-scenes” special, where you can watch me, at my worst, making a total idiot of myself on camera.

So, if you’ll allow us to be a tad indulgent at Christmas, we at Get the Guy proudly present to you: the 2016 blooper reel.

Enjoy ;)

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75 Replies to “The Video You’ve Been Begging for ALL Year”

  • Hey Matt I love you’re videos but you should visit melbourne Australia for one of your famous seminars pretty please! xx

  • I Love all of your videos, but, I have to say this may actually be one of my favorites because it shows a side of you often “removed?” or “edited out?” I always wonder who you are “behind” the scenes. Thank you so much for all the help you give us. Your work has been without measure some of the biggest help for me and, Im sure, countless others, at some of my most difficult places.

  • Matt – you are sooo cool. I watch your videos all the time and they keep my inspired and my head on straight. Thanks for all you do! Happy New Year!!!

  • Hi great guys! This vedio is the collection of honey dews of all ur valuable vedios. Very sweet it is. Merry Christmas n advance happy brand new yearkeep rocking Matt!

  • I hope you don’t take some of these comments to heart Matthew and Jamison ;). I LOVED the video. I think it was funny and entertaining and a great way to see another side of all of you. Thank you for a wonderful year and I am looking forward to a great 2017!

  • Hi Matt! So I’ve been binge watching all your videos and everything you’ve said works to a tee! But what if I’m just in the stage of talking to a person and I decide I’m not interested, and they’re still interested in me? What’s a way I can stop talking to them and stop leading them on without ghosting them or burning bridges?

  • Thank youuuu, Matt and Jameson for all you’ve done for us! For the wisdom you’ve given us and for letting us have a safe, happy space to come to in YouTube when we feel the weakest, when we are looking for answers!!!

  • I love this video. It wasn’t that boring. You are all simple and down to earth, guys!!! Thanks for all you do to help women. Thanks for 2016. Happy Holidays!!!!

  • See Matty…the solution to our problem is simple…you just need to figure out a way to clone yourself, like, 5 kabollion times – because YOU’RE what we’re all looking for! Though Jamison is pretty cute too!

  • Love everything you guys do. Have been watching and listening for the best part of two years now and you are as much a part of my life as cleaning my teeth. Cannot go a day without hearing your pearls of wisdom Matt. Keep up the good work. You are an amazing team. Hope your Christmas was fab and New Year will be awesome too. Thanks for every single word!

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