Everything You’ve Been Told About Success Is Wrong (+ Special Announcement!)

Have you ever dreamt of winning the jackpot and getting rich beyond your wildest dreams?

Perhaps you’ve fantasized about getting your “big break” after taking one huge risk and stepping into a life of wealth and fame beyond your wildest dreams. I don’t want to be a killjoy here: but those things only really happen in the movies. Check out this short video to find out why.

Living the life of our dreams rarely EVER happens because of one single moment.

When you see someone who has a career, or a relationship they truly adore, it’s not because they suddenly transformed everything in a single day. What you’ll actually find is that they are always BUILDING a successful life through tiny 1% improvements every single day.

But it’s not always easy to know how to do this.

Which is why I’m delighted to announce something very special I’ve been working on for a long time. I’m finally ready to release it to the world.

Drum roll…

I’m launching a PODCAST!

You’ll now be able to subscribe and get regular episodes every few days so that you can build new skills and techniques and watch your life transform over the next 6 months. I’ve worked ridiculously hard at putting this all together, and I couldn’t be prouder to finally share it with you.

Head over to iTunes here and subscribe to the show.


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11 Replies to “Everything You’ve Been Told About Success Is Wrong (+ Special Announcement!)”

  • Fantastic Matthew!! Really encouraging. Takes some massive pressure off when you face the fact that your goals don’t ride on a single moment- just daily consistency and real effort! I love when you break things down like this-it makes me feel like, ”I can do that!” Plus, in the long run I think it’s much more satisfying on many levels to have everything build and grow over time than it is for your pursuits to immediately fall into your lap at the drop of a dime. It’s like reading a really good book-you have to consistently read the book and if you do you go down so many different paths, twists and turns before you reach the ending. Which is why I never skip to the end of books because I know I wouldn’t learn nearly as much if I did and I’d miss out on so many interesting and exciting adventures along the way! I think life is like that too. #lovethejourney

    Oh, and…definitely will be listening to your LOVE Life podcast! Yay! :D

  • I am thrilled with the launching of your podcast! I’ve been following your advise for a long time and having access to you on the go it’s beyond amazing. And new content every week! I couldn’t ask for a better early Christmas present. Thank you a lot Matt :)

  • Look at you! Making baseball analogies. Many a Cardinal season was won playing small ball. Love your tidbits! Looking forward to hearing more.

  • This is the best blog video so far, definately one of my favorites! You are authentic and real, very refreshing … you’ve come a long way Matt since your youtube videos in 2012 = valuing the inches! keep it up, your coaching continues to help me grow and build my own foundation ;) (Retreat 2015)

  • Hi Matt,

    Those 1% shifts really do work. When you encouraged me to take baby steps and keep trying to talk to people on here in October, I felt like I was never going to break out of my introvert shell. However I took your advice and kept at it consistently and frequently i.e. every lunch-hour.

    To start with I had to psyche myself up to talk to the person at the counter and it felt awkward and unnatural. A few times I said something dumb but kept going.

    A week ago or so I was leaving for lunch and decided to give myself a free pass on talking to people as I felt ill and just wanted to climb into bed.

    What happened that lunch hour? I spoke to three random strangers – not even check-out staff. I had developed a new habit which actually made me unable to pass up an opportunity to engage people in conversation! Amazing. Thank-you so much.

    Congratulations on the podcast! You’re going to help even more people. I have subscribed and submitted a review.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I absolutely love your work, you’re amazing. I know this is not place where to put questions and it’s off topic but I’m from really small community and I can’t post anything on facebook or youtube because someone will find out.
    Anyway I was wondering if you could talk about overcoming insecurity in relationships. I’m in new relationship and it’s been while from my last relationship, I didn’t even date for 3 years. Now I’m in new great relationship with amazing guy but I’m too anxious and even if there is few great things but something small and bad happens I find myself running away. It’s like all good things are erased because one small bad thing. I never showed him that or talk to him about that but it’s really exhausting. I feel like I’m not showing him my true self.
    Thanks alot, you’re amazing, you helped me very much with dealing with some really dark times in my life. I’ll be always thankful.

  • Thank you!!! Just went through a breakup and want to make my life the best it can be every day :D I’m inspired by your work and your love for connecting with people! Have a wonderful day!!!!

  • Thank you for this video Matthew. So true! And so easy to forget. When I’m feeling in a funk about my progress, that it’s not enough or I’m “failing,” I take a few moment to write down all the ways I’m winning (and there are inevitably many!). It’s too easy to focus on what’s not going right, but building the muscle to celebrate wins is so worthwhile. Thanks for the reminders and congrats on the podcast! Subscribing now…

  • Subscribed!! A new podcast to listen to when I’m running. Love listening to things that inspire me while I’m running. Thank you!! =)

  • Dear Matthew or Stephen,
    Do you have advice for how to prioritize, narrow down, and choose longer-term self-development goals (or ultimately, how to make a choice and have peace with pushing the rest of the options to the back burner)?

    I have no issue tackling daily tasks and short-term, one-time goals, or how to tackle a long-term goal by consistent daily action. But as it turns out, my only committed consistent action has been working out. I would like to see myself find growth in other activities. But when it comes to choosing which long-term self-development goals to devote myself to there are SO many things I want to do or learn that all happen to be really enjoyable.

    This lack of clear choice or prioritization has left me in the ‘jack of all trades master of none’, Bell Jar fig-tree situation, at age 30. I’m not getting any younger either, which is probably why I have a scroll that is my self-improvement wish list, and struggle to choose a few things to focus on.

    Is there an ideal maximum number of long term goals one should tackle at any given time, and a minimum time frame each day or number of days per week we should devote to our goals to reach competence in a few years?

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