She Calls Me Out On National TV, But Watch What Happens Next

Last year I found myself on camera for a TV show – on one of the biggest stages I’d ever been on – in front of a live studio audience…

This clip is going to ‘inoculate’ you for life and have you ready should anyone ever try to embarrass you in front of others.

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446 Replies to “She Calls Me Out On National TV, But Watch What Happens Next”

  • Matt,Matt,Matt… you’re such a nerd! ;) But you’re perfectly right. Preparation is everything. I’ve been very into the last format of the blog, because I like the practical approach. Like you already mentioned, it’s easier to grasp concepts of human dynamics when you can base them on real situations and analyse them step by step. I posted this already below your vacation video (Bora-Bora, wasn’t it?), but I would reaaally love to hear about which books and authors, or successfull personalities have inspired you on those topics. It’s so helpful that you’ve started to break down and share all the knowledge, you’ve been collecting over the years, but since there are so many self-developpment books out there that don’t tell you new things or don’t even teach you concrete techniques, I’d die to take a look myself into your “sources”.
    Oh and by the way, have you thought about expanding your seminars on other than anglo-saxon countries? We’d love to see you here in Frankfurt.
    Take care :)

    1. Yes Matt, you must not discriminate French speaking & Norwegian German and Chinese Arab Hindu speaking females either.

  • Hi Matthew, I found this video very useful, I hope you make more similar videos. I have found myself in similar situations a few times in my life, and I personally think women do it to each other more often than to men. I haven’t known how to respond in some cases, just went into complete shock. The biggest one for me was at a family dinner, we were invited over at my parents’ friends’ house. The host (woman) decided to destroy my character at the dinner table, and she doesn’t even know me. I didn’t know how to react because she’s older, I’m n my 20s, and I didn’t want to disrespect her. Anyway, I have never gone back to her house again.

  • This is 100% fabulous. I love how holistic your outlook is – improving communication with the opposite sex is far more likely to to be successful when throwing the net further to incorporate a) improving overall communication and b) heightening ones own confidence through good communication techniques. Not feeling fully competent in defending one’s self from comments like the one filmed here does ,over time, erode confidence. I work in an area where I’m often telling people things they don’t want to hear; a lot of people react by attacking because they feel vulnerable; this will help me massively in work as well as in evey other area of life. Do you have any suggestions re other people’s material that you read and that helped you become so knowledgable in this sphere? I’d like a whole lot more material like this please Matt. Excellent x

  • I love the style of this :-). Breaking it down makes it so easy to understand. I’m fascinated by human behaviour and having these insights helps in so many areas of your life. Thanks Matt, it was great xx

  • hi matt,
    this is brilliant, thank you very much !
    it`s one thing, to read about communication and behaviour, it`s a complete different thing to analyze it step by step with the help of visualization. this is much more helpful and the impact is so much bigger. and another big thank you for doing it from the perspective of someone, who didn`t enter the world as a perfect human being already – you`re very encouraging and philantropic – and it`s also fun.
    as always – fair play to you !
    p.s. any modification, if you`re dealing with the crisism of a whole group of female colleages ?

  • Dear Matt,

    – That is why I called you my second DAD. Although I am not that young, but still you bring so much influence in my life that I consider you are kind of a parent to all of us, students and followers. And of course I am saving up my money, to be able to buy all of your courses, once I have moved, and be able to save up my money instead of paying the rent, I will be able to have more funds, to increase my purchasing power.

    – Thank you Matt, for doing the parenting work, that you have been doing this for a very long time now, what our own parent have neglected to teach us themselves. Thank you Matt for filling in the Void.

  • Love this and would definitely like to see more of the same!

    It would especially be helpful to know what techniques you’ve used to be able to keep centered and not give in to the urge to react/defend yourself, as opposed to responding calmly.

  • At times in my life I have found myself on both sides of this sort of extremely uncomfortable exchange and for me, the take home message is please, Matt, help me learn to express my thoughts in a way that doesn’t trigger defensiveness in another person. She felt attacked, so she was defensive, then she attacked back and you cleverly crushed her. Ouch. Sadly, this happens all to often. Please show me a better way.

  • this is absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you, Steve, for starting out this kind of new era in Matthew’s work!))
    I’ve been always interested in what Matthew was doing and I believe it was because of the feeling that you get digging deeper in what he says – that the ultimate goal for everyone isn’t just a guy or happy relations here but selfdevelopment and shaping the best possible life style that will make your life waaaay happier and give the sence of fullfilment.
    In this matter, human dynamics is crusial topic and to be honest I can’t wait to hear something like this again!!! Matthew, Steve, THANK YOU SO MUCH guys!!! this is soooo interesting!

    1. Thanks Anna! It was Matt’s decision to release it and it’s his material, so credit should really go to him for the techniques :)

      Can’t wait to see where this all goes. Matt’s content is getting deeper and more authentic all the time.

      Best wishes,

      Steve x

  • Hello Matt,

    – I am very grateful that she is so brave and assertive enough to speak out her mind and bring this up on national television. I think LIFE gives us this event, like many other opportunities that we had encountered before, to give us the chance to teach us about what is happening in the world at the moment , with our communication and how we are not caring about eachother anymore.

    – This opportunity teaches us, how we need to solve problems, to prevent it and to create more loving relationships. Without her reaction, whose presents so many of other people, not appearing on television, would have acted the same a million times every day. And we are not aware how destructive bad thoughts and bad communication can create in this world.

  • I liked this video…I would like to see more of these kinds of videos.
    I find it amazing to go back to something that had to be difficult to watch and use it as catalyst for positive change for the future. I wish I can video tape myself when I’m in a heated situation and watch my reactions. Kim

  • Hi Matt, I am a huge fan and saw you speak recently in Toronto. Part of what makes you such a fantastic coach, is your willingness to be vulnerable and this is a prime example of that – what an amazing video. Much love,

  • The crucial point is where you say that she does not have a ‘nurturing nature’ you can see her eyes widen at this point in anger! This for a woman is the can be the ultimate insult. You have not know her for very long and yet made a judgement call that she quite rightly got angry at. You said the guy was affectionate, this woman might have thought this was too much and saw the guy as needy and pulled back. If you had phrased it ‘why didn’t you return the affection?’ may have elicited a more positive response. Instead you made a judgement call on her whole personality rather than her behaviour with this man.

    Another example of this is labelling a child as ‘ naughty’ instead of saying that ‘ that behaviour is unacceptable’ after all.. she can’t be totally un nurturing all of the time!!! no wonder she got annoyed at you and cut you down to size!

    1. Ruth this is a really good point. A lesson to try to avoid using general judgements and to be more specific in criticsm.

      Back on topic I really liked the analysis of the video. And would like to see more of such content.

  • Well, you have to be mean nowadays to succeed in life, unfortunately. In stead of graceful. At least she is honest and direct.

  • I watched all of “ready to love” awhile back and this snippet that you have shown was the highlight of the show:) I absolutely loved how you handled yourself, Matt. Yes, please do more of these type of content. It’s really useful and I can practice it in my every day life. Thanks :)

    1. I watched all of Ready to Love, too, and I respectfully disagree with you, Matt. To me it was NOT a massive failure. It was possibly a commercial failure for the network, but that show was really helpful to me in terms of learning your material (and the lessons from the other coaches as well), and it was some silly fun entertainment as well. Not to mention that I think Tim and Jenna would call that show a resounding success! :)

      1. Yea the irony is that Matt was soo good on that show. His content was incredible. Maybe we’ll just have to put all the tips out on this site instead :P

        Steve x

  • Every time I watch one of your videos I CO.e away from it felling like I have new tools to handle all of the relationships in my life , in a more rational and authentic way . Thank you

  • Gosh, I would love to be as composed as you were right there. I know I can learn how to become better at it… That said, becoming sure about myself is one of the things I want to achieve by attending the retreat this October. I’ve always been very wise about life, but I suck at dealing with people and their behaviour.
    You are a great coach Matt, keep up the good work!
    Nath xx

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