She Calls Me Out On National TV, But Watch What Happens Next

Last year I found myself on camera for a TV show – on one of the biggest stages I’d ever been on – in front of a live studio audience…

This clip is going to ‘inoculate’ you for life and have you ready should anyone ever try to embarrass you in front of others.

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446 Replies to “She Calls Me Out On National TV, But Watch What Happens Next”

  • Hey Mathew , I enjoyed watching this video . It helped me become more aware of myself in situations like this and learn how not let affect me people’s judgment. You provided us a wonderful example of how to turn to the person instead of self defense.I would like more videos such as this .

  • Completely got your idea & looking forward to the other videos in which you are going to help us by telling more techniques.

  • :) FINALLYYYYY!!!!

    I always ask if you could coach LIFE, not only love life…! AND FINALLY, this clip…dont get me wrong..but i love this scene…i saw when it came out the episode, and i search so many time on youtube to send to my sister to show how you handle it so graceful…IT WAS A GREAT Example…LOVE IT! :) thanks for doing this now!

  • Wonderful Matt, for me you are a fantastic human being and I feel so lucky to have the chance to watch your videos, all of them are pearls of wisdom, especially this one. Thank you Stephen for your input too. Matt and Stephen, I really need your advice. I do not know how to handle my relationship with my son. Yesterday was the last straw and I feel like stopping my communication with him until he finds inner peace and learns how to treat me with respect. He constantly takes his bad mood out on me and yesterday when I called the same scenario happened for no reason. I hung up and when he sent a text trying to justify his behaviour I did not reply. I am a very patient person and I do not believe in burning bridges especially in the family, but I feel that I have to show somehow that this kind of communication is not acceptable. All I want is a loving relationship with my son who is great when he is in a good disposition. Could you please help? Thank you and please accept my admiration again for all the great insights you are offering to all of us.

    1. Hey Rados!

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Regarding your son, it’s important that he feels your love in spite of your disapproval of his communication style. In families (especially parent child relationships) we don’t want to feel that love is conditional. By showing him that ultimately you love him and are his team mate, you have the best chance of him wanting to contribute to the relationship too. e.g. “I love you, and I don’t want to be someone who gets angry with you all the time, that’s not who I am. I just don’t like the way you communicate because…but we’re a team so we’ll figure it out”.

      Hope this helps! I’m doing my best without a more specific context. Keep watching the blog Rados.

      M x

  • Actually whilst you did a good job here in showing the world your reaction to a difficult situation, I think it would be more interesting if you followed it up by finding the girl and asking the girl why she reacted the way she did? What made her blow so hot yet remain so composed in the process? I would bet money of the fact that it was when you mentioned the world ‘nurturing’. It’s a very powerful word for women. If you tell a woman she is not the nurturing kind (not that you did that directly, but it was strongly implied) it’s almost like you’re telling her she would be a terrible mother. However, we never saw the rest of the show. And context is everthing…

    1. Hey Amelie,

      You should check out the rest of the episode. They are available on Itunes and this one is called ‘Ernesto finds love’. Then you’d be able to check out the context and it might shed a little more light on the situation for you. There are 10 more things I would have loved to do with this video, but it was already pretty long as is compared to my normal videos!

      Matthew x

  • Matt I simply want to say thank you so much, I thought this was fascinating and such excellent advice. Thank you for giving so much more than just relationship advice, it is very generous of you.

  • I really enjoyed this clip and your commentary. I would very much enjoy similar videos and your thoughts. You always give me something to ponder!

  • Thank you for breaking down this video. Incredibly helpful on standing up for yourself with grace and professionalism!

    1. Well it came on the back of handling situations like this with no grace or professionalism. As I say a lot to my clients, I’ve made all the embarrassing mistakes and learned the best ways of doing things so that you don’t have to!

      Thanks Tosha

      M x

  • This was brilliant, I loved it! When I looked at Matt I just saw radiant confidence. It was inspiring. I don’t know what I would’ve said in Matt’s situation.

  • This is so powerful Matt! I am just so grateful! Your blog is one of the best things I ever came across. I will remember your genuine tips and keep practicing. Hope I can get at least 20% of your charisma. :)

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Thanks Fiona – much more on charisma to come here I’m sure. Hope you enjoy it all!

      Steve x

  • Brilliant!!!
    Love the new video style.
    I’ve been using this technique in my personal life for the last 2-3 years.
    I’m so grateful that I was able to develop it in the very simple way – by a daily meditation. My heart is melting when I see the positive vibe spreading..xx

  • Without a doubt. I appreciate it! Seeing a person speak her mind directly and confrontive and seeing a decent response. Surprising and reassuring.

  • Thank you, Matt! I definitely think that this is useful to my life. I’ve become increasingly interested in human behavior primarily because of your work. Through the context of romantic relationships, you have taught me simple and effective lessons in human interaction and I’d love to expand that into interacting with other people (friends, work colleges, bosses, employees …)

    Thanks again!


    1. You made my day Caroline. That’s exactly what I wanted this site to be. Not just a place where people can get help with their love life, but a hub for techniques that would give them power in every area of their lives. It’s all connected after all!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment,

      Matthew x

  • Matt!

    This is one of the best formats for understanding and adapting the techniques you’ve brought up here. Showing us the footage and seeing how you chose to react in the moment and why makes this the best video I believe you’ve created yet. I loved the blog post that your brother Stephen put out, and I can’t tell you how helpful I’ve found the latest bits of content on your site. It’s so encouraging to see the behind the scenes work because it helps show that with the right preparation it is possible to develop the same understanding of human nature and the same grace in dealing with a variety of situations. Please continue to put out content like this! I am an avid reader and member of get the guy but I only comment once in a while, but with this I absolutely loved it and I felt the need to let you know just how great it was! So great stuff Matt, loved it!

  • It’s so amazing to see the temperatures rise on the blog. The reactions on here are a real joy to read!
    This week’s material was excellent for two particular reasons:
    1) You guys clearly bridged theory and practice i.e. breaking down a visual scenario and the radio-expose. I think you guys hit the sweet-spot between the theoretical and practical world. Brilliant! Stephen, I love the effort you put into all of your work. We should have a coffee together to discuss more topics.
    2) Choosing to discuss an area that’s close to my heart e.g. conflicts, debates, arguments etc… Thank you for that Matt. This is an area I believe to be of the utmost importance, because we all crave to be understood – not initially to be liked.
    But when you care: “The longest distance between two people is misunderstanding.” – unknown (I wished I could give credit to the author as it’s so true! I learned this the hard way and that’s ok.) Back then, I remember starting off with watching debates on night programs to understand and learn (including body language) how to effectively and constructively navigate through tense situations without them escalating. All I’ve researched and learned so far has been immensely helpful for my career and life in general, but when it comes to family conflicts, I feel like the progress we’ve made so far is not worthy of the love we share for each other. I know that you and Stephen would be amazing at giving me and others more of the missing pieces. So please do not hold back and stay as funny as you are, your humour is right up my street! (You too Stephen, I laughed so much because I couldn’t stop thinking of a “cereal man” meme scenario, while reading your expose – Of course you would know, you guys had the same cereals for 18 years but ever thought that it could’ve been the milk? :p )

    Genuine hugs,

    1. Thanks Manon! I’ve missed hearing from you on here! Appreciate your lovely comments.

      Hope we can do more much more bringing theory and practice together now it’s had a such a huge impact on people.

      Ahh, the milk. So that’s what I was missing all these years. Wondered why Matt always had his own special jug!

      Genuine hugs back,


  • Matt, I really really love everything what you are saying, and I normally speak English fine, but I don’t know why it is impossible to understand your brothers articles in English. You two have been made of different wood I think. You are simple and clear and he seems to be more angry and the energy is not so nice. English is not my first language, maybe that’s why it is hard to read – your brother is maybe too smart for me :p

    I am sure you both want to do amazing stuff and I am very glad you are connected with so many people and teaching great stuff.
    Something about loving people…

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