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She Calls Me Out On National TV, But Watch What Happens Next

Last year I found myself on camera for a TV show – on one of the biggest stages I’d ever been on – in front of a live studio audience…

This clip is going to ‘inoculate’ you for life and have you ready should anyone ever try to embarrass you in front of others.

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446 Replies to “She Calls Me Out On National TV, But Watch What Happens Next”

  • Hi, Matt.

    Brilliant content with application in all aspects of life. I really appreciate your willingness to share these slices of your life so openly with all of us. Even better? You invite us to drop into deeper ways of being and relating by example, which is what life is all about, methinks.

    Cheers, Kelly

  • Hi Matt,

    This was brilliant. I’m really enjoying these videos – please keep them coming!


  • Matt,

    I absolutely enjoyed this video. It was brilliantly insightful regarding human behavior. I like the play by play and breakdown of how to intelligently and healthily handle confrontation.

    Thank you.


  • Hi Matt,

    This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing this insight with us. Your brother’s First Five Minutes was amazing too. Thank you once again for over delivering for us.
    I love how you talk about dating and also how to be more powerful in our careers and personal lives. You can call me a self help junkie, which I actually put into practice and aim to inspire my friends and family in their lives too. I’ve learned so much from you!

    Looking forward to seeing more!

    Best wishes,

    ps- I went to your LA seminar a few months ago.
    pps- I also have your book. :)
    ppps- and your DVDs.
    k i’m done.

  • This was so valuable, Matt. Thank you.

    My mom and her siblings are undergoing an unpleasant estate battle. I was very close to an aunt, my mom’s sister-in-law. Her husband is crazy – wants everything for himself so of course the siblings do not agree with him. When my mom greets her in social situations, she is cold as stone and doesn’t even look at her. This aunt always has a sour expression and has a negative outlook (her husband fools around, but easier for her to blame everyone and anyone else except her own husband, right?) My question is, if I see her in a social gathering, will I just greet her and say, “good evening” even if she’ll completely ignore me, or should I ignore her too? Haha, can’t imagine you’d advise the latter.

    Love to you, Stephen and your lovely Mum. xxx

  • Matt,

    What I loved most about this video was what you said in the end… Lets not bash her or defend me.

    Total class act in my books.

    These kind of step by steps by demonstrating is worth so much more than reading books. Your USP is your communication style – broader than love life and I’d love to see you expand to real life scenarios that call for confrontations, one you are invested in.

    As they say in Hindi – Dhanyavaad :) (Thank you)



  • Hi Matt,
    Really loved the concept of breaking down the rationale behind what you did during that interaction /confrontation! Why you tried to not show your reactions and allowed her to finish her attacking without adding any fuel to it. ( and how challenging was that with the gasps and murmuring of the audience!) And not going into defensive mode to try to disprove her. I also liked how you prefaced your comments with how you were not going to allow this to become personal and then went in with what you had prepared.
    Really enjoyed this format and hope you will continue to do these types of videos as well!
    Kindest Regards,
    Shev x

  • Hi Guys,

    Stephen: Amazing writing on the 6 tips on Owning the First 5 Minutes document. Keep up the great work!

    Matthew: Awesome job with your latest videos. I am impressed how you keep challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. Well done! I also liked when you co-hosted on the Marilyn Denis show in Toronto, when you got Marilyn and her best friends to agree to put your techniques into practice in a social environment. I thought that was insightful and genius. I believe everyone would love to see more videos like that when you put your teachings into a real social environment.

    Jameson: Keep up the amazing video skills.

    Thanks guys and keep up the amazing work.



  • Hello Matthew,

    I love this style of videos, it has helped me learn a lot about how to interact with people in different situations!

    Keep doing what you do best.

  • Matt – this is totally classy. Thank you for demonstrating how to deal with public put downs in such a dignified way. So impressive that you didn’t argue or try to make her look stupid, but stated your points with the intent of wanting to help. Love the tips on letting someone finish, pausing and planning for defensive attacks so that you can explain your points without getting personal or emotional. Thank you so much – I think you are an outstanding role model! Nicky

  • Although I’m going to repeat what almost everybody here said already, YEEEEEES, i love when you show with practical examples how to handle… stuff.
    Countless times I think to myself, later, “I should have said this!…” to someone… I’m getting more witty lately, which helps, but I still need some practice to know what to do/ say while something nasty like this happens! Unfortunately just a cold stare, most of times, doesn’t make people be quiet… =/

  • Out of all the video’s I watch from you Matt, this one was the most useful for me.

    My job demand a lot of interactions with people who are older than me and I fall in a situation like this alot where they don’t like the idea of having a younger female manager and trying to put me down in meetings. I really liked your reaction. Very classy.

  • Love it! After attending your courses I have applied your advice to my love life and my business. I no longer waste time with the wrong type of guys and my business is becoming a huge success!

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