How To Be Sexier And Smarter At The Same Time

Knowledge is one of the most attractive things we can have.

Sometimes knowledge comes in the form of what we know, other times in the form of things we can do and skills we have.

We live in a world where it’s become more necessary than ever to have eclectic knowledge and diverse skillsets.

Men are running out of ways to feel special

It’s not enough that we make money or have status, because women today already have these things.

We have to work a little harder to be interesting

We cannot afford NOT to be a Renaissance man or woman with a variety of skillsets, art forms and knowledge bases.

Knowledge and skill is a good look on anyone – as is curiosity which inevitably leads us to these things.

And attraction is sustained for longer periods of time when you’re able to keep surprising your partner.


Go and learn about or study something that you have no real need for. Just do something new.

When you’ve decided, leave a comment about the thing you’ve picked. Then come back and leave another at the end of the week to let me know how you’ve gotten on! Do you feel more interesting? Do you have a story because of it?

Be sure to let me know as you’ll be giving me ideas for what I can go on to do next myself!

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563 Replies to “How To Be Sexier And Smarter At The Same Time”

  • Hi Matthew,
    First of all I like your blog and your youtube channel. I’ve been following you for a while. you’re doing a great job.
    I have a question for you.
    I met a guy 2 months ago and he’s really nice to me. we used to hang out twice a week or maybe more. I think I like him but we’re not in a relationship. we’re still friends but I kinda know that he likes me too as he gave me some hints. He used to care for me so much and used to text me a lot and say missing you and all and then 3 weeks ago he got so busy with work and family stuff so we haven’t met but he kept texting saying he missed me and so on but all of a sudden he stopped texting for around 3 days now. I didn’t text him back as I didn’t want to be pushing and also to keep my pride. so please, advise me what I should do with him?

  • Have you seen a ted talk about self sabotage. When your growing into the new you. You get scared and run back to the old you.

    I think reading palms would be a cool skill. Plus you can hold there hand for along time.

  • Ur amazing!!!! The knowledge u impart to us can’t be put into words only values… if this makes any sense… I wish u couldn’t been my age… u would of been mine… I will learn something new tomorrow… thanks caring so much!!!! We love you so much back!!!! One last thing ur accent is so cute but some of the words u r pronouncing are not how we do in the states… lol good night friend, ur the best ever!!!!

  • Funny how I spent most of my young adult life almost being ashamed for having brains and wanting to learn. It’s really good to hear that actually all along I’ve been doing the right thing. I did things that I don’t do anymore and I tried things that I never thought I would. As a result I have black belt in karate, speak Italian (and English, it’s not my first language) and can have conversations about history and politics to different levels about most parts of the world. There is hope for me

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