5 Secrets I’d Tell My Daughter

Since it’s Mother’s Day, I had a super exciting idea: why not share the best relationship wisdom from the person who inspired so many of my thoughts about love, empathy, and all the dating advice I would want to give to a child of mine in the future?

So please welcome: my mom. :)

We’re going to break down and share our top 5 secrets that any daughter should know before going into dating and relationships. 

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32 Replies to “5 Secrets I’d Tell My Daughter”

  • Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Hussey! You’re all a bunch of motivational good looking gurus (Let’s not forget Steven- he’s the real genius here. Sorry matty, ma knows it’s true :)). All jokes aside..

    Mrs. Hussey-I wanted to say thank you for raising two men who treat women with respect, and who women all over the world can go home to at night, and turn to for solid advice. When the world seems super heavy, and I feel inadequate, or confused, just feeling what human beings feel, I turn to your sons to clear my head. I turn to your sons always, because even though they don’t know me from a can of paint, I trust them more than they could ever know. I’m grateful for them, and grateful to you for a job well done. You should be proud. You should also tell Matt that I’m the girl he’s missing, but he just doesn’t know it yet, sh.

    Seriously- Thank you Hussey family for being an available light in a world where lights can easily extinguish; You reignite my insides each and every time. Thank you for investing your time into people- we need you.

    xoxo K

  • Really liked this. You should’ve let your Mum talk more – she has some BRILLIANT insights!! Thanks for sharing.

  • I am 47 and a single mom and this was super helpful for me. Some were reminders I needed to hear and some I never heard before. Thank you to you both. God bless you

  • Thank you both for such an inspiratinal video and much love to your beautiful mom on Mother’s Day and always such an anazing young man she raised you are truly just awesome

  • Loved it!! Speacially sensitive to the last tip.. i admire a mother who has the courage to say do not change to impress even a parent. In my youth I was always focusing on being the nice daughter although i was keen on being a different teenager next to my peers, not responding to pressure around me. Now I’m the mother of two teenagers and aware of certain things about myself for the first time in my life.
    I wish back in the days i had someone telling me this!! Thank you !,

  • Aww Matthew you are so sweet with your mom! Great advice, thank you for sharing and happy mother’s day to all the moms out there :)

  • I have another one:

    Don`t let a cuddly chatterbox like Matthew interrupt you while you are elaborating on a thought. :)

    Apart from that, I adore your videos. Please do keep up the good work!

  • I think your Mum is terrific! She raised such lovely boys to be wonderful men….I just have regret I didn’t meet her at The Retreat 2 years ago..because of the family emergency that came up….Great advice as usual! Thanks to Mom Hussey for the video & thanks to Matthew for the lovely advice from Mum! ;) <3 (I did get to meet Papa Steve..that was great!)

  • Thanks Matthew for bringuing your own family and loved ones to share your empowering goal purpose! You are doing a great job on a matter that most of the parents aren’t prepared to help their doughters and suns. It’s something that takes generations to develop and chance. Obrigada for trying to help girls to be their best true versons of themselves.

    Hope to continue to listening to you around here!

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