5 Secrets I’d Tell My Daughter

Since it’s Mother’s Day, I had a super exciting idea: why not share the best relationship wisdom from the person who inspired so many of my thoughts about love, empathy, and all the dating advice I would want to give to a child of mine in the future?

So please welcome: my mom. :)

We’re going to break down and share our top 5 secrets that any daughter should know before going into dating and relationships. 

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32 Replies to “5 Secrets I’d Tell My Daughter”

  • Can I say, I loved your mom and found her much more easy to hear what she says? I think I love how easy the moms talk about life, and how confident they are in giving advice. Whereas what you say , the videos are also helpful but if I heard it ffom both of you, I think it would have helped to internalise it ☺️

  • Throughout my whole school life I wasn’t cool, I was the nerd and proud to be, I had my sights aimed high and academically excelled more so than a lot of my peers especially in secondary education. I didn’t care for the bullying and being different, I didn’t follow popular trends or try to fit in so much, I just made some friends and kept out of the sights of bullies which wasn’t so successful. The thing that kept me going even in primary education was knowing that I was staying true to myself and didn’t let anyone else change me. This advice really speaks to me as I witnessed other students do the same thing as you’ve mentioned, becoming another sheep for their peers or for someone they like. Great advice from Matt as always and lovely to be able to see Mummy Hussey who I’ve never seen before until now.

  • A great clip.

    I find Matt likes to interpret his mum a lot. Maybe ask her if she is okay with it.:D

  • So sweet!

    You have a great mom :) What a blessing.

    This definitely applies to us as adults too. To attract the right man we have to be our authentic selves. Otherwise we’ll attract a bunch of men we don’t want to be with. What good is that?

    To your brilliance!

  • What a mum! She has so much wisdom to share and she does so so lovingly! This video left me hungry for more…

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