How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

OK let’s talk about it.

The infuriating phenomenon of men disappearing in the early stages of dating.

In this video I tell you what to do, and I share the secret to showing your interest in such a way that he keeps coming back for more…

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Society has taught us that if we tell someone we like them, we have lost power. Especially women. Women are taught from a very young age, if you go over there and communicate interest, you’re in some way being needy or desperate or doing the man’s job for him. Don’t do his job for him. Hold back. Let him come to you.

It’s the “hard to get” myth that if I just hang back and do nothing, then I’ll attract someone, then I’ll keep my power. But hard to get doesn’t give you any power. Hard to get puts you at the mercy of fate, of the guys who are the loudest men in the room who decide to come up to you. It doesn’t give you choice. It doesn’t give you agency over your love life.

True power is in deciding who you like and letting them know, but doing it the right way. See, when we go up to someone and communicate we like them from a place of strength, it’s like walking up to them and saying, “Hey, I think you’re attractive. I like you.” And then moving on with our lives. The weak way of communicating interest is walking up to someone like they’re on a giant pedestal, looking up at them and saying, “I really like you, and I’m just going to stay here, liking you.”

Be the train that is leaving the station, not the train that has reached its destination. As soon as somebody thinks you’re static, that’s when they take their foot off the pedal. That’s when they think you’ll always be there. That’s when they stop chasing. That’s when they start disappearing.That is one reason men disappear. There are five more big reasons why men disappear. I have put them all in one place for you. It’s so Click the link, download the guide you’ll see there. Thank you for watching.

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3 Replies to “How to Tell a Guy You Like Him”

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    (ADORABLE cartoon video with Matthew)
    That’s a really adorable cartoon video of you. I like it. Who did the designing and production of the video? That would be really cool to make a cartoon video like that.
    And I’m guilty of putting a man on that high pedestal. I even wrote a poem for him. The other 2 times I wrote a poem for someone was for my (Mother and Brother), whom I was separated from as a young child, and for my adopted father. I did not write a poem for my adopted mother, but I did draw a picture of her on her wedding day as a gift to her. It came out really nice and she loved it. She passed away at a young age (40’s).
    Previously, I never had a difficult time at all being in a relationship with a man. And I was not shy when I was younger. I went through a very difficult relationship, which really made me think about my life. Now, I’ve been single for quite a few years, but I’ve found myself. I have many interests, hobbies, and found happiness in many aspects of life (beauty within the world, animals, people, cooking, writing, music, and art).
    One of the best things I’ve treated myself and my youngest son too was interaction with dolphins (my son swam with them and my dolphin painted a picture), and in DC, we saw the BEST Broadway show. It was absolutely amazing, Disney Aladdin, at The Kennedy Center. I bet you would have loved it. The music, acting, and songs… absolutely stunning.
    Really great job with the cartoon video to you and if anyone else helped to produce it. How to tell a guy you like him… hmm… it’s has to be GRAND… it has to be BIG… it has to make a huge IMPACT.

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