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Matt Invited To Give A Guest Lecture At Oxford University

Oxford University Talk – St Cross Special Ethics Seminar

Matt was recently asked to talk at Oxford University at the St Cross Special Ethics Seminar on the topic of dating after being seen on the show “Undercover Princesses” which was featured on BBC 3 this year. The lasts for around an hour and covers the following areas:

  • How different sexes are when it comes to dating and relationships in today’s world
  • What attracts us to one another
  • What the 3 major stages of dating are
  • The different behaviours we have as individuals when in a relationship

The talk was designed to enlighten the audience on the real possibilities of relationships and how we can deal with the more controversial experiences that most relationships face. Get ready for a light hearted but methodical approach to dating.

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2 Replies to “Matt Invited To Give A Guest Lecture At Oxford University”

  • Interesting lecture considering that it was for a mixed audience (men and women). Looking forward to reading a book!

  • Couldn’t open it on my tablet so haven’t heard it yet but congrats on getting invited to give a speech there!~~

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