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BBC London Radio Interview – The Late Show With Joanne Good

Matthew was again invited back to talk over at the BBC, this time on BBC London Radio about why women just aren’t getting the guys they want. It seems women are falling into the same patterns and traps that have crippled their success with men and dating.

What you shouldn’t do is settle for less, not only does this prevent you from meeting guys that you ACTUALLY want, it pushes you into “fake relationship” that can only end one way.

Here’s some of what’s covered in the interview:

  • Why the internet is harming our social lives
  • The things your friends SHOULD be telling you but don’t
  • Why men are not calling you back after the first date
  • Why our seminars work
  • How to be a “high value” woman

Listen to it now:


We’d love to hear your views on the interview and any questions you may have, so make sure you comment below…

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85 Replies to “BBC London Radio Interview – The Late Show With Joanne Good”

  • Really enjoyed this…very informative and really made me feel positive about being an older woman! Just have to release my playfulness!!!

  • Having the right peer group is definitely key to meeting lots or just more guys. That’s another thing Get the Guy could offer – forums for members to the website to chat and/or events to arrange to meet up socially to support and encourage each other’s progress.

    1. Hey Emma,

      We were thinking about this, maybe a members area for “Women’s Weekend” attendees. May have to get everyone’s feedback on it at some point but good idea.


      1. hi , im a single 49yr old, been single for 3yrs now, im confident attractive, but cannot find love, i can go anywhere around the world by myself, but being old school cannot and will not go out by myself in the evenings looking for a guy,so if you do manage to get the girls togerther for weakend away please count me in , i know a lot of people and got a few friends but at my time of life most are married and wouldnt dream of going out with single friends as sad as that is

  • enjoyed that very interesting especially about how our friends speak to us about failed relationships…. why don’t they just be honest and tell us we are being too clingy!!!! lol xx

  • I have really enjoyed listening to your interview.. I am in totaly agreement . I am 54 years of age , and i date younger men . I am lucky enough to still have some youth around me , as well my spirit is still young and seem to always attracted younger men . I took the plunge ( felt the fear and went for it any way ) and enjoyed the exsperience as much as my younger male friend did. I dont look at younger guys as being life long partners , as well dont sleep around either, but find a younger guy will enjoy the none entrapment of a realtionship bringing about regular contact . I think you dont have to prove to any one anything and more enjoy the flow of lifting the spirit.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Interesting points … and as I was listening to you I wondered … confidence or competence, where is it that I tremble?

    I look forward to attending the Secrets of Attraction in a few weeks to explore that further! Keep up the most excellent work,


  • I hear people talk about being more playful and witty but no one has really said what is playful to a guy. What one guy considers playful another might think is crazy. And I don’t consider myself a quick and witty person. Do you address this in your book?

    1. You don’t need to be witty. Teasing. Banter. Exaggerate: “I don’t beelieeeeve you drink your coffee black! Are you saving the cows?”. Yes I know it sounds silly, that’s the point. Let him know you are playing by smiling when you say it. Also, you can make a joke about yourself that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously: “Yes, I do have a pen in my bag (shuffle)…it’s somewhere here under the kitchen sink”.
      It’s ok to be a little silly and absurd. I am always looking for a way to tease and flirt and be playful with a guy. They love it – but then I’m naturally absurd…you’d have to be to come up with lines like the above! Best of luck

  • Yay Matt!! Big Up 50+ ladies! I internet dated for 4 years from age 42-45, met someone who lived an hour away who is 19yrs and 8months younger than me, but such a SPECIAL person. We dated for 5 months and then put an offer on a house, and were moved in together within 10 months! We are still together 6 years later. I am now 52 and he is 33 and we both mix well wth both sets of friends, my Dad (who is 87) thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread! He is far more stable than my previous husband and partner/father of my 2 children. Please dont settle for the obvious, we survive on humour and share a deep relationship together. Keep up the good work and please dig out all those unhappy 50+ ladies who are in stale relationships and totall wasting their lives. LY and your work x

  • When I was 50 and divorced, I dated guys half my age. After a while I realized I really wanted someone younger than I, but closer to my age. Since then I’ve only gone out with guys 2-6 years younger. But, some of them are hung up on being old men. I still get hit on by younger men, but they don’t interest me at all.

  • this is absolutely true… but it is hard to find a single women that completely willing to get into the mud and have fun… Interesting! ;D

  • Very interesting an true I really enjoyed reading it thanks for all the info its great I look foward th the emails its a big help it so true u learn something new everyday thanksagain

  • I agree that social media is harming our relationships more than it is helping them. That is one of the reasons I left facebook.
    At 31 I find that I am more confident in general than I was at 20, however, since I have experienced more rejection, I feel I am less confident around men. I have not reached a point where I am giving up – but it does get a bit harder each time I take a risk. I wish there were a way to throw my expectations out the window!

  • Help! help!

    I am sure I, like many, many others are grieving at the loss of “our” Big George.

    I have phoned the local radio here in Milton Keynes and also London to find out where George’s funeral is to be held.

    If you have any information, could you please let me know. I knew George when he was on Three County radio and he was so supportive to the local people in Bletchley who were opposed to an incinerator being built in our back garden. Big George even came to my house to our meetings.

    I also would contact him if the weather was bad around Christmas to check the conditions when I wanted to take my grandchildren to London.

    He was an amazing person and I hope there will be a service to celebrate this wonderful man.

    Thank you.

    Noeleen Burke

  • Loved what you had to say about age … gives me hope since I may be in my 40s, but I have a highly active inner child who is irrepressible. Nice to know that’s a plus. I wish you’d do one of your programs in the Los Angeles area. :-)

  • Hi Matthew!
    All the things you say are so interesting and informative.
    I wish I could come to one of your live events but I don’t live in the UK.

  • Foremost I have to apologize to Matthew because not only was my internet down but my celluar device also decided not to cooperate.
    With that said all I am saying is go B2B which is Back 2 Basics… even though I am only 19 I have the spirit and the playfullness of a Kindergartner. I try to do things they way a child would because as state above I for the most part am sitll a child but with more responsibilities, commitments, and pressures. If only ADULTS could view themselves as children just with those few things added on into the mix the world would “BE AT PLAY” in an essence. I have a few more Ideas on how to go B2B so Matthew if you want to collaborate on something let me know.

  • I have watched lots and lots of Mathew Hussey, not onle the dating advice, but also the business which is even higher quality (is that possible?) What i liked about the interview is the format. Having Mathew answer questions rather than lecture brought a different side out and made the info more approachable. Might be a useful marketing angle.

  • haha. enjoyed this. very true about WHO you socialise with and that being youthful and sprightly has nothing to do with age – it’s about your attitude. It IS about how you have life and energy. Value yourself, know what you want and associate with people who FEED POSITIVE energy instead of draining it. ANOTHER very entertaining & informative chat – loved it. Thanks Matt!

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