Overcome Jealousy In 3 Minutes (iHeartRadio Preview)

I really shouldn’t be doing this, but I had to give you a sneak-preview of my new show ‘Love Life’ with iHeartRadio…

I had Jameson come along to the studio with me and film an entire episode so you can see exactly what the show’s going to be like (and why it’s so important to listen).

I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to do.

The show is going to be called ‘Love Life’ – not because it’s just about relationships, but about Loving Life in EVERY area.

The first show is going to be released THIS TUESDAY (October 1st). Be sure to check it out and sign up here:


(Right now the show is only available in the US. It’s not in our power to change, but I will continue to get these videos posted from the show where possible for everyone to see them.)

Question Of The Day:

What unique combination of character traits do you have that sets you apart and makes you the package you are?

Let me know in the comments below!

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108 Replies to “Overcome Jealousy In 3 Minutes (iHeartRadio Preview)”

  • Hi Matthew right now i’m sitting in a diffucult situation.
    My internship Goes good but i’m tired of the childish boys Who are there -___-
    They not even think with there brains but only with there underside.
    My parents are right now in relationtherapy and my father acting like he dont know anything. I’m angst Scared what’s gonna happen.
    My Mother was Crying what my father did all i can say he just sit on websites “The not normal websites” you know what i mean.
    My question is can i talk to anybody About it on my internship??
    Or must i solve my problem on my own and talk About it with nobody. Execept my family sister and Mother and grandma??
    I have nobody to talk with execept you Matthew i really Would like to have you as my friend in Reality ;)
    Please response otherwise everything runns out off control not to push you or something but really.
    Thanks Greetz Thirza ;)

    1. I am not Matthew, but I hope it is okay if I respond. If I were you I would not talk about your problems with anybody at work.
      I do not know how old you are but maybe you can talk to a social worker at a Youth club if you are younger or to a pastor at church if you are religious or post in some forum in the internet. There are forums for relationship and family topics.

      It is best to keep the private life and the job life separate. You are an intern now and will need a permanent job lateron. You do not want that someone gets the impression that you are too burdened by problems to be hired.

    2. Thirza,I feel for what you are going through. It is hard when the adults in our lives are so caught up in their own problems and drama, and we feel so helpless to change things. It would be great if there were a counselor or adult you trust who you could speak to. But if not, there are some good groups online where you can get support for what you are going through. I searched “online support for teens” (if you are in that age group) and a bunch of listings came up. Just be careful about sharing personal contact info. It is hard when people we care about are so unhappy, but it is not our job to fix it. Don’t give up! Take that strength you get from Matthew’s posts and use it to seek out the people, places and activities that nourish and support you.

  • This goes past just relationships, just being a good person in general, and wanting to be the best that you can be in whatever that you do. Amazing advice! Thanks for the Share Matthew xo

  • Hi Matt, this is so exciting and I cannot wait to get snippets of your show when possible as I’m in Scotland. This is going to be huge. All I can say is thank you :) – Gayle x

  • I love this advice so much and it will help me in my future jealousy moments. You’ve made it about not focusing on what you think you don’t
    Have which is where jealousy stems from
    But in fact what we have that makes us amazing and will help to boost confidence. Bravo Matt! Also Canadians can’t get the iHeartradio app
    Will you be posting your radio topics on here for us?

    1. Hi Kelly,

      We share your frustration, I want it to be available everywhere but unfortunately I can’t control it because down to iHeartRadio, but I hope that soon they’ll open it up to more territories. I’ll try to film some more though so that you have a way of seeing them! : )

      Matt x

  • waaw thats amazing! and so true .I believe also that jealousy is a weakness and lack of confidence and gives a bad reflection to the person being jealous.Maby sometimes we all feel weak and jealous but we can contol it and think like the way you said.You really inspire me !!

  • Great advice as ever Matt and yet again struck a chord with the things that I’m going through in my life right now in terms of personal development and working on the things in my life that I feel are holding me back.

    It’s a shame that we won’t be able to hear your shows over here in the UK, at least not at the moment but I am looking forward to other little snippets in the coming weeks and months.

    Take care

    Jo x

    (Be the way, I was going to say that you could bring a package to my table but then realised how wrong it sounded so decided not to say it….wait, I just said it…damn lol)

  • Wow Matthew! This literally was what I needed to hear. I have been struggling with dating online, which I know how much you LOVE those sites haha, kidding. Well with your lovely advice I have come to the realization that dating online there will always be someone out there that may have a better body shape, physical traits, or other characteristics that seem more appealing to guys. I need to not worry about being what someone else wants, but rather aspire on becoming that person that I want to be for myself. This snippet provided me with coming to a realization that I have plenty to offer and I just need to let go of others who do not see that. Thank you Matt for always providing great advice and insight!! I look forward to your show! Cheers and much love!! XXXXX


    1. Oh and the characteristics/traits that I feel that I have and have been told are: that I am playful, funny, intelligent, sexy, loving, generous, and passionate to name a few. Oh and modest, lol, but you did ask for the traits. ;)

  • Interesting view Point. I guess its time for me to diversify. This also connects to the concept of not Feeling like you re good enough. In my opinon jealousy also Comes up when you dont feel confident about yourself. If thats the cause then you have to work on that as well

  • Hey matthew,
    Great tip about jealousy in relationships and contacts with people.
    It is indeed so that people always have something, like, I had but more beautiful appearance or skin color or beautiful hair, you name it.
    And is not it also a bit of uncertainty?

    Because if you are happy for who you are, that have confidence about yourself, right?
    Or do you think differently about this?
    Because I believe in it, that every person is unique in its own way.
    that makes the world around us interesting:)!
    And just what you say it just be interesting and a challenge to actually observe where that person is derived from.

    But your question: What should you do if you’re a guy come in one way or another.
    I mean, I get back in touch with me every ex boyfriend, who I met a year ago. We have 4 month relationship. and we broke up. And one way or another we meet again, get to talk for a while and then go their separate ways.
    Because it fails agian , after 3 weak he loss the contact with me slowly and disappears agian. he always than looking at other girls.
    When that is finish ,than he contact me agian after 5 month.
    And I’m not sure what I should do about this ?!
    Because he leaves little apart from himself in terms of feel and talk about me.
    I like him BUT that is not enough for me !!
    Some way , i can not trust him enough, you know ?!

    I ask him in persone , why he act like this way to me .
    he give no ansher to me for a weak !!!
    I give him space for 3 weak to think about it.
    and also no ansher from him.
    I’ve tried everything!
    I am not sure about him , because off not trust him !!

    I am a persone how whant’s to fall in love with a charming lovely ,honest persone .
    So that i can give my full heart to a persone and that he loves me back!!

    What do you think I should do with this situation ???
    And can you give me a good tip, matthew ???

    Greeting from chandrakanthi

    1. My little sister had the same problem with a guy. Of course she never listened to my advice because “she loved him”. I kept leaving Mattew’s book where she would find it and quoting him. Put in one sentence – he is not worth your time. Stop letting him treat you like that because he is going to keep doing it because he can. My sister accepted that finally and is now in a wonderful exclusive relationship with a great guy who buys her flowers, and really cares about her. No matter how amazing of a person you are (and you are amazing) some guys are going to be a**holes because you let them.

  • So cool matthew. I’ve just developed this crush on one of my guy friends and have been feeling a little jealous because I know the girl he’s gone on a date with recently… I really want to go on a date with him now, but I’ve never told a guy these things before and I wouldn’t know how to tell him…. Or get to spend time with him alone as we’re usually in a group together. Help? Haha thank you!!!
    Can’t wait for your show!

  • This is great advice in any situation. I work, with kids in Juvenile detention, training shelter dogs. One way they keep losing confidence is by comparing themselves to others. They are smart, fun, and great people. Too many people compare to others as an excuse to feel bad about themselves. It is false logic. Everyone stop comparing you have no idea how special you all are.

  • ” I really shouldn’t be doing this, but I had to give you a sneak-preview of my new show ‘Love Life’ with iHeartRadio ” oh hero . thank you hero for everything that you are doing for us .

    “What unique combination of character traits do you have that sets you apart and makes you the package you are? ”
    I love learning new things , I love travelling , I love to courage people , I love sharing thought about life to people ,I love to listen to the peoples experiences and learn from them , I love Psychology coz it makes me think in different ways (some time in creative ways) . I love to try and to discover new things (of course good things) ,I thank god for making me beautiful ,and I love sky diving (definitely someday I ‘ll do it )
    well in one work i’m KOOKY ;D


  • Thank you Matt for Always giving me (and I’m sure many people feel the same way) an amazing advice to culminate the week. This is basically one of my biggest issues I’ve been dealing with for as long as I can remember; insecurity. The way you explained it really helped me understand that I can’t just let my entire value rest on one quality or one attribute I feel I lack or that I’m insecure about. Having value is more than just possessing those things and attributes. As you said it beautifully, it’s about using the entire range of qualities one has to bring and make an impact in other people’s lives. I feel so empowered and as If I just broke the curse that haunted me for the longest time. I know that was kind of a dramatic analogy but that’s exactly how I feel.

    Thank you for making me feel free, you are amazing!!


  • I tried to follow you in iHeart and listen to the rest of your lectures, but guess what? They say (iHeart) it is not available for my country, I am smiling about it because it is on internet and doesn’t make any sense to exclude anyone then. :(

  • matt if you are not in the us it does nt let you register, is there a way we can access to listen to the show, ? im in south america… or maybe add them to FTTMrR?

  • Yesterday at the gym, I saw a girl younger than me (I’m 30), blonder than me and taller than me (I’m 5′ 9”), at one stage I would have been jealous, but since being part of Matthew’s coaching I just smiled to myself and thought “”I’m ok just as I am ”, RESULT :O) Thank you Matt, you rock x

  • Just another thought to everyone here, remember you have something about you that someone else is jealous about !!!! so don’t be too hard on yourself if you have insecurities because you can be sure that someone else will want what you have :O)
    Angela x

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