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Overcome Jealousy In 3 Minutes (iHeartRadio Preview)

I really shouldn’t be doing this, but I had to give you a sneak-preview of my new show ‘Love Life’ with iHeartRadio…

I had Jameson come along to the studio with me and film an entire episode so you can see exactly what the show’s going to be like (and why it’s so important to listen).

I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to do.

The show is going to be called ‘Love Life’ – not because it’s just about relationships, but about Loving Life in EVERY area.

The first show is going to be released THIS TUESDAY (October 1st). Be sure to check it out and sign up here:


(Right now the show is only available in the US. It’s not in our power to change, but I will continue to get these videos posted from the show where possible for everyone to see them.)

Question Of The Day:

What unique combination of character traits do you have that sets you apart and makes you the package you are?

Let me know in the comments below!

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108 Replies to “Overcome Jealousy In 3 Minutes (iHeartRadio Preview)”

  • *First of all get over here i wanna give you a big hug!* :D

    Moving on to answering your question
    Kind, cute, loyal, bubbly, warm, got a crazy amount of energy, versatile, loving and much more!

    Matt, you are so amazing that just by watching your videos or hear you, you can literally turn my sad-days around!

    Yep i mean every word, keep rocking! ;)

    Much love!

  • I’m extremely loyal, funny, kind, understanding, gentle, exciting, bi- cultural, bi lingual, honest, kind, with a little spice. never boring, a good cook, excellent lover, learning new languages and artistic skills. fairly well educated. thanks for the challenge!

  • Sending a big thank you from Dubai…where everyone is trying to be more beautiful than everyone else! I really needed to hear that Matt. Thank goodness for YOU :-)

  • Excellent Message ! Thanks for the innovative way to look at our comparisons to others & all the craziness it brings — you are the Man :)

  • For the man that is full of magic and practical solutions, I could never thank you enough. You healed me! Thank you coach! God created you for a serious reason- helping humankind.

  • Thanks for the sneak peak. It is fantastic hearing your inspiring words as always! Although I cannot say that I have never felt jealous….this is definitely a foreign state of being for me. I don’t really understand it. I think it is because I have always competed against myself in life……does that make sense? I always gauge my performance based on my own standards for myself. If I fall short based on what I expect from myself then I step up my game, work harder, relax more or whatever is needed based on me. I also tell my kids not to compare themselves to others…..if they are happy with how they achieve, how they contribute in the world, that’s all that matters…they may be inspired by others but that is different. Oh btw I am a free spirit, creative, full of positive energy, loyal, making the world a better place and enjoying this great adventure called ‘life’!

  • We all are special but what really set all of us apart is that we all are ” Unique”, in our own special way ;). When I met people on the street or anywhere, they usually comment…. “We love being around you!!…. There is something about you…” which, I usually respond in a playfull way ” Yes!!, I’m Unique!!”. And everyone loves it! ;)
    Thank you Matt :)

  • That really spoke to me because I do look at others and think well they have this or that…but I think my adaptability, intelligence, passion for life, travel experiences, wacky humor and ability to laugh at myself and belief in the good of people make a pretty awesome package. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  • First thing for most.. I wanna give you a big hug from cyprus!!

    God gave you everything, handsome clever and amazing.

    thanks for coaching,, xx

  • Hey Matthew..
    When are we going to be apel to hear Iheart in Denmark?? I dont wanna mis out on your tips and trix :-)


  • Phenomenal, Matthew!!! Really clear, powerful message. I was reading one of your posts yesterday on “neediness”, and this fits well with that topic. When I am comparing and feeling insecure about whether what I have to offer is “good enough”, I get “needy” for the man in my life to tell me/show me/reassure me that I am good enough. By letting go of the comparing and working instead on being my best self, I lose the need for the constant reassurance, which frees us both up to have more fun together.

  • Matthew,
    I love what you say. I have to question, however, the ubiquitous “you are special, you are unique, you are amazing’ coaching that (sorry to say) there is so much of these days. People get used to a surfeit of praise. Parents over-praise their kids who are then even more frustrated and upset when the praise doesn’t seem to be working as other people don’t admire them as much as their parents do – and thinking how great and unique they are doesn’t wash when it comes to getting a job.

    I have worked in the field of diet and nutrition as a food scientist for 2 decades; I was the longest-serving weekly columnist and health editor of a major national Sunday newpaper, plus GQ magazine, Woman’s Own and more. I’m not showing-off, just stating my credentials for this comment!

    I understand women, at least in terms of their looks and weight. Very often this was linked to their ability to ‘Get A Guy’. Overweight women are often fobbed off with excess praise for their uniqueness and beauty and a host of other qualities – no doubt true and deserved – but at the end of the day the problems of being overweight remain and that woman will be even more depressed when she realises her friends’ positive reinforcement didn’t get her anywhere. I’m not saying, by the way, that everyone should be a certain size, but if size of your problem, doing something about size is your solution – not deciding to feel good about your other qualities.

    What you say is true Matt. I guess only you know how to Get The Guy and I have read every word of your book. I admire everything about your positive approach. but when it comes to ‘Getting the Guy’ most mature women will know that in the final analysis, we will all face rejection on some level – and the problem with the positive approach is that it makes things worse when we see that the problems don’t go away. Mature, midle-aged women will always find it harder to get a great guy. Theore time we spend on ourselves and reinforcing how special we are, the worse it feels when it doesn’t seem to be working – because guys just want younger women. I appreciate I’m making a laboured point here which is more suited to a conversation! But I hope you know where I’m coming from.

    Often we aren’t ‘Getting the Guy’ because we aren’t fun, we’re boring, we’re hard work, our voices are terrible, we could do with losing a few pounds, our teeth could do with fixing, our breath is bad. ….. we write long comment emails!!! Whatever. Facing up to ourselves and our downsides, and realising not just what is good about us but what is wrong with us – maybe from some honest friends, is often the only positive way forward.

    1. Hm. Interesting viewpoint. Go to Europe: Older women are sexy, fun, gorgeous, alluring AND getting guys of all ages. Perhaps they know something N.American women don’t. It could also be that European men love ALL women…not just the supermodels, as it seems N.American men only desire. Perhaps European men have more confidence and so they don’t need the ego boost of the supermodel-only-mentality. Just a thought…

  • Amaaaaaaazing .. I loved this video, it showed me things I didn’t know & I din’t know how to deal with this problem .. and you tought me how … really thanks Matt ^_^

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