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Overcome Jealousy In 3 Minutes (iHeartRadio Preview)

I really shouldn’t be doing this, but I had to give you a sneak-preview of my new show ‘Love Life’ with iHeartRadio…

I had Jameson come along to the studio with me and film an entire episode so you can see exactly what the show’s going to be like (and why it’s so important to listen).

I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to do.

The show is going to be called ‘Love Life’ – not because it’s just about relationships, but about Loving Life in EVERY area.

The first show is going to be released THIS TUESDAY (October 1st). Be sure to check it out and sign up here:


(Right now the show is only available in the US. It’s not in our power to change, but I will continue to get these videos posted from the show where possible for everyone to see them.)

Question Of The Day:

What unique combination of character traits do you have that sets you apart and makes you the package you are?

Let me know in the comments below!

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108 Replies to “Overcome Jealousy In 3 Minutes (iHeartRadio Preview)”

  • Four traits come to mind: I’ve been told I have a calming effect on people. I always find this somewhat amusing and think “If you only knew the hurricane I am on the inside”. The other trait I have is great intuition. Also, I’ve been able to bring order out of chaos in many of my jobs. Finally, I believe in the power of connectedness – that we are all connected to each other and thus can have an effect on changing the lives of others for the better.

    Wow! I didn’t realize what an awesome person I am until I answered your question – thank you :)


  • For me trying to find something unique is still comparing (albeit in a different way), because you don’t know what’s different/unique if you’re not looking at what other people are/have.

    One of the best compliments I’ve ever received was that I’m a “sweet, pretty, smart, well-rounded girl”. I don’t know if what I have is completely unique but here is what I think is interesting about myself:

    I’m a girl who doesn’t like jewelry (lucky guy who proposes is going to get off easy-no pun intended); I’m mostly vegan, without telling people it’s right (I don’t know if it is); I’ve done an ultramarathon yet am not addicted to running (sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t); I’m very moral, but not religious (I explore it and have friends of different religions); I’m loyal, a great listener, a quick learner, ambidextrous, and can talk and sing like a cartoon mouse. I also have my “Hey guys, Matthew Hussey here” impression down :)

  • Hello Matthew!

    Loved this video! Definitely needed the reminder that what I try to bring to every person I meet/know is a high energy, compassion, humor, fun, and genuine interest in who that person is, their goals, dreams and struggles. I love meeting people and am confident, kind and well put together UNLESS I’m smitten with the person then I’m a complete, idiot.
    I’ve followed your techniques and met tons of guys and recently met one that I really really liked. Alot. Suddenly I’ve turned into a conflicted, unsure basketcase who views any girl he meets as better than me. I even conpromised my standards because if it. (Obviously I should have paid more attention to a couple of jet chapters in your book. But i had figured it wasnt something I would need to worry about). He is significantly younger and I had been imagining every girl he met as prettier, younger, hotter, trendier than me. I had forgotten what I bring to the table. I had forgotten what I add to his life which is a significantly more than what most girls bring regardless of age, beauty or firm abs :)
    Thank you for reminding me!
    Keep well!
    ~Alena xo

    1. Omg. “Jet chapters” autocorrect! I meant “the” Apparently I missed reading what you wrote about planes… :P
      …but thank you. I am no longer jealous and can rock the awesome around him again….. xo

  • Can I just give you a giant bear hug right now? Thank you for your video post, it was more relevant to my life than I care to admit, but incredibly enlightening.

  • thank you so much Matt! you are so inspiring!
    Please come to Australia, come to Brisbane for a talk!!
    Women here need you!

  • I’m liking this radio concept!!!
    Hearing ur amazing voice daily;) and all the good wisdom it delivers, yeah, I think my life just got better! Lol:)

  • I want to make people feel good no matter where they are in their life. I want them to know that they’re worth something, that they’re valuable. Meaningful. I want to put an end to low self worth and esteem because I have seen many, including myself struggle with this concept of “not good enough”.

    I have raged against my perceived lack of intelligence, cut deeply into my perceived lack of attractiveness and I’ve hated myself to the very core. Could not stand the thought of me. I’ve cried bitter tears, and screamed angry insults upon myself so much so that I wanted to die. But more than that, wished I never existed. A wasted breath, a broken tool. Not too long ago, I viewed myself as thus.

    Oh, it has taken years and lots of patience to get to where I’m at now. To get to a place where I didn’t collapse at every mistake made, didn’t punish myself for every short-coming. And I have people like you to thank for that. Even now I have moments but they’re short-lived. Mostly because I now have something, I did not then. I have people, so many people who are waiting for me to touch their lives, waiting for me to give them something that only I can. Waiting for me to give them me, my resonance and my energy and that is what drives me. That is what gets me out of bed in the morning, that is what breaks me out of my funks and that is what fulfills me to the very core. I’m in too deep to give up now because if I give up, I’m not just taking away from me anymore, I’m taking away from them. I have found something more important than my short-comings, more important than my mistakes, I have found life.

  • I think that there is many way to see jealousy. Sometimes jealousy is good, it keeps relationships alive by showing that your still interested. But it’s a tricky subject cuz you don’t want to seem insecure or crazy, but if you do it right it’s kind of sexy:)

  • It’s so incredibly important to take a step back and say, Why am I jealous? More often then not I have found in my relationships it was because we weren’t right for each other. Too often we say Well relationships take work and I will absolutely agree with that but at some point you have to know when to say, This just isn’t working or We aren’t a good fit.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks to you I just had my first real boyfriend at the age of 21. Unfortunately, 3 months later he just dumped me through text message. Could you please make a video about relationships ending and getting over someone. I want to move on but I need a little guidance.


    1. Allow yourself all the feelings you’re having. Dont feel guilty about any of it. Youre not the first person in history to have its heart broken and not the last! So it has all happened before. There are lots of music to choose from to really emerge into and let it all out.

      Cry a lot. Be angry at him! Wallow. Think through what happened. Dont put any pink shade on him or his behaviour but remember that he is a human being with both good and bad sides. Dont make him into just a total jerk (even tho he was one when he ended it!) Dont think about what you could have done differently, maybe you could have, maybe not. Who knows and it doesnt matter now anyway. Remember that it takes two for a relationship to break. Try to accept that it was not meant to be and its for the best. Cause your best days are ahead of you. Learn from it as much as you can. And move forward. One step at the time.

      Go out with your friends a lot. Even tho you just feel like sitting home in your comfy pants. Just do it. See people, be social. Ask for support. See people that makes you feel good. If only to take your mind of things for a while.

      See this as a chance of a new start in your life. Try something new. Maybe a haircut? Haircolor? Or something else thats way different. Of course it doesnt have to be about your appearance. It could be anything that you desire. Make a change!

      Allow yourself to do something stupid, if you want to. If only for the fact that you can excuse it with just haven gotten out of a relationship.

      Give yourself a time frame. Put a date when you shall be over him. It might not work exactly as planned. But atleast you give yourself a limit for how much youre gonna let this keep you from moving forward.

      Remember you are not alone in this.

      /Fellow sister – six months since the break-up with my ex of six years.

    2. Don’t think of it as getting over him, that makes it sound like it’s not okay to feel sad, upset and lonely. Instead, be okay with it. Be okay with how you feel, how upset you are. Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with how you feel. Just like there isn’t anything wrong with wanting something (or someone in this case). Appreciate that feeling because it means that for a time, you were blessed with something that meant something good to you. Doesn’t that feel good?

      Now, after you think through this, imagine what it is that you want. Think of him and think of what it is you want to do with him. Do you feel yourself wanting to grab him? Wanting to wind yourself around him? Wanting to hold him tightly in place? This is okay. It is okay to feel this way. Now feel the fear that is connected with this, feel the longing behind it. It’s still okay. Now practice empathy, reverse the roles. Imagine being restricted. Imagine that you can not move your limbs, that you’re tightly bound by ropes of emotion. Imagine the struggle to get away.

      Now I’m not saying that you’re trying to restrict him on a conscious level but subconsciously it’s happening and he can feel this. This is the energy that you’re bringing him. Now go back into yourself and really feel how that makes you feel. Do you want him to feel this way? Of course you don’t. You love him just the way he is. You don’t want to bind him, not really. That’s only taking away from the very thing you find precious. And if you do this, you’re love will still linger (this is a good thing, I promise) but the desperation and fear attached to it will slowly ebb away and you’ll be able to appreciate him for what he’s worth. And don’t worry, there’s a whole world of love out there waiting to happen. He isn’t your one and only experience.

  • Very interesting Matt! I totally agree. One tends to zoom in on one thing about another person (sometimes there are many).

    But I have to tell you something. Jealousy is a natural feeling. Its impossible to extinguish (we cant all be Dalai Lama!) and shouldnt be either. Handled properly on the other hand – yes. A small dose of jealosuy shows we care about our partner (no jealosuy at all wouldnt be that good) enough to want to keep them by our side. It protect our relationship boundaries. A healthy operating jealousy in our emotional makeup helps us find and keep trustworthy partners. And it also shows areas in wich we lack. Where we can improve! Insecurities that needs to be overcome. Nothing bad without some good in it Matt! :)


    Love the radioshow idea!


  • Jameson went with you to the studio? The name rings a bell, have you maybe mentioned him before? :D

    Only kidding, it’s only cause I’m jealous – why can’t I establish myself as a legend without ever haven spoken a word? :P

  • I totally missed the question of the day. I have to say I really like who I am :) There’s so many things that make me, well me. I have a great gift for being empathetic even as a child I could always feel others pain. I’ve never been one to back down from something I want and I’m extremely passionate about making my dreams a reality. Lately I’ve noticed that people tend to open up very easy around me and they also seem to follow even when I don’t want them to. I’m confident yet humble but I would have to say my love for others is what really makes me who I am. More then anything I want to leave this world a better place then I found it. Oh yeah I almost forgot, I don’t give up.

  • Hi!

    This is a good advice for jealous moments, but not for cronically jealous people.

    It makes a lot of sense on a rational level, but I found the headline overpromising….3 minutes after and – althoug in agreement with what you said – I haven’t overcome jealousy.

    Fellings of insecurity seem to me not based on reality and self-analysis of features…but I don’t know also where they start, otherwise I could have resolved mine ;)

  • Thanks for the clip – I have been really struggling with this issue lately and your advice was VERY timely. I don’t know if it will be a miracle cure for all my jealousy BUT it is certainly good food for thought, so thanks for that.

  • This was a good video with lots of great points. Sometimes jealousy in a relationship is our intuition telling us that something is not right in the relationship. Sure, people can be irrationally jealous, but sometimes it is a signal that(as Matt mentions)this might not be the right person for you.

  • im really disappointed because i tried signing up for the radio station but its not available in Canada :'( I hope you can still give us some inside scoops like these for the ones who cant access the iheart radio :D

  • I’m practical and have carpentry skills. When out, I can be a kid doing cartwheels, finding animals in the clouds and smelling the flowers. I love creating fun, exciting romantic adventures yet love being pampered in return. I’m very positive and love to dance, travel and meet new people and enjoy supporting my partner in his passions. Helping people get healthy in a fun way is a passion. I live up to my Gemini sign by enjoying work in the garden,sweating and being rather scruffy yet love to be dressed to the nines in glitz and glitter looking sexy and classy as we go to a play on Broadway.

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