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Warning: This Toxic Guy Will Waste Your Life

It really hurts me to say this, because I know that there are so many wonderful men in the world. But there’s one type of guy that is so common – so toxic and frustrating – that just about every woman has had to deal with at least once in her life: the “MPI” Guy.

There’s about a 99% chance you already know an “MPI” Guy.

See if you recognize him in this video…

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113 Replies to “Warning: This Toxic Guy Will Waste Your Life”

  • This. This is brilliant. Well done! I can’t say how much I appreciate your ability to deliver effective advice/inspiring mesages in such a fun way . Thank you!

  • Matthew I hope you aren’t honing your chops for the acting arena :) Not that I don’t think you have the ability…and this really isn’t what the video is about.(I’ve got that really:) You are a likeable guy…and you have the looks thing down. I have no doubt you could get there but have you seriously seen the mess it has made of half the guys in Hollywood? None of them come out unscathed. You have a stellar rep and as trying as I know your job can get… I hope you stay where you are and hire more help:) Live your acting passion through your hilarious clips:) You crack me up and some I admit watching twice :)What you do for woman/kind is fabulous:) I hope you take heed…I have your best interests at heart. I myself don’t see Hollywood a dreams maker. And trust that if I ever see you on the big screen and they eventually rake you over the coals…I will remember this e-mail and feel very bad for you. Happiness and smiles forever :) That essence Character:)

  • Dear Matthew! I can’t thank you enough for this video!!! It made me laugh and finally release the huge amount of stress and heartache I’ve been in for the last 8 months of my life, hoping it might finally work out with him (he is my ex). You’ve just helped me to realize that it was a right decision to let that guy go. And it is so on time too!!! I just cut it all off last night with him. Everything you were saying in the beginning of this video is so true to my situation, every single word of yours… I appreciate your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, really! xoxo

  • Ha ha ha you’re hilarious Matthew, yes truth can be painful and hurt but a lie and a lie to oneself for that mater is excruciating and can leave a greater mess and destruction behind. The truth is always going to set us free, thank God for that! :) you funny man LOL! not but really this is a serious topic as I use to suffer from this disease in the past :)

  • That was so funny! Can’t help laughing! It says in one minute what women struggle to understand their whole lifetime.

  • I had an MPI ,,, but he is gone now, totally revolting.

    The vid was so funny, I had to watch it a couple of times

  • Omg laughed so hard!! I’ve got one of these who says ‘you know we’ll end up together eventually “!!!
    It used to be a LDR but that didn’t work. Now I see him only if he’s in my town, never make any effort to see him or visit him and certainly do not sleep with him. He can continue to be deluded. How can a guy think that he can say he doesn’t want to be with you for a few years / basically until the kids grow up i mean wtf!! Would love more stuff on this type of scenario.

    1. Yes that would be great to have more about that , especially because how can we recognize in early stages ?? Matt tells us not to speed up, but at the same time stand on our values … so it’s almost difficult to handle with and find out

  • I concur. The MPI is a POS! The MPIs that I’ve come in contact with suffer from a major case of low self esteem and OCD; thereby treatment of others in a minimal way fulfills their need to socialize but in a controlled way to avoid exposing the parts of their personality that’s fragile and under-developed, and by doing that it helps reinforce in them a false sense of self.

  • Ha Ha! I recognise my ex in this video. He still wants me as a friend despite having a new on off girlfriend. I cut him off but he keeps popping up. I need to be stronger and keep my distance from him….thanks Matt for sharing!

  • This is too funny but oh so true! Once I dated a guy who owned his own successful business and appeared to be a grown up (tbh I didn’t want to date him but my friends thought I should give him a go). Charming and amazing first dates then dumped me – fine I wasn’t that bothered, but texting out of the blue and turning up at my door without any contact at 2am, on more than one occasion, was not on. Does insecurity breed toxic guys – my guess is probably and it happens long before we meet them.

  • Absolutely brilliant Matthew! You are way too funny
    Yup I’ve experienced this guy. Thing is, he is strangely in’toxic’ating and very skilled in certain ways
    The withdrawals are bad and he infuriates me with his attitude so I end up getting upset with him and myself! Think he’s narcissistic now so that’s put me off but not totally if I’m honest.
    How do we untangle from this?

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