My New Radio Show… ‘Love Life’

The Get The Guy world is expanding. I have a radio show coming.

Here’s a quick teaser clip…

This feels like the start of something big.

I love the work I’ve done in TV. But I also know one of my frustrations with TV is the amount of things you CAN’T say. This radio show is a place where I get to do things my way.

The show is going to be called ‘Love Life’ – not because it’s just about relationships, but about Loving Life in EVERY area. My amazing producers on the show are the same producers that worked to make Ryan Seacrest the huge voice he is today, and they really believe in me…

In fact, so much so that they’ve allowed me to do this my way. I get to talk about the issues I want to talk about, in both life and love, in a no-holds-barred way that allows my real voice to come across.

No gimmicks, no watered down politically correct rhetoric; just strong, passionate opinions and clearcut life advice.

I’m REALLY proud of the show and what we’ve created. There’s nothing out there like it, and I’m thrilled for this to be the newest platform to have been added to the GetTheGuy world.

Whether you are into relationship advice, life advice, or just want to be entertained, this is going to be different to anything else you’ve heard out there.

The first episode is launching on October 1st (this Tuesday!) and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

To sign up, head over to and create an account.

Have a great Saturday my friends. Here’s to a new era (again).

Matt x

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77 Replies to “My New Radio Show… ‘Love Life’”

  • Hello Matt!

    I’m so excited about this! However it seems like i cannot create an account at iHeart Radio because i have a 5 digit zip code (Swedish). What can i do?

    Best wishes,

  • Hey Matt! :)
    Just wanna say congratulations on being such a vibrant, alive, passionate and amazing human being! You have an extraordinary way of always creating new things an taking things to the next level. You are just so facinating to listen to watch and follow!

    Give your self a pad on the shoulder, and have a great day:)
    Love Maria

  • congratulations hero . I’m so happy for you . and proud of you .
    ” This feels like the start of something big ” well hero I believe that the best will come .coz you work hard and you work in creative ways which makes you unique .and you help people around the world . that’s why I call you HERO .
    I can’t have account at iHeart Radio. coz I live in the middle east and there is no ZIP code here .
    I’m so proud of you hero . and I believe in YOU.


  • Hi Matthew i hope you have a really Nice day.
    But i have one question for you what can you do if your parents get divorce?
    I mean what can you do to handle it better? They Get now relationtherapy but it’s really hard for uss because sometimes i Get so angry for That and than i can’t handle myself i’m Also frustded because i can’t no to talk About it only my twinsister and my older sister and my Mother but they are Also stuck in this routine what can i do??
    My internship Goes good Ok you have boys Who act very childish it’s very iriteded sometimes and they think more with there underside if you know what i mean -____- Luckly i think more with my brains haha :P
    Have a Nice day Matthew lovely Greetz Thirza

  • Congratulations, Matt! I’m so glad for you. :)
    It seems like I can’t make an account at iHeart Radio and I don’t know why. :/

  • Congratulations, can’t wait til Tuesday. It will be so great that you are doing it “your way”. I think this is a wonderful direction for you to go in.
    Again Congrats,

  • This sounds great! But unfortunately I am not able to sign up (I don’t have a 4 digit zipcode – I live in the uk), and it won’t let me get the app on my iphone either! Is there some way these things could be remedied?

  • Congratulation Matt, I’m sure that will be amazing -yaaaay-… I can’t make an account on iheart, it says that iheart radio is not available in my country .. is there a solution for that ?? please answer :(

  • Hey! This is awesome!!! I love all your relationship advice but I have always wished you would talk more about things unrelated to romantic relationships- such as the levels of confidence, how to be a good conversationalist, tips on public speaking, body language, how to be a high value woman, etc…. this list goes on. I would like to hear more about how to become a well-rounded person and developing personality and character traits that will serve us in not just winning a great man, but in all of our life’s endeavors. Yeah :) tall order but you can do it!

    Thanks Matt, Jameson, and unnamed team,

    1. Agreed! Matt, I’ve watched all of your videos on confidence, public speaking, (even the hour long one on entrepreneurship which was amazing) etc and I found them so helpful. You bring such a refreshing perspective that is so motivating. I realize the new radio show is more tailored to addressing relationship issues but maybe have an open forum day to cover other topics bc I do think it’s important to work on having a strong sense of self before focusing on relationships. Or maybe just post more videos on YouTube about these issues. I know that’s asking a lot more from you and Jameson but it would so appreciated:)


    i looooooooove it!!!

    im not in the us, im from south america,

    hope i get access to the showssss

    pls pls pls

    i cant wait!!

    this is really awesome!!

  • congrats matt and team! this looks really cool, and i’m glad you’re able to talk about life in all aspects, and not just romance and love

  • OMG Matt I’m so damn happy for you!!! From the beginning I started watching your videos and following your steps I knew you’re going to do something like this! You are PERFECT for radio! I can’t wait to tune in! I’d love to work with you someday In the future.

    Keep creating ;D


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