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My New Radio Show… ‘Love Life’

The Get The Guy world is expanding. I have a radio show coming.

Here’s a quick teaser clip…

This feels like the start of something big.

I love the work I’ve done in TV. But I also know one of my frustrations with TV is the amount of things you CAN’T say. This radio show is a place where I get to do things my way.

The show is going to be called ‘Love Life’ – not because it’s just about relationships, but about Loving Life in EVERY area. My amazing producers on the show are the same producers that worked to make Ryan Seacrest the huge voice he is today, and they really believe in me…

In fact, so much so that they’ve allowed me to do this my way. I get to talk about the issues I want to talk about, in both life and love, in a no-holds-barred way that allows my real voice to come across.

No gimmicks, no watered down politically correct rhetoric; just strong, passionate opinions and clearcut life advice.

I’m REALLY proud of the show and what we’ve created. There’s nothing out there like it, and I’m thrilled for this to be the newest platform to have been added to the GetTheGuy world.

Whether you are into relationship advice, life advice, or just want to be entertained, this is going to be different to anything else you’ve heard out there.

The first episode is launching on October 1st (this Tuesday!) and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

To sign up, head over to https://matthewhussey.com/lovelife and create an account.

Have a great Saturday my friends. Here’s to a new era (again).

Matt x

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77 Replies to “My New Radio Show… ‘Love Life’”

  • I am going through a break-up and it is HARD! We were together for 10 yrs. He has cheated twice before, I forgave him. He recently went out with friends. He got text messages from a woman from 2:30 am.m and 4:00 a.m. He also received a phone call from a friend at 3:00 a.m. He told me he was too drunk to drive home and stayed with his friend – the friend that called him! I confronted the lady via text and asked if she was with anyone – I did not say his name. I watched the call log and saw that after I sent her a text she reached immediately out to him. This made me know for sure that they were together in some way. He got made at me and didn’t speak to me for 3 days. When I did not hear from him I broke up with him via email since, we would not contact me. I am questioning myself and wondering if I over reacted.

    1. Hello sweetie,

      I just read this and let me tell you, this time you put yourself in first place and that is the bravest thing you can ever do and sometimes the hardest.
      It is not easy, I know, you feel anxious and regret about it but you will do so much better, and I know I’m not the first one telling you this, but it is true.
      You have so much love to give, you forgave a person who hurt you and continue to love and that’s the great part, that you have so much to give and if that person doesn’t value that, then honey, that’s his problem. He is not taking that in consideration, then why would you give him all that. Don’t you think so? I know it’s because you love him, but still, continue on putting yourself in first place and that’s the greatest form of love.

      (sorry for my grammar.) Hope you’ll be doing better.

  • This is great news. If only I’d be able to reach you. I think my question would be an addition to your chain of good advice. It’s not a typical one I’ve heard yet. I’d love to share it if possible.

  • Hello Matthew,
    I feel like a crazy person and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m desperate to get my ex off of my mind. He and I broke up 5 years ago and I still find myself thinking of him. Things between us were left gray for a while after we broke up, but it has been so long I feel like I shouldn’t be thinking of him anymore. He was my first love and I haven’t been in love since. I don’t love him anymore. I’ve changed so much since then and i don’t even know him anymore. This is so frustrating to me that he still pops up in my mind. It feels toxic and I don’t know what to do about it. If you or anyone else has any advice I would greatly appreciate it

  • Hello Matthew,
    I have a question for you .
    I guess it would probably be considered petty to most people but it’s not to me.
    I’ve been dating a guy 3 months now ,when we go out he’s always saying to me ” would you quit piddling around”
    I’m not puddling I’m actually enjoying my time with him, I miss taking my time .
    Honestly it upsets me when he says this but I don’t know how to react. So I don’t say anything.my job is very fast paced and demanding I’m 58 , so when I have free time I relax I take my time.
    What should I say to him? Thank u very much!

  • Hello Matthew,

    how are you? I know you must have tons of people making you questions, I’m one of them by the way, I don’t think you have ever met a guy like my ex boyfriend, seriously. I want to know if I could get a reply about this. I haven’t found an answer on your videos, they are helpful but I think this might not be a normal guy. So please, I will be really precise about it, I really want you to help me out cuz neither my friends nor do I can find what is going on.

    Greetings from Mexico.
    Looking forward to talk to you, enjoy your week!

  • Hey , I’ve seen a lot of your views and I wanted to get in contact for some help,I am only 17 and I went through a really hard relationship with someone older and that lasted for a year and 3 months in that relationship I was emotionally and physically abused and was very hard to get out of it so after a few months I met someone else eventually and i was still in contact with my ex and he would emotionally play with my mind and it was hell and the new person I met helped me throught it and fully push my ex out of my life , that specific boy liked me for atleast 2 years so imagined the world from him just like he promised for a few months over the holidays we were togetger every single day even slept together at night and I got a bit too attached and everyhing was perfect until he broke up with me it was out of nowhere and said that his head was messed up he woulsnt even look at me while I was taking it quite hard and after it I managed to made him stay for a bit and we ended up going over his and sleepig together and after it he told me to leave and that it was a one time thing I felt used for a few days he still messaged me asking if am okay and we met up again as he claimed he missed me when we met up i told him exactly how I felt when he broke upbwith me as he knew I struggle with depression and how I felt all alone he apologised and we were okay for the day even went as far as kiss and he asked me to give him another chance and by the end of the day he said that he just wants to be friends and this years are the most important of our lifes and we shouodnt be in a relationship but then he still calls me for booty calls but never abything about him still having feelings for me and it sucks because I ran to him whenever he wants me and I truly think I love him but its so conplicated andbefore the break up he had never behaved in such a way of him been so cold and I want us to go back and I dont know what to do becsuse am really hurting over it

  • Dear Matthew,

    I sent you a Question, Why would a guy text just WHAT …. he hsa been on and off with calling and texting mainly for about 3 times and to tell ya I am so sick of this disrespect from a man… Thanks, Lynn

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