My New Radio Show… ‘Love Life’

The Get The Guy world is expanding. I have a radio show coming.

Here’s a quick teaser clip…

This feels like the start of something big.

I love the work I’ve done in TV. But I also know one of my frustrations with TV is the amount of things you CAN’T say. This radio show is a place where I get to do things my way.

The show is going to be called ‘Love Life’ – not because it’s just about relationships, but about Loving Life in EVERY area. My amazing producers on the show are the same producers that worked to make Ryan Seacrest the huge voice he is today, and they really believe in me…

In fact, so much so that they’ve allowed me to do this my way. I get to talk about the issues I want to talk about, in both life and love, in a no-holds-barred way that allows my real voice to come across.

No gimmicks, no watered down politically correct rhetoric; just strong, passionate opinions and clearcut life advice.

I’m REALLY proud of the show and what we’ve created. There’s nothing out there like it, and I’m thrilled for this to be the newest platform to have been added to the GetTheGuy world.

Whether you are into relationship advice, life advice, or just want to be entertained, this is going to be different to anything else you’ve heard out there.

The first episode is launching on October 1st (this Tuesday!) and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

To sign up, head over to and create an account.

Have a great Saturday my friends. Here’s to a new era (again).

Matt x

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77 Replies to “My New Radio Show… ‘Love Life’”

  • Love u Matt!! :) i want you to be my personal coach, not only for love but for life!!! please please!!! :) ***

    1. …and congratulations for your new show (radio show!) ^_^ wish you the best that this life have to offer!!! :) kiss*

  • Congratulations Matt, I wish you the best of luck with your new project- you are great at what you do and you deserve the best!
    Also, would it be any possibility for us in UK and other parts of the world to listen to your radio show, as, at the moment, it seems like only people in US can create an account? Thank you Matt!

  • Gongratulations on your new project, Matt. I am sure you are going to do great – as on anything you do.
    Unfortunately in Germany we cannot listen to this radio. I hope that his will change.

  • The site is not allowing for sign up, it keeps saying you need 4 digits for a zipcode, yet zip codes are composed of 5 digits and not 4.

    Can someone fix the glitch with the sign up fill in box ?

  • Congrats Matt, but I believe it’s impossible to connect there from Europe :-(
    Can you solve it?

    Any way, best of luck

      1. Dear all, I had the same problem at the beginning. Here’s my tip: You can download hotspot shield, this software will change or hide your ip-address. And then you can listen to Matt’s great new radio show from all over the world!

  • I tried to connect through Facebook to avoid the 4 digit postcode problem, but said it wasn’t available in UK, disappointed :(

  • I’m sure it’s great and I wish I could listen! I’ve signed up for I heart radio and searched for your show and can’t find it. All I have is an iPad and iPhone and when I click the links in your emails it just goes to the get the app web page :-(

  • Matt, congratulations on your radio show. I can’t listen to it on my ipad app. I searched for it and clicked the link that you provided in the emails that you sent out, but it takes me to the I heart Radio app page. I downloaded the app, but can’t find your show. Please put it on a podcast. Thank you!!

  • How about someone who has an I Heart Radio account share his username and password to everyone so that people around the world could listen to Matt’s new radio show =) It would be very appreciated !! Thanks !!

  • Dear all, I had the same problem at the beginning. Here’s my tip: You can download hotspot shield, this software will change or hide your ip-address. And then you can listen to Matt’s great new radio show from all over the world!

  • You are doing really great, i remember when i saw your first youtube videos and now things are really expanding. Its amazing to see how things can progress. Keep up the good work and vids.

  • Having problems listening to your radio show.i go onto the ‘get the app’ but the link doesn’t seem to be working?
    Please help

    Many thanks

  • Matthew! I just purchased you program for $97 and I love it so far. How do i call into your show to ask a question?? I want to know what to do. My 21 day no contact period is Feb 7. Should I text him one of your 9 texts that day?? Or should I wait until after Valentine’s Day so he doesn’t think I’m fishing for a valentine’s date? I also sent you a new email and Bie said he/she would make sure it was given to you. I need your help. I thank you so much!

  • Hello,

    I started listening today separate 16.

    Today I worked up not wanting to be with my partner, he is the father of my son. We argue too much, he keeps saying I’m a jelousy person , I do kt believe this what it is. He has made me insecure and lost trust on him.

    He says he hasn’t cheated but once he flirts and reaches out to diff women that there is a big fault.
    When we argue he insults me and calls me name. He does not now how to control his temper. I keep saying with him because I keep believe we can make things better, but I keep not seeing giving it a try. I guess that tells me that he will never make an effort to change.

    As I have told him its not fair for me to sacrifice and live emotionally homeless.
    One more personal thing. As soon as my tummy started showing he back off from me and avoided sex. After I had my clearance after the birth he still did not make an effort to try againg.
    It’s been 2 yrs and we still do not have sex, he has beginning of diabetis and take a tons of meda, the doctor also gave him a generic of viagra but doesn’t bother to take it.

    I am having a hard time figuring things out. I don’t know if he is just here to be here. But I find it unfair for me to waste my time trying to fix things.

    I do want what’s best for my son which is 21 months old. I’m 37 yrs old and he is 45.
    I know he is old enough to really stop playing games.

    Since I’ve been a stay home mom he has threaten me to take son away since I’m not working.
    How can move forward and stop doubting if it’s the right step.
    He has always been seem to be selfish, life it’s all about him. When he needs it it needs to be happen. And I don’t see him trying to want to be here for me


    Martha Bravo

  • Hi Matt
    Greetings from UK
    First of all my apologies for the mess that I’m in, don’t know whether you can help me at all.
    I’m 42 and haven’t had a date since lAst 7 years
    I was heartbroken after 4 years relationship
    Still find myself thinking About my ex – and. Can’t believe after so many years I’m still there
    I’m shy and dating online is only the way but since I moved to North seems like even find I g someone interested is difficult- maybe people think being from a sunny place I might leave??
    Now no prospect for life I feel desperAte and hopeless – and this coming from someone educated.
    How can I be this bad in my love life
    Can you save me from myself? It may sound desperate – which I am

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