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Jealous? How to Take Back Control…

FACT: Your partner is attractive. (After all, whether it’s because of his looks, his personality, or both, YOU are attracted to him!)

FACT: It’s inevitable that other women are going to find your partner attractive.

So what do you do when you look across the room and catch another woman flirting with your man? You could view it as a threat, become jealous and needy, and even storm over to the two of them and break it up… OR you could do THIS, which puts you back in control and actually builds the kind of trust that lasts. I’ve been getting lots of emails from women asking how to deal with this tricky situation, so I’ve devoted this week’s video to a deep dive into practical, actionable advice you can use right away…

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how it works out for you.

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85 Replies to “Jealous? How to Take Back Control…”

  • Hi Mathew, I just watched your ” Take back control of jealousy” video and I really want to Thank You for it! Those are exactly the advices I needed, I’ll definitely follow them!! :)

  • This was fantastic! I especially appreciated the tip on how to flip the mental script. It’s really good to have practical and non-drama ideas on how to handle something so many of struggle with to any extent! Keep it coming, love the newsletters and videos- you’re doing a fabulous job! :)

  • Your video wasn’t too long btw. Very wise comments and advise. I guess we sometimes assume something may happen but like you said it all comes down to trust & communication. It’s hard to take the other women out of the picture sometimes especially when they do it to deliberately to hurt me…something I need to work on. Its probably why I have more male friends! Lol :)

  • Hey Matt! Thanks for this video! Wish I’d seen it last week,but now I know what I instinctively knew about dealing with jealousy was spot on! My guy is that great guy, and after this week I am sure of it. He handled a few situations his way and confirmed my trust in him along the way! It was a tough week. I think we will both be stronger for it. I guess you would agree that jealousy in a relationship is not productive? Thanks again for all you do.

  • WHERE HAS THIS VIDEO BEEN ALL MY LIFE? This video solves everything, not only for myself but for advice.

    Thank you, Matthew!

  • Thanks Matt!! You are so right, we cannot control any one else’s behavior, just our own!! And I really like the suggestion of coming over as the hero and not the police!!! Awesome advice as usual! I expect nothing less from you!!! LOL…….

  • Matthew, thank you so much for what you do.. From my standpoint as a Christian, I cannot agree with your opinions on sex; but you also have never, to my knowledge, have attempted to force your opinions on others..
    I know this was a longer video, however, I loved the length, so do not be afraid of doing more long ones in the future.

    Your video on long distance relationships helped both me and my, as you always say, partner in some of the ideas of how to make out relationship successful.

    Also (as a jtlyk), this is my first relationship and I’ve been watching your videos and reading your news Letters for an approximated amount of time nearing to one year. I do not know to the degree that you’ve helped me to prepare, but I do know that you were a help..
    A quick shout out to other sources of assistance and information that I found very helpful- “I kissed dating goodbye,” “chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: Teen Love,” and “101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention.”

    Again, thank you Matthew.

  • Hands down one of the best pieces of advice I have come across!! And I have always lived my life by this principle. My boyfriend and I were just recently having this discussion and I’m going to have him watch this video because it says it all. Thank you Mathew for all that you do.

  • The key word I heard was “loyalty” that brought back a memory in my early adulthood before my father passed away he said to me that I had to understand that men can be “loyal” that men are hardly ever “faithful” but can be loyal so I find it curious that you never mentioned the word fidelity but did emphasize on the loyal term. Thank you.

  • I’ve enjoyed all of the informative videos I viewed, this one especially addressed my insecurities. The advice regarding a “Pact of Loyalty” and communicating one’s standards makes such good common sense. Finding the ideal moment to have that discussion, and not putting your partner on the defensive regarding his behavior, may take some delicate handling. I would be interested in more information as how to effectively lay out the format for that discussion in order for it to be a positive communication.

  • I’m a jazz singer who modeled for 15 years and I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a gorgeous and successful male model. He lives in L.A. I live in Washington State. I would make myself sick if I worried about the women he is around everyday. This video reaffirms my position. Thanks Matthew! I needed that!

  • “If that person wants to cross that line and doesn’t respect us they aren’t the catch we believed they were”
    I think that is a key concept – that we deserve the best – not second best.. As Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ song points out!
    Thank u Mathew!

  • I totally agree 100% as to everything you said and totally will follow those principles and I will remember standard is huge that’s the biggest principle in all of this without it as a foundation you will always end up with a person that may not have the standard you’re looking for! Initially I did follow up about 50% of what you stated before and did follow in consistently but now you laid everything out so you gave all of us women tools to use and you can believe I will follow these principles 100% and consistently. Thank you so much! Cheers from the United States Pam Johnson

  • This! Exactly this! I have always had the same opinion on this subject, and I am glad that it is now confirmed by you, Matthew. I could think of a few people who needs to see this…

  • Appreciate the confirmation. Your information brings to light, toxic behavior and how to deal with individual situations for the best possible outcome!
    Thank you greatly, for continuous & brilliant insight on relationships. To have the best life possible with your partner.

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