He’s Stringing You Along? Text Him This Now…

Quick quiz: How do you respond when a guy gives you mixed signals in his texts?

He sends a few texts, then goes cold for a couple of days. Then he texts you again… and disappears for another 48 hours. Do you…

  1. Get mad (and text him to let him know)
  2. Never speak to him again
  3. Use my #1 texting technique for effortlessly putting yourself back in control and drawing him to you.

If you chose C (which I hope you did), you’ve got to watch this video.

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80 Replies to “He’s Stringing You Along? Text Him This Now…”

  • MATTHEW THE GUY IN THEIR TEXT MESSAGES IS SO NICE!!! Stop messing with him the girl is so mean. Be patient

    Keep him on a ducking leash ladies! 48 hours… OMG HOW HORRIBLE

    :( I feel so bad for that guy. I wanna go out with him!

    1. Hopefully they had a good date… Because she hurt his feelings… and he was being cute and forgiving with the grandpa emoji.

    2. Your response is the reason why this guy would have kept stringing her along… texting just enough to get what he wanted but never to have the girl feel as if she is truly wanted.

      Ladies… DO NOT let these guys string you a long anymore! Be confident, stand up for yourselves, and make him invest too!!

      1. When you can’t see the humor of what he does, when he is genuinely nice, and you can’t separate the good from the bad, then send me all your emojis ladies and give me their numbers too. Because I could use a guy with a sense of humor and a good heart.

        1. All these things teach women to be the “impossible bait” – I don’t want a guy who is only pursuing me because his ego is slightly bruised by the idea that he can’t have me.

          I live in a place where there’s nothing going on and I literally have zero plans but I may agree to a 30 min coffee with anyone but it would take someone with a good personality for me to commit to spending time around them.

          To the grandpa emoji, I would have laughed so hard and told him he is so funny!!! And then who knows maybe he would ask me out or maybe not. It’s totally up to him :)

          Get it ladies? It’s up to him.

          Me personally, I don’t like spending tons of time texting so I would probably express that and I don’t get trapped in texyy stuff past a point If it doesn’t involve actually meeting in person. We imagine a lot while texting. I’d rather see the person and be with their energy. you can’t have a relationship through a technological device in a way that is real. Start calling people.

  • The way you express yourself though… Just woke up to this & laughed so much! . I hope Syd (⬇) is being sarcastic – if not? NO HOPE!!! . Thanks Matt! Very informative & enjoyable once again.

    1. Nope not being sarcastic, the guy in question is adorable.

      Some women are insane. We are so desperate to lock it all down that we just don’t see the good in men. Guys are laid back and they really know how to enjoy the present. It’s not nice to use techniques to rush them or manipulate them into commitment. A guy will genuinely want you if you see the good in him. He’s not a creature to be trapped … genuinely enjoy the company of a man and just be authentic. Guys fall for me all the time. I don’t do anything special. In fact, I’m clueless about 99% of the time about romance… It just comes naturally when you love a person.

      Everyone is beautiful and perfect exactly as they are.

      i probably would have responded to his text that Tuesday was great to ask him cool! What hve you been upto today?
      But maybe I’m just a pushover or a people pleaser.

      1. I don’t care what Matthew Hussey or what any of you think. So there :P

        That being said, I do get taken advantage of for being nice to everyone so I will have to observe and then be nice to people.

        I’m not a people pleaser or a pushover. It pleases me to be nice.

  • Wow…This all makes PERFECT SENSE…I wonder why so many of us (women) don’t naturally have this logic…

    No Worries!

    Thank God We Have Matthew!

  • Matthew this is the best! I adore all your vids but please keep doing more real life examples like this. Thank you so so much.

  • Great, great, GREAT video, Matthew! It is what I try to practice but it’s good to have a reminder once in a while that We Women have to let gyus do their work… Thank you, you are amazing

  • What to do when he stops texting and calling because someone else tells him too.

    He is in and out over this other.

  • Do men play hard to get too? or simply testing a girl by doing this “hot and cold” texting thing?

    How about if already a few months dating and he’s doing “hot and cold” texting? Is he confuse?or she’s in a “maybe” list?

    What does it mean when a guy said he’s confuse?

  • Wow! Thanks for this video! I am married and my “online” boyfriend is married too! He gets hot and cold and disappears all th time!!!! I am however crazy abt him! As toxic as he is,i cant get him out of my head!!

    1. Hi.I couldn’t help but wanted to ask you, so you are a married person, but you also have someone else on the side? If yes, have you ever met or had physical contact with this ‘online’ boyfriend? I am very curious about your post, no judging though :)

  • Great advice as usual! Love your videos Matthew! lol forward to every Sunday!! Hugs..Have a great week!

  • Wonderful advice as usual! Look forward to every Sunday…. Have a great week! Hugs! Thanks Matthew…❤️

  • On no, I’ve already made quite a few of these mistakes with a current guy that I’m texting. Lets hope it’s not to late to rectify the situation.

    Thanks for the advice Matthew, spot on as always :D

  • Hi, I love your work and that you are really helping us, lonely misguided souls :) but lately it got me thinking, that it is all a bit sad and random. The difference between meeting a guy and after a while never seeing him again, and meeting the same guy and ending up with him for life having great love, bunch of kids and whatever girl needs.. is in wording?? (like in “What to Say When He Pulls Away” video) I am a bit tired of all those games/tactics. How to keep him interested after first date, how to keep him after a month, after he finally sees me without makeup, after I have my PMS, after gaining 3 pounds.. just …I feel like being myself/free will never be enought… like I will never be able to say/show I miss you, I like you etc. because I might be looking to needy and attached.. Maybe I am not in the best place right now, but I just wish it would be easier…

    1. I know what you mean. I’m not in the best place right now and the best thing we can have is someone who doesn’t join us where we are. Someone strong who can be amused by the drama and will still be standing there when the storm finally passes.

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