He’s Stringing You Along? Text Him This Now…

Quick quiz: How do you respond when a guy gives you mixed signals in his texts?

He sends a few texts, then goes cold for a couple of days. Then he texts you again… and disappears for another 48 hours. Do you…

  1. Get mad (and text him to let him know)
  2. Never speak to him again
  3. Use my #1 texting technique for effortlessly putting yourself back in control and drawing him to you.

If you chose C (which I hope you did), you’ve got to watch this video.

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80 Replies to “He’s Stringing You Along? Text Him This Now…”

  • I used that liner on him but he didnt reply at all.. should i just give up or send him another msg?

  • Second time I have to write to let you know that this was one great video! The second of my favorite two, so far, very useful! Thank you!

  • I come back to this video again and again. I’m in the early stages of dating someone and have to remember, “I invest when you invest. But I won’t invest just because I like you.”

    It’s still hard to remain warm when they are flaky! But then that’s why I keep this video bookmarked so I can pause, come back here, and remember how to do that. :-)

  • I greatly enjoyed this particular video, this is my biggest problem with men….texting! I never know how to respond in a text and feel my responses never get the response I want. I don’t know if Im not putting enough personality or too much personality, Im lost in translation. I meet guys and exchange a few texts here and there but it never seems to go beyond that. Some have asked me out but then cancel or they’ve asked but it never happens. It seems everyone is so busy, lost their phone, or completely disappear into thin air. WHAT AM DOING WRONG??? Its reached a point of me completely over thinking it and not sure how to navigate through the world of dating by text. Please do more videos like this with other scenarios, to show how to respond to any text message like a pro so I can actually make it to a first date….PLEASE!

  • I sent the “well, duh” text the next morning to a “thinking of you” at 3am after almost 3 months of no talking. He answers back “‍♂️“. Should I answer back or just let him do the next move?

  • Hi Mathew, I’ve watched your video and fully agree with your statement. Been through with so many guys and most just can’t keep up with conversation. There is this guy who I first met for a dinner and drink. The next day was only a thank you message for a meet up and I replied formality as well. We communicated the day after and then I don’t hear from him for more than a week. Suddenly I saw his message today’HI GOOD MORNING, SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING AFTER WE MET. HAD A BAD DIARRHEA IN THE EARLY PART OF THE WEEK & REALLY BUSY AFTER THAT. HOPE YOUR WEEKEND IS GOOD’
    I was literally fuming after reading his text coz to me is a lame reason. Despite having diarrhea or busy is texting so tough??? I trust my gut feeling this is not the right guy. I just simply replied ‘GOOD AFTERNOON AND HOPE YOU ARE ALL WELL NOW. WEEKEND WAS GOOD AND TRUST YOU HAD A GOOD ONE TOO’
    Guess what? He never even replied for the past 13 hours!!
    The fact that if a guy is interested in you, he will text you no matter what situation he is and not taking more than a week and suddenly explain his disappearance which I never even ask him why.

  • Please refund my money and cancel all further emails 5 did not subscribe to this I do not want this I want all my money back immediately.
    I am reporting to my credit card

    1. Hi Susan! Liz here with Team Matthew Hussey :) Thank you so much for letting us know – I will reach out to our Support Team, and they will email you shortly to take care of this for you. Take care!

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