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He’s Stringing You Along? Text Him This Now…

Quick quiz: How do you respond when a guy gives you mixed signals in his texts?

He sends a few texts, then goes cold for a couple of days. Then he texts you again… and disappears for another 48 hours. Do you…

  1. Get mad (and text him to let him know)
  2. Never speak to him again
  3. Use my #1 texting technique for effortlessly putting yourself back in control and drawing him to you.

If you chose C (which I hope you did), you’ve got to watch this video.

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80 Replies to “He’s Stringing You Along? Text Him This Now…”

  • Ohmygawwwd, you are beyond hilarious. The Twilight Phone … where ARE all of my best emojis???? I cannot even describe how hard I’m laughing. Anddddd: This is SO GOOD. Just so good, so valuable.

    Good job, Matt, great work. :)

  • Omg Mathew! I have learned so much from all your emails/videos on how to deal with realationships and finding a “Quatity” man. Finally found one. (Thanks to you! ). I continue to enjoy your videos! So inspiring to women who have repeated bad relationships! Thank you for making me not deal with bad behavior men. Seriously appreciate your help. As a nurse I appreciate being told how I make an impact on someone’s live. And you are deserving of this message!

  • Thanks for this. I’ve watched it several times. When I saw Granpa emoji I was stunned. What? But you knew how to get them back on track.

    Now I get it. Less is more.

  • Matt, you should do a video on how to respond to a guy that you are seeing, who accidentally send you a wwrong text which was obvious that it’s meant for another woman.
    Exp: I miss you too darling. But the conversation before was about dinner.

  • I used your text last night Matthew on a guy who takes up to a week or more to reply to mine. He text me at 11.31pm to say he’d just finished writing his reports and thought he’d say Hi. I replied with your text and this morning he answered “Yes you too”. when I wished him a great week! Lol….well at least he did reply.

  • Hi Matthew my new is Shelli..I’m interested in a guy I was in a relationship when we were you I told some serious lies about my child being his..broke his heart..he kept getting incarsarated each time I went away..young and restless looking for love..well he looked for me 20 yes later and found me through my grandma ..he wealthy now and had some wanted closure the first visit ..he was really demanding and throwing around altamadems we ended the friend ship..we found each other again on Feb when he finally answered my request..I’m nowhere nearly as financially stable as he is and some of my girly ways haven’t changed…he I’m always texting him sending cute pis every day..I Lear rd from just watching that I’m doing to much I’ve been talking to much..ect ect I’m celibate and not that fast young girl that I use to be so definitely I’m saving my kooch he show interest in songs and lil cute emojis..however he’s a workaholic so he says and he also thinks people want something from him not just me his mom sis when we ask for quality time..I hope u can give me some info I think the answer is in me tho..he shows interest but is still different I understand his fear ..however do we move on or let it go? Sorry for long long story..but your so great and I like him even tho we need to still get to know each other again

  • Hello Mathew, thank you for your videos and advice. I apologize in advance for the long post :) but I’ve been having quite the delema and at this point I’m very confused. See, me and this guy have known eachother for… well as long as I can remember. Our mothers are friends from church and so my family and his would meet eachother often. And if you are thinking this made me and him close… you are dead wrong. Actually we hated eachother for the fact that since we were so close in age everyone would tease us.
    During a period of my life me and my family moved away and after many years we moved back and we went to the same church and that was when I came across him again. We never spoke… we absolutely had no interest in one another. That changed one day when I saw the way he played with Sophie, a 5 year old girl, and For me personally there is nothing more atractive then a guy who wants kids, I also realized that I knew this guy sence birth and I see him all the time yet I don’t talk to him. So I aimed to change that. We extchanged numbers and began to text eachother…actually we only texted eachother when I texted him first. It would take him days to respond and when he did it was short and to the point. And I would get so frustrated and annoyed, however I was really angry when we had plans to hang out and he stood me up. That was the last straw for me. And I know Mathew, letting him have it isn’t good, but he really did hurt my feelings so I snapped at him gave him a lecture then deleted his number.
    We went months without talking, and then one day I decided to change my hair style. I went to church and I saw Alex we exchanged hellos and that was it. But then later that night I get a text message. This is how it went…
    Him- hey
    Me- hey random person, I don’t have your number in my contacts what’s your name?
    Him- Jose
    Me- uh, I know like 30 different joses, gotta be more specific
    Him- oh dang you really did delete my number, it’s -/@*
    Me- oh hey, yeah I did.
    Him- I just wanted to apologize, I don’t have anything against you and I hope you don’t either
    Me- thanks, you’ve never apologized befor so I do appreciate it, but you were so mean to me when I was trying so hard to be your friend and you know what it felt like crap.
    Him- yea well I realize I was being an ass and I’m sorry. I’m ready to be friends.
    Me- you say you want to be my friend but you never tried before. You’ve never asked me, hey how are you? Actually this is the first time you’ve ever texted me first. And I’m not trying to make it hard on you but for people to be friends it has to come both ways. You just seemed like you never cared so I stopped trying.
    Him- I know I know… you’re right. But trust me it’s not just you.
    Me- what do you mean?
    Him- it’s all my friends really like I never text them first.
    Me- yeah but it felt like whenever we texted or talked or whatever you seemed like you where being forced to be there. That’s when I realized we were never friends.
    Him- why don’t we just start fresh… I wanna actually get to know you. I wanna be friends
    Me- maybe, I don’t know. I wanna think about it. And I’m sorry if I get frustrated with you sometimes. I need to be nicer and more patient with you. I do think you’re a good guy but I don’t know what to think of you anymore. If someone told me you would apologize to me I would have sworn they were crazy, I guess I was wrong, But I do appreciate you talking to me.
    Him- I’ll try to be a better friend to you too… well I got to sleep, goodnight.
    Me- wait, I just wanna know, what brought this up? Why not sooner? Why are you talking to me after this long. Then you can go to sleep
    Him- idkkkk well I wanted to say I really liked your hair today but I couldn’t and we’ll yeah
    Me- oh ok, thank you. Ok now you can go to sleep. Goodnight.

    So this happened, and it left me very conflicted and confused. I didn’t know what think when he mentioned how he liked my hair. I honestly didn’t believe he was telling me the truth so a couple days later I texted him to text me when he got of of work because we needed to talk
    And this is how it went…
    Him- hey so what’s up?
    Me- well I know I already asked you this but, why do you want you be friends all of a sudden? It just makes no sense to me and it’s been bugging me.
    Him- idk I didn’t like the way things were
    Me- ok… but why? You’ve never seemed to care and now all of a sudden you want to be friends. I just feel like there’s more to the story then you’re telling me and it’s bugging me, I haven’t slept in like two days
    Him- no that’s it lol, it’s been bugging me for a while and so I decided that it was time
    Me- what do you mean it was bugging you?
    Him- it was bugging me that you wouldn’t even look at me lol
    Me- yea sorry about that. I shouldn’t have gotten that angry with you that was wrong of me and I really am sorry.
    Him- well it’s ok, we good now?
    Me- yeah we’re good.
    Him- mkmk

    Then this happened. Again I felt like he wasn’t being completely honest but I decided to give him a chance anyways me and some friends had some plans to go to the movies and I invited him to come along with us he said yes and when that day came and we were all together he never spoke to me actually he didn’t even come near me yeah he’d glance at me but that was it. At the end we went our separate ways and we haven’t spoken sense. Whitch has left me confused, because why text me and say all those things if you are only going to avoid me? I need clairafacation. Can some one please explain to me his behavior??? If he honestly meant what he said then I would give it shot but I’m not sure what he wants. I dont know if he’s playing me or something but I need help. What is his game Mathew?

  • Hi Mathew
    How do I get your blog as a newsfeed in my mail? Just came across you, watched your late night Facebook video and the video about making a man work for your time. Would love to see learn more. Thanks barbra from Cape Town. My instagram name is livebelievelovetraineat
    Thank you so much
    Ps the way you speak about your family is incredible. I miss my mom so much. You’re special.

    1. Hi Barbra! So glad you’re learning something from these videos! To subscribe to the blog, just enter your name and email address on our website’s homepage. Oh, and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel, too. We have new videos on there every Sunday. Enjoy!

  • I have a motto that rules my life and my relationships…. my investment and interest in you is directly proportional to the investment and interest you show me as simply as that . Thats why I love your last video Matthew

  • I’ve been with a man for a year. When I see him, which has been almost every week, he sees me at my house. Although he has mentioned that he wants to take me out dancing on the town, he has never made that first step, yet. Reason… he has been in a long term (broken) relationship and is in limbo as to jumping ship. I think I’m in love with him and can’t leave him. I think he is a good man. We are an older couple (50s). Do you, or your team have any advice?

  • Forgot to ad… your video was amazingly helpful. You were ‘bang-on’. There had been a long silence from my guy for a week with an aloof reply about work taking over his time. I responded with a very casual short ‘no hard feelings’email very similar to your example in your video. And, behold, he sent me a reply within a few minutes asking to get together this Thursday. You are a shining star! Thank you :)

  • Thank You! cant wait for my guy to text me his apology for not texting the whole week so i can say “you operate at grandpa-esque
    texting speed”. BTW burger text work even in Hebrew but i feel like im coming off to sexual…

  • Such a great video! Awesome advice on what to text back- and what not to! Its so simple, yet so effective!

    Thanks Matthew!

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